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Identity of “Little Johnny”, Massive Backstage Heat on Short Sleeve Sampson

– For those wondering, “Little Johnny” who appeared at the end of the John Cena-Bray Wyatt match at Extreme Rules was the son of former WWE character, Jameson.

– There was massive heat on Short Sleeve Sampson for posting a photo on his official Facebook account before Extreme Rules, as the photo had John Cena and the Wyatt family in the background going over their match. We have obtained that photo which you can check out here.

  • MrDr3w

    You gotta realize that a large part of the WWE’s fanbase is children who still believe this stuff is legit, and they’re not actors. These “Superstars” are like superheroes to these kids.

  • The_Shockerwave

    Jameson was a Nerd who acted like a fan back during the mid 90’s that;s who he was a dude in a suit,tie, as probably Spike Dudley took that look from him.

  • CC

    Former WWE character, Jameson …. who?

  • Matt Trovato

    Woulda been funny if it was Little Jimmy and R-Truth got pushed into the story.

  • TheFizPop

    Sh!t, the secret of wwe is out now!! Now people will know its scripted and predetermined! Hope wwe can avoid fraud charges!!