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WWE Night of Champions Results – 9/16/2012

by Staff - Sep 16, 2012

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- The 2012 WWE Night of Champions pre-show kicks off with Scott Stanford and Matt Striker at ringside. They hype tonight’s show as we see fans settling into the arena. They talk about the pre-show battle royal and mention it’s a 16-man match. More hype for tonight’s matches.

- We get a look at the Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio feud. Josh Mathews is backstage with Booker T and asks him about the Brogue Kick. Booker talks about how he takes safety very seriously. Booker confirms that the kick is still banned.

- We get a vignette hyping WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro.

#1 Contender Battle Royal: Brodus Clay, Primo, Epico, Justin Gabriel, Tensai, Tyson Kidd, Michael McGillicutty, Zack Ryder to a big pop, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Jinder Mahal, JTG, Drew McIntyre, Ted DiBiase, Heath Slater, Santino Marella

The winner of this one will face WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro later tonight. Brodus Clay comes out first and he’s got both Naomi and Cameron with him. Primo and Epico are out next with Rosa Mendes accompanying them. The rest are Justin Gabriel, Tensai, Tyson Kidd, Michael McGillicutty, Zack Ryder to a big pop, Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Jinder Mahal, JTG, Drew McIntyre, Ted DiBiase, Heath Slater and Santino Marella.

Slater gets eliminated as soon as the match starts. McGillicutty is out second. DiBiase is out next. Ryder hangs on as he’s double teamed. Primo with a sleeper on Clay. Clay eliminates Primo. Mahal is out next thanks to Tensai. Drew and Tensai go at it now. Clay tosses Epico out onto the others and Epico is eliminated. Tensai tosses Gabriel out onto everyone else and Gabriel is eliminated. Tensai eliminates Kidd next after they fight. Tensai powerbombs him onto the others. Tensai and Clay meet in the middle of the ring now. Santino runs up but they drop him. Tensai and Clay collide and trade blows in the middle of the ring. Clay fights him to the corner and hits a pair of clotheslines. Titus attacks Brodus from behind and Drew helps eliminate him. Brodus is eliminated.

Santino eliminates JTG next. Ryder dropkicks Drew and eliminates him. Santino pulls out the Cobra and hits Tensai with it. Santino then hits Young with it and covers him for a pin but there are no pins. Santino tries to pin Tensai next. Young and O’Neil eliminate Santino. Titus suplexes Young on top of Tensai. Ryder eliminates Titus and tangles with Yougn. Tensai comes over and eliminates them both but Ryder hangs on and comes back in. Ryder goes for the Ruff Ryder but Tensai catches him with a powerbomb. They fall over the ropes but Tensai’s feet hit the floor and Ryder hangs on for the win.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Zack Ryder

- Mathews interviews Ryder in the ring after the match and asks if he can go on to beat Cesaro. Ryder says WWWYKI and goes on to celebrate the win.

- We go to more promo videos.

- Josh Mathews is backstage for a CM Punk interview but Punk has refused him. We see Paul Heyman. Mathews asks for comment but he doesn’t get much. We get a vignette for Punk vs. John Cena.

- The 2012 WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view kicks off with a promo video that focuses on the WWE Title, CM Punk and John Cena.

- We go ringside to Michael Cole. Cole talks about what happened to Jerry Lawler and updaters on his condition. Cole says Lawler thanks the fans for their support. Cole announces Lawler will be going home tomorrow. We go to the ring and comes former WWE Champion JBL to join Cole on commentary.

Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Intercontinental Title: Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes vs. The Miz

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. He cuts a promo and says he’s filing a formal complaint against Booker T. Out next comes Rey Mysterio followed by Cody Rhodes and then Sin Cara.

