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TNA Genesis Results – January 8th

– We see Jeff Hardy arriving to the building earlier today as Genesis hits the air.

– We’re live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to Genesis 2012.

Elimination Match for the TNA X Division Title: Zema Ion vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries

We go to the ring and out first comes Zema Ion for tonight’s opener, a four-corners Elimination Match for the TNA X Division Title. We see rapper Rick Ross sitting at ringside. Kid Kash is out next followed by Jesse Sorensen and the TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries.

Sorensen and Zema start things off. They go back and forth. Zema shows off some and keeps in control of Sorensen. Sorensen with a hurricanrana and big elbow in the corner. Aries comes in and goes at it with Ion. Kash comes in and trades pin attempts with Aries and Zema. Kash knocks Aries out of the ring. Kash ends up taking Aries out on the floor. Sorensen stands on the ropes but Zema kicks him off. More back and forth action with pin attempts. Aries dumps everyone but Ion out of the ring and goes to work on him.

The match goes on with all four men going at it. Kash gets eliminated. Sorensen comes off the top with a crossbody and gets a very close 2 count on Aries. Another pin attempt by Sorensen. Zema breaks it up and they go at it. Sorensen ends up rolling Zema up for a pin and Zema is eliminated.

Aries rolls Sorensen up but the referee is distracted by Zema who won’t leave. Sorensen counters and pins Aries but the referee doesn’t see it until it’s too late. Aries to suplex Sorensen in the ring but he falls on top for a 2 count. Sorensen drops Aries with a big boot and goes up top. Zema, who has been hiding outside the ring, knocks Sorensen down on the top turnbuckle. Aries hits a dropkick and a brainbuster from the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

– Jeremy Borash is backstage when Devon’s sons walk up. The Pope comes walking in and they start praising him. Pope cuts a promo on Devon for their match and we get a video package.

Brother Devon vs. The Pope

The Pope comes out first with Devon’s sons. Brother Devon is out next and he rushes the ring, attacking Pope. Devon beats him down as the match starts. Devon with a big clothesline as his sons cheer Pope on from ringside. Devon clotheslines Pope to the floor in front of his sons and comes out after him. Devon slams Pope into the steel steps and into the apron before bringing it back in the ring. Pop hits his knees and begs Devon to back off.

Devon with a Thesz Press, right hands and a big headbutt. Devon climbs to the top but Pope bumps the referee into the rope, knocking Devon off balance. Pope takes advantage and brings Devon to the mat with a dropkick. Pope drops Devon over the top rope with a front suplex and keeps in control of the match. Pope kicks Devon to the apron and then clotheslines him down onto it. Pope runs and dropkicks Devon out to the floor. Pope works Devon over in front of Rick Ross and brings it back in the ring for a 2 count.

Devon tries to make a comeback but Pope stops him and stomps away. Pope works Devo over on the apron again and knocks his head into the ring post. Devon’s sons look worried now. Pope brings it back to the middle of the ring and drops Devon with a DDT. Pope calls for them to get in the ring as the crowd chants “you suck.” Pope tells Terrence and Terrell to hit their father but they look hesitant. One of them checks on Devon and this pisses Pope off. He pushes the kid around, kicks him and tosses him out of the ring. Pope drops Devon’s other son with a right hand and stands over him laughing. Devon gets up and wails away with right hands. Devon with a big back drop and splash in the corner. Devon with another big clothesline. Pope counters a suplex but Devon catches him in a big powerslam for 2. Pope counters again and hits Devon with a big uppercut. Devon comes right back with a shoulder off the ropes for 2.

Devon misses a splash in the corner as Pope moves. Pope with a neckbreaker. Devon comes back again with his finisher for the win.

Winner: Brother Devon

– After the match, Devon’s sons come back in the ring and apologize. They all hug in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheers.

– Jeremy Borash is backstage with Sting to talk about tonight’s main event. Velvet Sky walks in and since Karen Jarrett is fired, she wants to be the new head of the Knockouts. Velvet rambles on about Madison Rayne. Velvet has an idea to keep Madison from interfering in tonight’s Knockouts Title match and whispers it to Sting. Sting says the crew could never pull it off, they wouldn’t have enough time. Velvet says she’s already had it built and it will be called the “Velvet Touch.” Sting gives her permission to do whatever it is she’s doing and she walks off. Sting and Borash talk about Jeff Hardy now. Sting talks about how Hardy has changed for the better.

Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam

We go to the ring and out first comes Gunner with Ric Flair right behind him. Out next comes his opponent, Rob Van Dam.

The bell rings and they lock up going back and forth. Gunner slams RVD to the mat and they trade holds. Gunner takes RVD to the corner and brings him down with shoulder thrusts. RVD comes back and drops Gunner with a springboard kick. They square off for a second. RVD gets a roll-up for 2 count. Gunner comes back up and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. More back and forth until RVD rolls Gunner up with a crucifix for 1. More back and forth action. They stop and square off again as the crowd pops. RVD poses and Gunner charges but RVD kicks him out of the ring. Gunner talks with Flair at ringside.

Gunner comes back in and takes RVD to the corner and hits him with thrusts. Gunner with a big corner clothesline and another 2 count. Gunner with a big sideslam and another pin attempt. They end up on the floor again and Gunner starts pulling the mat up to expose the concrete. Earl Hebner argues with him and orders Gunner back in the ring. RVD dropkicks Gunner on the outside. RVD with more offense on the apron and words with Flair. RVD goes to the top but Gunner cuts him off. Gunner goes for a superplex but RVD fights him off and front suplexes Gunner to the mat. RVD with a crossbody from the top but Gunner kicks out at 2. RVD with a kick off the top now. RVD hits Rolling Thunder now but Gunner kicks out and rolls to the floor with Flair. RVD comes over the top to hit Gunner but Flair pulls him to safety. RVD lands on the concrete. Flair argues with Hebner while Gunner drops RVD with a DDT on the concrete. RVD is out as Gunner rolls him back in the ring for the win.

Winner: Gunner

– After the match, Hebner checks on RVD and calls for trainers and officials to come down. They load RVD onto a stretcher as Gunner and Flair look on.

– JB is backstage with Jeff Hardy. Hardy says he doesn’t brag about what he’s done or what he’s going to do. Hardy says he’s been resurrected and calls for his creatures to mount up because they have a World Title to win.

– We get a promo for tonight’s Knockouts Title match.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

We go to the ring and there’s a small cage at ringside, the one Velvet Sky had made for Madison Rayne. Mickie James comes out first to a nice reaction. The TNA Knockouts Champion and one-half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Gail Kim is out next with her partner Madison Rayne. The referee orders Madison into the cage and she protests, as does Gail. Velvet Sky makes her way out next and throws Madison in the cage. The referee locks it and we’re ready to go.

Velvet laughs as the cage is raised up in the air. The bell rings and Gail attacks Mickie, taking her to the corner. Gail charges and hits a big clothesline in the corner. Gail kicks Mickie in the face before showing off to the crowd. Mickie rolls Gail up for 2 out of nowhere. Mickie comes back with a takedown and dropkick to the face for 2. Mickie and Gail go back and forth as Madison screams from up in the cage. Gail stops Mickie from coming in from the apron and drops her on her face. 2 count for Gail.

Gail keeps control of the match and we see Velvet cheering Mickie on from the bottom of the ramp. Mickie makes a comeback with an armdrag and forearm shots. Mickie with clotheslines now. Mickie drops Gail on her face. Gail comes back with a kick to the head. Gail applies an octopus style submission but Mickie breaks it for a 2 count. Gail ends up on the floor arguing with Velvet. She turns around to a kick off the apron from Mickie and a hurricanrana on the floor. Mickie brings it back in the ring and goes up top for a Thesz Press for 2. Gail counters with a backbreaker. Madison throws Gail brass knuckles down from the cage while the referee isn’t looking. Mickie grabs them from Gail and lays her out but the referee sees it and calls for the bell as the crowd chants bullshit.

Winner by DQ: Gail Kim

– JB is backstage with Bully Ray talking about Monster’s Ball tonight. Ray says he is the king of these kind of matches. Ray says guys like Mick Foley and Terry Funk bow down to him because he’s the king of hardcore. Ray says he’s going to destroy Abyss and force him to come back to Immortal to kiss his feet, kiss Eric Bischoff’s feet, Scott Steiner’s feet and Gunner’s feet. Ray says Abyss will be Immortal’s bitch once again after tonight. We go to a video package.

Monster’s Ball: Bully Ray vs. Abyss

We go to the ring and out comes Bully Ray. He grabs a kendo stick from the assortment of weapons at ringside. Abyss is out next and if he loses this match, he must come back to Immortal.