The match starts off and they send Cara to the floor to double team Rey. Cara springboards in and takes both Miz and Cody out. Rey and Cara double team Cody now and send him to the floor. Rey and Cara square up in the ring but Miz pulls Rey out and Cody attacks Cara from behind. Cody and Miz with kicks on Cara now. Miz holds Cara while Cody works him over. Cara counters them both but they catch him in mid-air. Cara counters again and sends Cody to the floor. Miz misses an elbow and Cara stomps on his hand. Cara with another high flying move that sends Miz to the floor. Cody runs in and meets Rey on the apron. Rey tosses him out with a headscissors. Rey and Cara face off again. Cara kicks Rey and Rey fires back with one. They run the ropes and Cara takes Rey down. Cara catches Rey on his shoulders but Rey counters and turns it into a pin for 2 as Cody breaks it up. Cody goes outside with Cara while Miz works on Rey. Cody brings Cara back in the ring and drops him on his face. Miz kicks Rey as Cody drops Cara for a 2 count. Cody dodges a kick from Miz and hits him with a right hand. Cody and Miz go at it now. Cody misses the Disaster Kick and Miz goes for the backbreaker combo. They counter each other and Miz dumps Cody to the floor. Rey rolls Miz up for 2 but Cara breaks it. Cara rolls Rey up for 2.

Rey and Cara go at it again now. Rey goes to the top but Cara kicks him in the head. Cara climbs up but Cody pulls him to the mat. Cody with the Disaster Kick on Cara for a close 2 count. Cody goes back to Rey on the top and works him over. Cody kicks Cara out of the ring and climbs up with Rey for a superplex. Miz breaks that up and powerbombs Cody as he superplexes Rey. Miz covers Cody for 2. Miz covers Rey for 2. Miz kicks Cody and Cara out before going back to work on Rey. Miz kicks Rey’s leg out and drops him with a DDT for 2. Rey slides out of the ring as Cara comes in with a missile dropkick on Miz. Cara leaps out and takes Miz down on the floor. Rey and Cody go at it outside. Rey sends Cody into the barrier. Rey goes to the apron and leaps out onto Cody with a senton. Cara corkscrews in and covers Miz for another close 2 count. Miz misses the clothesline in the corner and Rey dropkicks him in the back. Rey slingshots onto Miz for another 2 count as Cody breaks it up. Cody slams Rey on his face and covers for 2 as Cara breaks the pin.

Miz sends Cara into the ring post. Rey blocks Skull Crushing Finale. Rey goes for 619 and nails it on Miz. Rey dumps Cody to the floor and splashes Miz from the top. Cody breaks the pin and pulls Rey out. Cody runs in to steal the pin but Cara breaks it up. Cody beats Cara down now. Cody tries to take Cara’s mask off but Rey leaps in with a senton. Cody tosses Rey out of the ring on his face. Cara kicks Cody in the head and pulls out one of his masks. Cara goes to put it on Cody but Miz catches him with a Skull Crushing Finale for a close 2 count. Miz ends up with the mask on and can’t see. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes on Cara but Miz hits SCF on Cody for the win.

Winner: The Miz

- Titus O’Neil and Darren Young are backstage complaining to Eve Torres. Eve hears something and runs off. Kaitlyn is backstage with a trainer and she’s been attacked. She says someone attacked her and their face was covered. Apparently her ankle is injured.

- We get a look back at Kane and Daniel Bryan’s anger management classes.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Daniel Bryan is out first followed by his partner Kane. The WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are out next. The match starts off with lots of back and forth. The champs end up taking control of Bryan. Truth comes in and shows off and Bryan turns it around. Kane tags in and clotheslines Truth. Kane takes Truth to the corner and beats him down now.

Bryan comes back in and unloads on Truth with kicks for a pin attempt. Kane with another tag and big dropkick to Truth. More tags between Kane and Bryan. Kane whips Bryan into the corner but he lands hard as Truth moves. Bryan gets upset and shoves Kane. They have words and Kane shoves him. The fans chant for them to hug it out but they keep shoving. Bryan mushes Kane in the face. Bryan stops him from getting upset and wants to hug it out.

They hug and in comes Truth. Bryan takes him down. They go on and in comes Kofi with offense. Kofi with the Boom Drop on Bryan. He readies for Trouble in Paradise but Kane pulls Bryan out of the ring for the save. Kane and Bryan argue some more at ringside. Kofi baseball slide kicks Kane and then leaps out onto Bryan. Kofi springboards in but Bryan catches him in the No Lock. Truth breaks it up for the save. Truth leaps out onto the floor for Kane but he moves. Kane slams Truth into the apron. Bryan dropkicks Kofi in the corner. Kane tags himself in and this upsets Bryan. Kane goes to the top but Kofi meets him. Bryan grabs Kane’s leg so Kofi hits the mat without Kane. Kane shoves Bryan off. Bryan runs over and pushes Kane off the top. Kane splashes Kofi for the win and the tag titles.

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: Kane and Daniel Bryan

- After the match, Kane and Bryan celebrate before meeting in the middle of the ring. They have words and raise their titles up after yelling about which of them is the champions. They come face to face and Kane makes the ring explode. Kane storms off and we go to replays.

- Teddy Long and Booker T are talking about the tag title match when Eve Torres comes in. She says Kaitlyn twisted her ankle and the trainers say she cannot compete tonight. They wonder who’s going to compete against Layla. Booker says she earned a shot and has been doing a good job as his assistant. Booker says this will be a reward for Eve. Eve thanks him and walks off. Booker tells Teddy he will holla at him in a minute and walks off, leaving Teddy look confused.

- We go ringside to Cole and JBL. They talk about partnering with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer. The middle rope will be pink throughout October.

WWE United States Title Match: Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro

We go to the ring and out comes Aksana with WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. Aksana says Cesaro is going to describe this match in five different languages and he says it’s un-fair. Out comes his opponent Zack Ryder.

Cesaro strikes first and takes Ryder down. Cesaro with more offense before mocking Ryder. Ryder makes a comeback and takes Cesaro down for 2. Cesaro catches Ryder and drops his neck over the top rope. Cesaro with more offense and a big clothesline for 2. Cesaro picks up Ryder and carries him around before suplexing him for 2. Cesaro chokes Ryder on the ropes now.

Cesaro with a pair of stomps and another pin attempt. Cesaro with more offense and another 2 count. Ryder fights out of a headlock and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Cesaro catches Ryder, lifts him in the air and hits a big uppercut on the way down. Cesaro with another 2 count. Cesaro with boots in the corner now. Cesaro with a neckbreaker type submission with Ryder on his back now. Ryder counters Cesaro and hits him with an elbow and clothesline. Ryder catches Cesaro again and rolls him up for 2. Ryder with a boot and a missile dropkick from the top for 2. Cesaro fights back but Ryder counters him with a neckbreaker for another pin attempt. Fans chant for Ryder as Cesaro drops him on the top. Ryder climbs up and hurricanranas Cesaro to the mat. Ryder calls for the Broski Boot but Aksana helps Cesaro out of the way. Cesaro runs back in the ring and Ryder chases. Cesaro hits a big uppercut and then the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

- Cesaro and Aksana make out in the ring as we go to a promo for Saturday Morning Slam.

- David Otunga is backstage with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo comes in without his neck brace and they yell at him to put it back on. Ricardo says he’s feeling better but they insist he wear it. They call him stupid and walk off.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

Vickie Guerrero comes out to introduce Dolph Ziggler. Out he comes with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Out next comes his opponent Randy Orton to a big pop.

The bell rings and they lock up. Back and forth to start but Orton takes Ziggler down first. Orton stomps away as Vickie screams from ringside. Orton with a knee to the face and an uppercut. Orton with more offense until Ziggler drop toe holds him into the ropes. Ziggler with a dropkick and a 2 count. They trade shots on their feet now. Ziggler with a kick to the face and a neckbreaker for 2. More back and forth and pin attempts. Orton takes Ziggler to the top for a superplex but Ziggler fights him, sending Orton down to the mat.