Abyss is ready to fight but Ray goes to the floor. Ray comes back in but goes right back out when Abyss charges. Ray comes back in and grabs a chair now. Ray taunts Abyss with the chair. Abyss goes out now and brings his own chair into the ring. They smack chairs and Abyss loses his. Ray hits him in the back with the chair but gets clotheslined. Abyss with a big chokeslam. Abyss turns around to a big boot but bounces right back up from it. Ray pulls a chain out of his pocket as Abyss grabs another chair. Ray swings the chain but it hits the chair. Abyss hits Ray and cracks him in the back with the chair.

Abyss goes to the floor and starts throwing weapons in the ring. Abyss comes in but Ray attacks him with the chain. Trash can shot to the face but Abyss makes a comeback. Ray counters and clotheslines Abyss for a 2 count. Ray grabs a kendo stick. Abyss brings back Janice, his barbed wire board and Ray leaves the ring. Ray walks up the ramp towards the back and Abyss chases after him. They come back tot he ramp and fight towards the ring. Ray with a rake to the eye and shot to the back with a sheet pan. Ray with right hands at ringside now but Abyss fights back. Ray whips Abyss into a big barbed wire board leaning against the ring. Ray grabs the board and hits Abyss in the head with it. Abyss is cut open on his arm now but manages to slam Ray’s head into the steel steps.

Ray ends up in the ring while Abyss brings two bags from under the ring. Abyss grabs a cheese grater and hits Ray below the belt with it. Abyss dumps a bag of thumbtacks out on the ring and grabs Ray for a chokeslam. Ray counters and hits Abyss with a low blow. Ray brings a table from under the ring and slides it in. Abyss comes back in but Ray goes through the table. Abyss with a 2 count on top of the table. Abyss goes back to the floor and brings the large barbed wire board in. He brings a second barbed wire board in as the referee checks on Ray. Ray grabs the legs to the table but Abyss stops him with a right hand. Ray counters again and slams Abyss onto one of the barbed wire boards for a 2 count.

While Abyss us laying on the one board, Ray stacks the other on top of him, sandwiching him in between barbed wire. Ray hits a big splash from the ropes onto Abyss and the barbed wire. Ray covers but Abyss manages to kick out. Ray grabs Janice now as a cut up Abyss gets to his feet. Abyss stops the shot from Janice and chokeslams Ray on the tacks for a 2 count. Ray connects with a big boot and a trash can lid shot to the head. Ray attacks with a kendo stick now and wails away on Abyss with it. Out of nowhere Abyss connects with the Blackhole Slam on top of a barbed wire board for the pin and the win.

Winner: Abyss

– JB is backstage with the TNA Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan and Crimson to talk about their match tonight.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Magnus & Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson

Out first comes the team of Samoa Joe and Magnus followed by the TNA Tag Team Champions, Matt Morgan and Crimson.

Joe and Morgan start things out. Both teams trade offense and tags. Joe comes down hard on Crimson with a knee to the chest a few minutes in for a 2 count. Crimson fights back but Joe stops him with a back elbow. Joe tags Magnus back in and he blocks a big kick and clotheslines Crimson for 2. Magnus and Joe continue the attack on Magnus as the camera shows Bully Ray backstage beating Abyss up.

Crimson manages to get a spear in on Joe. Morgan and Magnus come in at the same time. Morgan catches him with a big overhead slam. Joe runs in but Morgan drops him with a clothesline. Morgan splashes Magnus in the corner. Morgan with his finisher on Magnus but Joe breaks the pin up at 2. Crimson gets dumped to the floor again as Joe grabs Morgan. Morgan fights Joe and Magnus off. Joe goes to the corner with a big kick to the head on Morgan. Magnus hits a top rope elbow on Morgan for a close 2 count as Crimson made the save.

Joe and Crimson end up on the floor with Joe going head first into the steps. Magnus and Morgan go at it in the ring. Crimson comes back in and hits the double team finisher on Magnus for the win.

Winners: Matt Morgan and Crimson

– JB is backstage talking about how he’s going to beat Kurt Angle tonight. We get a promo video for the match.

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

Out first comes Kurt Angle followed by James Storm. We see celebrity chef and Gail Kim fiancee Robert Irvine at ringside. They lock up and trade holds before Angle goes to the floor. Angle comes back in and Storm gets a 2 count. Angle scrambles back to the floor. Angle tries to come back in but Storm drops him on the apron and kicks him back to the floor. Storm comes over the top rope with a slingshot and Angle goes back down.