Ziggler connects with a missile dropkick from the top for 2. They get up and trade shots again. Ziggler leaps up and drops Orton’s neck over the top rope and covers for 2. Ziggler stomps on Orton now. Ziggler drops a series of elbows and shows off a little before dropping the last elbow. 2 count by Ziggler. Ziggler goes back to a headlock.

Orton fights to his feet and breaks the headlock with a backdrop. Orton charges but Ziggler gets an elbow up. Ziggler clotheslines Orton for another 2 count. Orton fights out of another hold and they trade shots again. Orton with a dropkick. Ziggler with a DDT out of nowhere for 2. Ziggler goes to the top but Orton knocks him of his feet. Orton hits Ziggler with right hands while he’s on the top. Orton climbs up for a superplex and nails it. Orton covers for 2.

They both get up and go at it again trading shots. Orton fires way with rights and a headbutt but Ziggler comes right back. The brawl continues as the fans get into it. Orton with clotheslines. Ziggler blocks a shot and hits the big leg drop for a very close 2 count. Ziggler goes for the sleeper but Orton takes him to the apron for the DDT. Ziggler escapes to the floor and Orton follows. Orton drops Ziggler on the floor. Orton takes Ziggler to the fan barrier and hits the draping DDT from there instead of in the ring on the second rope.

Orton brings Ziggler back in for a 2 count. Orton waits for Ziggler to get up and signals for the RKO. Ziggler blocks it and rolls Orton up for a close 2 count. Ziggler goes for the sleeper again and locks it. Orton rolls out and catches Ziggler with a big RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

- Cole and JBL hype the new Judge Dredd movie.

WWE Divas Title Match: Eve Torres vs. Layla

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Divas Champion Layla. Her opponent Eve Torres is out next.

They lock up and Layla gets the quick roll up. Eve comes back with a headlock takedown. They go to the mat and Layla applies a head scissors. Back to their feet and Layla arm drags Eve across the ring. They lock up again and Eve works on Layla’s arm and Layla does the same. More back and forth with them trading holds.

Eve gets busted in the mouth and takes a minute to regroup. They come back and go to shake hands but Eve hits her with a cheap shot. Eve tosses Layla out of the ring and follows her. Eve slams Layla’s head on the floor and slams her into the apron. Eve with another shot into the apron before rolling her in at the 8 count. Eve works on Layla’s ribs now as the referee backs her off. Eve grabs Layla by her hair and throws her into the corner. Eve with a knee to the back of the head as the referee backs her off again. Eve goes to the top with a headlock, picking Layla up off her feet with it.

Eve with a 2 count before going to a leg scissors. Eve turns it into a head scissors and uses that to slam Layla on her face. Eve grabs the ropes for leverage and the hold is finally broken. Layla counters a neckbreaker and drops Eve with a DDT. Layla makes a comeback and dropkicks Eve in the face. Layla with a clothesline and a face slam. Layla springboards out of the corner with a crossbody but Eve moves. Eve with a big neckbreaker for the win and the title.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Eve Torres

- After the match, Eve celebrates with the title as we go to replays. We see Layla crying on the mat as JBL says there’s no crying in wrestling.

- Lilian Garcia is in the ring talking about how WWE is proud to partner with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer. She points out a group of women in the crowd who are breast cancer survivors. Visit komen.org/wwe for more information.

- Daniel Bryan and Kane are backstage with Dr. Shelby arguing about who’s the tag team champion. AJ Lee walks up screaming and she can’t believe how far they’ve came and still can’t get along. Kane flips out, dumps a cooler of iced Gatorade on everyone and walks off. Kane says he’s going to Disneyland.

- We get a promo video for tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Back in the arena and in comes Alberto Del Rio driving a $200,00 Ferrari. There’s no introduction from Ricardo Rodriguez but we see David Otunga at ringside and he’s wearing his neckbrace. Ricardo holds the ropes for Del Rio as he enters the ring. Out next comes the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.

We get formal ring introductions now as Ricardo handles it for Del Rio. JBL puts over Del Rio and Ricardo on commentary. Booker T’s music hits and out he comes to the stage. The SmackDown General Manager says his investigation is over and the Brogue Kick is re-instated. Sheamus likes this news but everyone else is having a fit. The bell rings and Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick but Del Rio moves and it hits Otunga on the apron. Sheamus and Del Rio go at it now.

Referees tend to Otunga at ringside as Sheamus and Del Rio trade shots in the corner. More back and forth. Del Rio ends up on the floor and Sheamus hits the battering ram from the apron. Sheamus brings it back in the ring and goes up top but Del Rio meets him with right hands. Del Rio climbs up and ends up throwing Sheamus into the front of the announce table. They come back in the ring and Del Rio works Sheamus over. Del Rio with a 2 count before throwing Sheamus shoulder first into the corner. Del Rio continues working on the arm of Sheamus. Del Rio comes in off the top with a big right hand for a 2 count.

More back and forth action. Del Rio with an armbreaker on the ropes as the referee makes him break it. Del Rio goes back to the top but Sheamus catches him on the way down with an ax handle. Sheamus unloads now. Del Rio misses an armbreaker and Sheamus hits a high knee. Sheamus slams Del Rio for a 2 count. Sheamus dumps Del Rio to the apron and they brawl there. Sheamus gets the upperhand and hits a bunch of big forearm shots on the apron. Sheamus goes for White Noise but it’s blocked. Del Rio with a Backstabber for a 2 count. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker but Sheamus counters with White Noise. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick but misses it and stumbles in the corner shoulder first. Del Rio kicks him in the head and covers for 2. Del Rio mocks Sheamus and talks trash in his face. Sheamus hits him with right hands but Del Rio comes back with a kick. Del Rio has the armbeaker blocked again. Del Rio ducks the Brogue Kick and hits the armbreaker but Sheamus rolls through and goes for the Cloverleaf. Del Rio fights out and dumps Sheamus to the apron but his arm gets stuck in the ropes. Del Rio attacks Sheamus’ arm while its hung in the rope as the referee backs him off. Sheamus goes for White Noise but Del Rio drops him on his arm. Del Rio with the cross armbreaker in the middle of the ring. Sheamus rolls through and powerbombs Del Rio.

Sheamus calls for the Brogue but Del Rio ducks and trips him up. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker again. Sheamus reaches for the ropes and finally breaks the hold. Del Rio misses the big kick in the corner and Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

- After the match, Sheamus celebrates as Del Rio and Ricardo leave together.

- We get a promo for the National Guard and see some troops in the crowd.

- They show the confrontation between CM Punk and John Cena from Monday’s RAW to promote tonight’s main event.

WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. CM Punk

Paul Heyman is in the ring and introduces himself to some heat from the crowd. Heyman says he’s here to witness history. He has the best seat in the house to see CM Punk in his 302nd consecutive day as WWE Champion. Heyman says he’s here to pay respect to the title and the champion. To pay homage to someone that publicly calls himself a Paul Heyman guy. Out comes WWE Champion CM Punk/ Heyman applauds him from the ring and then they shake hands as Punk makes his entrance. John Cena’s music hits next and out he comes to a mixed reaction from the hometown crowd. Cena is wearing his new pink and black gear to support the fight against breast cancer.

Justin Roberts does formal ring introductions but Punk keeps the title raised high. Punk holds the WWE Title belt in the air for several minutes as Cena looks on and Heyman smiles from ringside. Punk goes to the corner and gives the belt a long kiss before finally handing it off to the referee. Cena’s dad ends up getting the t-shirt he throws at ringside. They lock up and go to the corner. Cena takes Punk down with a headlock but Punk counters and they get back to their feet. They lock up again and Punk goes to the headlock. Punk stalls some more before locking back up. Cena with a fisherman suplex. Punk fights out of a hold and drops Cena with a back elbow.