Storm takes Angle to the corner for a series of right hands. Angle catches Storm on the mat and drops him on the top rope. Angle with a belly to belly suplex now. Angle stomps away on Storm in the corner. Angle ends up with Storm on the mat in a headlock. Angle with a clothesline and another pin attempt. Angle goes back to the headlock but Storm fights back. Angle stops it and beats him back to the mat. Storm manages to connect with a Russian leg sweep and they both go down. Storm with right hands now and a clothesline. Storm continues the offense and gets a 2 count. Angle comes back again and hits the German suplex trio. Angle goes up top for the moonsault and covers for a 2 count.

Storm drops Angle with a DDT and another pin attempt. Storm goes for a superkick but Angle catches him. Storm blocks the Angle Slam and they end up on the apron. Storm with a kick to the back and Angle goes down. Back in the ring now and Angle hits the Angle Slam but Storm kicks out. More counters from each man. Storm hits the cutter but Angle kicks out again. The end comes when Angle uses the superkick on Storm for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle

– Bully Ray is backstage and asked what happened to Abyss after we last saw them brawling backstage. Ray plays dumb and says he doesn’t know.

– We get a promo for tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match.

– JB is backstage with Bobby Roode. He addresses Jeff Hardy’s creatures and calls him an embarrassment to this profession, TNA and the World Champion Bobby Roode. Roode says he will do whatever it takes to stay World Heavyweight Champion and walks off.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

We go to the ring and out first comes the challenger Jeff Hardy. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode is out next and takes his time getting in the ring.

After formal introductions, they lock up and Roode takes it to the corner before backing off. They lock up again and Roode goes to a headlock. Roode goes to work on Hardy’s arm. Hardy turns it around but Roode takes it to the corner again. Roode with right hands. Hardy turns it around with rights of his own. Hardy takes Roode down and hits an inverted atomic drop before the double leg drop and low dropkick for a 2 count. Roode with a cheap shot and right hand. Hardy runs the ropes and kicks Roode in the head before clotheslining him out to the floor.

Hardy comes out and Roode takes control. Hardy counters on the floor and whips Roode over the steel steps and into the barrier. Hardy runs and leaps off the steps, crashing into Roode and the barrier. They bring it back in the ring with Hardy in control. Roode runs into a back elbow and Hardy goes up top. Roode shoves him down on the top turnbuckle. Roode turns Hardy upside down in the corner and stomps away. Roode with a backbreaker for another pin attempt.

Roode takes Hardy back to the corner with shoulder thrusts before whipping him hard into the opposite corner. Roode with another 2 count. Roode hits a suplex and goes back to the second rope. Roode with a knee drop from the ropes for another pin attempt. Roode with a chinlock now. Roode throws Hardy out of the ring under the bottom rope and he lands hard on the floor. Roode rips up a Hardy fan sign before continuing the attack out on the floor. Roode drops Hardy over the barrier and slides back in the ring to break the count. Roode comes back over to Hardy and brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Roode goes back to a chinlock and wears Hardy down.

Hardy tries to make a comeback but Roode puts him in the crossface. Hardy makes it to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Roode goes to the second rope and mocks Hardy’s dance. Roode comes down but Hardy puts his feet up and Roode goes down. Hardy gets up first and makes his comeback. Roode catches Hardy on his shoulders but Hardy slides out and hits a leg sweep. Hardy with a 2 count. Hardy counters a spinebuster with a jawbreaker but Roode comes back and hits the spinebuster this time. Roode with another pin attempt. Roode takes Hardy up top for a superplex as the crowd chants for Hardy. Hardy fights Roode off and slams him to the mat. Hardy comes off the top but lands on his feet as Roode rolls out of the ring.

Roode grabs the World Title and starts to leave. Hardy comes out of the ring and knocks Roode down on the ramp. Hardy brings Roode back in the ring but Roode catches him and hits the fisherman’s suplex for a 2 count. They get up and Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Roode gets up but Hardy comes off the second rope for another 2 count. Roode blocks another Twist of Fate and exits the ring. Roode grabs the belt again and leaves up the ramp. Hardy runs back up the ramp and lays Roode out from behind. Hardy brings Roode back to the ring. Roode still has the title in his hands. Hardy ducks a belt shot and goes for the Twist of Fate but Roode rolls him up. Roode puts his feet on the ropes for leverage but gets a 2 count as the referee saw him. Hardy rolls Roode up for 2 as Roode argues with the referee. Roode pleads with Hardy to back off now.

Roode kicks the referee and he goes down. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Roode and covers him for the win but the referee has already called for the disqualification. The crowd chants for Sting as Borash makes the winner.