Punk with a headlock takedown now. Cena fights out and hits a big backdrop on Punk. Punk ducks him in the corner and comes back with a dropkick to the head. Punk with a 2 count. Punk whips Cena into the corner and he goes down hard. Punk climbs up and shows off for the crowd. Cena takes advantage and gets Punk on his shoulders but Punk turns it into a DDT for a 2 count. Punk takes Cena back down with another headlock. Cena fights out with a shoulder but Punk takes him down again with a bridge submission as Heyman taunts Cena.

Cena fights out and rolls to the floor selling an injury. Punk runs the ropes and dives out onto Cena. Punk gets up in front of Cena’s father and laughs at him. Punk rolls Cena back in the ring but stops to taunt the crowd. Cena takes advantage and dropkicks him. Cena comes out on the floor and knocks Punk over the barrier, right in front of his father. Cena suplexes Punk over from the barrier onto the mat and they land hard. Cena brings it back in the ring and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Punk slides out and kicks him in the head. Punk takes Cena to the mat with another submission. Cena fights out with Punk on his back. Punk drops down and takes Cena back to his knees with elbows to the head. Punk dances around and jabs at Cena.

Pujnk goes back to the top and comes down with a shot to the face. Punk goes for GTS but Cena slides out. Cena comes back with two shoulders. Punk blocks the back drop with a neckbreaker. Cena comes back again with a clothesline and a 2 count. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Punk puts his boot up. Punk with a kick and another neckbreaker for a 2 count. Punk springboards in but Cena catches him and rolls through. Cena stands up and goes for the AA but Punk grabs the top rope. Punk drops to the floor in front of Heyman and the announce table. Cena runs the ropes and dives through the middle rope, taking Punk out on the floor. Heyman looks shocked. Cena brings it back in the ring with a back drop. Punk blocks the Five Knuckle Shuffle again. Punk goes for the Anaconda Vice band gets it locked.

Cena breaks free and applies the STF. Punk breaks that and applies a crossface submission on Cena. Cena counters with a back drop and both go down again. Cena strikes first as they get up. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now. They start brawling but Punk drops Cena with a kick to the jaw. Punk with the high knee in the corner and a clothesline. Punk goes to the top and nails the big elbow drop for a 2 count. Punk calls for GTS as the crowd boos. Cena counters GTS and turns it into the STF. Punk makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. They get up and Punk nails GTS for a close 2 count. Punk with stomps now. Punk hits another clothesline and covers for another 2 count.

Punk slaps Cena and goes for GTS. Cena counters with the AA but it’s blocked. More back and forth. Cena nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle and the AA but Punk kicks out at 2. Punk goes to the floor holding his head as the referee begins to count. Cena brings Punk back in and goes to the top. Punk dodges the leg drop and hits a roundhouse kick to the head. Punk covers for another pin attempt. Punk with several slaps to the face now. Punk with a knee to the head and another 2 count. Punk goes back to the top but misses a moonsault. Cena scoops Punk for the AA but he slides out. Punk hits GTS again but Cena kicks out at 2. Punk waits for Cena to get up and nails a Rock Bottom but Cena kicks out at 2. Cole plays up how he resorted to taking a move from The Rock.

Cena hits an AA out of nowhere but Punk kicks out at 2 again. Cena takes Punk to the top as the crowd chants “this is awesome.” Punk knocks Cena to the mat but he runs back up. Cena hits a German suplex from the top rope and holds the pin for the win and the WWE Title.

Winner and New WWE Champion: John Cena

- After the match, Cena goes to ringside and celebrates with some National Guard troops and someone else it looks like he knows. Cena hits the ring to continue the celebration. Justin Roberts comes on the mic and it’s announced that both of their shoulders were on the mat so the match is a draw.

Draw, Still WWE Champion: CM Punk

- Cena argues with the referee and turns around to a belt shot to the face from Punk. WWE Champion CM Punk holds up the belt above Cena and yells out respect as Paul Heyman looks on from the apron. We go to replays of the pin. Heyman and Punk leave up the ramp as Punk yells about being the best in the world. Night of Champions goes off the air with Punk and Heyman smiling from the stage.

  • eric

    It is same all time. would love to see a new guy in wwe title picture besides supercena. he has been in wwe title picutre for over 7 yrs. he doesn’t need anymore title reigns. I watch raw this past week. it showed ryback at end of show. after punk beatdown foley. ryback vs punk for wwe title. would be breath of fresh air. wwe needs to quit this cena crap 24/7 he is not hulk hogan. cena will never get 100 percent of people in seats to go crazy for him. like hogan did in late 80′s early 90′s old wwf. cena is really boring in ring and mic. cena was more entertaining as rapper trash talking heel. than this hulk hogan superhero gimmick. wwe has been forcing down are throats since 2005. wwe should just take cena out of wwe title picture. start pushing younger talent. wheter vince and wwe like it or not. cena is not going to be wrestling in wwe forever. he is 35 yrs old. he is not hulk hogan or ric flair broke who has wrestle for his whole life. cena has alot of money in his bank account. if cena were to retired say yr from now. what will vince do than? vince have backup superstar wwe is groming to take cena place. As #1 face of wwe when cena leaves wwe?

  • Tyler(:

    I post on around 4 posts a week. ofcourse.

  • voice of reason

    @ tyler(: if you dont like arguments you pretyy much start alot of them.

  • Tyler(:

    It’s funny how dependent you are on likes Jeremy.

    “hey momma I gots tha 16 likes on a website, I a big boy now”.

    and voice of reason, I don’t like arguments, I just find the people on this website so delusional. and its Tyler(:, FYI.

  • voice of reason

    @ jeremy don’t get into an argument with tyler he just loves an argument just don’t get suckered into his bullshit.

  • voice of reason

    hey guys leave stud dog alone if he wants to end his posts with semper fi then that’s fine with me.

  • Jeremy

    i wasnt saying ppl who wear pink give bjs. i was JOKING that cena sucks HHH’s dick so he never has to lose cleanly again. it just so happens that cenas new favorite fruity pebble is pink…

  • Jeremy

    IT WAS A JOKE. you’re taking it way too seriously, if you didnt like it just ignore it. other ppl liked it (16)lol sorry you’re so sensitive

  • Tyler(:

    I fail too see how this has anything too do with Cena being a “golden boy” but when you say guys give BJs because they wear pink, then you’re saying alot of guys suck dick.

    Also, really? first a comment about Cena sucking dick and now one about being a Cena fan? You’re clearly still abit behind on insults in the wrestling world.

  • Jeremy

    @Tyler Take it easy, it was just joke man. sorry i offended golden boy cena

  • Zedd

    Whats the point of banning the brogue kick if dumbass keeps using it

  • Tyler(:

    So Jeremy because someone wears Pink they put dick in their mouth?

    Okay then, Punk sucks dick.

  • Austin

    Cena’s so bad at wrestling, he pinned himself!