Winner by DQ: Jeff Hardy

– Roode retains the title but Hardy isn’t done. Hardy celebrates a bit then goes to the top and nails a Swanton Bomb on Roode. Hardy grabs the World Heavyweight Title and poses with it before tossing it on top of Roode. Hardy goes back to ringside with the fans before making his exit. Roode clutches his title in the ring as Hardy looks back from the ramp and Genesis goes off the air.

  • adam

    Wow seems like a boring average ppv. I mean how many of there ppv’s have to have in it at some point or end with fans chanting this is bullshit until they change stuff.

  • Nicholas G

    I will not watch TNA until things get better in TNA. Right now nothing TNA does makes me want to care. See unlike some people on the internet not saying everybody. But the ones that will come in here pissing an moaning how bad WWE is they still watch Raw and Smackdown. But me if there is something I don’t like I don’t watch it. You call me a WWE mark well hate to break to you people put I was a huge WCW fan. But I will be the first to admit it was WCW that kill there own product by doing the same crap TNA is doing right now. At least WWE is pushing young talent an making them look good. TNA tell me one young wrestler that will get me tune it you can’t name 1.

    You see at least I can look at CM Punk as a good champion who will only make WWE better. But what TNA is doing to Roode is backwards. They should be giving Robert the major face roll not Jeff Hardy. See I don’t get TNA why keep push the old WWE guys. They are doing nothing for you company an is putting your future in dough. I see nothing good for TNA right now only more head ace for there fans. The only that are paying attention not the stupid blind one who still feel TNA is a treat to the WWE. I really wish TNA was a threat much like WCW was back in its prime. Put much like WCW TNA is pushing all the old guys and not the young ones. You know I really though Eric Bitchoff would have got a clue with working with Vince but guess I was wrong. All you TNA marks can keep your old WCW company I mean TNA. It is just WCW but rename run the same dam way.

    I will stick to WWE. Hoping someday another wrestling company can become WWE big threat. Because I be the first to admit the reason why WWE not as good during the Attitude era an is going back to a family watch wrestling company. Is because WWE doesn’t have to look around nobody is around to challenge WWE. I wish the heck there was it be great for Wrestling. But as I right now don’t see one on the horizon.

  • chris

    what a joke! I love TNA but come on!!! Velvet’s shocking appearance was to put Madison in a cage (someone wanted their PPV pay for doing nothing) and how many DQ finishes can we have in one event. I thought WWE was good at that but atleast they do it on television NOT ON A PAY-PER-VIEW!!!!! I guess they are okay with the 1.1 and 1.0 ratings. I’ll keep watching because I always have hope but this is getting sickening. I swear they book this crap on a weekly basis with the only long term plan is to keep the false hope alive in people like me.

  • arrrrr truth

    Another TNA ppv, another dirty/no finish. Thats four months in a row now. But who is counting. Even worse is that this keep Meth Hardy in the title picture. And yes thats Meth, NOT Matt. this guy doesnt belong in the same ring as Roode. Or Angle or Storm for that matter. He should be done. Robert Roode is being booked as the weakest champion in quite some time. He needs some pinfall wins before moving on to defend against Storm.
    Yes, this was pretty much Impact with less talking. Yes, I’m glad I didnt open my wallet for this. Which seems to be a recurring sentiment when it comes to TNA ppvs. But I’m sure we will just be labeled WWE marks because we dont like these shenanigans.

  • luckysalt

    WOW that sounds dire. TNA have seriously lost it completely.

    RVD is surely gone.

  • MJ

    It did feel like a long drawn out impact taping. I couldn’t even do anything but sleep. It was that boring Matt morgan IWC’s love child sounds like a gay hair dresser (no offense)and Crimson looks just like DDP

  • Dave

    Normally, I would say RVD to make a surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble. But he has already done that a few years ago. So it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

  • RAMSES 2

    sounds like RVD is written off because he is leaving TNA

  • PinkSinCara

    sounds like an average Impact taping to me

  • Necromaste

    And that is why TNA has no ratings……because the ame people keep winning and the story lines are boring

  • TheDarkKnightRises

    this ppv sucked, the only good match was the monsterball match

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    I am seriously disappointed. It’s a good thing I didn’t get the PPV. I really wanted Jeff Hardy to win the title along with Mickie James and Jesse Sorensen. I would’ve also liked to hear James Storm won his match and NOT Kurt Angle.