  • DaveyH

    I don’t mind that Sheamus retained because Del Rio is without a doubt the most stale and utterly boring character in the WWE. The personal ring announcer, the flash cars, ripping the “peasant” fans in Spanish, yeah he’s the Mexican Million Dollar Man with zero charisma and the mic skills of Virgil.
    I don’t understand why Orton keeps winning and beating opponents that need a credible victory to help their push ie Tensai and now Ziggler. His character is more bland than boiled rice, he got suspended for failing a drugs test but is punished by defeating everybody on the upper mid card. Lets face it, the only people who like Orton are hormone crazy 14 year old girls and their sex starved bored housewife mothers.
    CM Punk is a decent champion and the heel turn suits his character more but lets be honest, as face champion he was continually over shadowed by Cena and whoever he was wrestling. Cena vs Danny Lurman would be higher on the card than a Punk title defence. Then Punk gets over shadowed by HHH and Lesnar. True it’s given him something to bitch about with all this respect nonsense but the simple fact is he will lose the title to Super Cena at some point and tonights “draw” is just a way to drag the feud out without Cena having to lose clean.
    WWE’s problem is that they just about monopolise the entire professional wrestling talent pool, but yet only seem capable of pushing the same handful of stars. The fans get sick of this but rather than mix things up a bit and push someone else, they just bring in the Rock, or HHH, or Lesnar, or any other big name quick fix to paper over the fact they can’t get over their love in for Cena and Orton.

  • Lord KGM

    John Cena got robbed but didn’t deserve the win anyway. CM Punk deserves the respect that he asks and Kofi’s tag team got robbed. I think wrestling is running out of ideas to be honest. Antonio should have lost because his storyline is worse than Zack Ryder. Eve is Divas champion again? When are Eve and AJ going to fight for the belt? PLEASE get AJ out of the office because the flats with the suit just is not going to work. She’s just not a good fit for GM either. This was Sin Cara’s last chance to make noise and he lost with 3 other credible opponents to the Miz. Yeah wrestling is over…

  • Tyler(:

    Punk and Sheamus retaining? what a dissapointment.

  • Ben

    IMO Punk stays champion until at least Survivor Series. He could potentially lose and win it again afterwards, but I think his reign goes 365+ days.

    Heading into the next couple PPV’s here would be the framework leading into wrestlemania:

    HIAC- Punk vs Cena (Brock rips into the Cell to help Punk Retain, HHH makes attacks Lesnar to make the Save)

    Survior Series- Team Punk w/Lesnar vs Team HHH w/Cena

    TLC- Cena defeats Punk for the title.

    Royal Rumble- Rock defeats Cena for the title/Punk wins Rumble

  • adam

    OK what is the point of orton running threw everybody. He has beaten number one contenders champions everything. Now he bears Dolph Ziggler who is supposed to be next in line to be a champion. It makes no sense i almost wish orton would just go away for a few months on suspension again or to film another crappy movie so he stops burying everyone else god damn he is worse then cena at least cena losses now. Same thing goes for sheamus why have del rio face him 4 ppv’s in a row if del rio isnt going to win at least one. I mean if they have him face alberto again this is going to be ridiciolous.

  • http://google the dude


  • Rocky sucks

    It looks like that J-J is the only intelligent human on this site smh

  • Kaitlyns asshole is open

    Alberto del rio go back to Mexico you beaner, and take Rey’s bitch ass, ya Rey fuck you

  • Jeremy

    basically @poko. i stopped watching WWE FOR like 5 years after it went to cena-land. came back about 2 years ago, had some amazing moments but im SO tired of the same bullshit week in and week out

  • Jeremy

    Can you blame him? in my opinion both men are very smart lol both get lita and both extremely successful champs. don’t hate

  • poko

    That was an obvious “let’s continue this feud” ending, which kind of cheats the fans who paid for it. It absolutely does nothing to advance the storyline. It might as well have never happened.

  • TheSheepDog

    well @Jeremy, Punk is fucking that lita, so at least one thing in common with Edge lol

  • http://wrestlingedge.com cool d

    That was the worst fucking ending ever in wwe. They both put on the best match of the year and they end it like this.also I want to state what if it was aj that attack kaitlyn instead of eve

  • Jeremy

    seriously! punks a heel, cheat to win! im and edgehead for life…..wtf did he do constantly to get major heat. cheat, steal, cheapshot whatever!

  • Wolfie

    The problem is I don’t think it puts more heat on Punk. It puts heat on the officials for issuing such a dumb ruling. If you want heat on Punk let him cheat to win like I said earlier.

  • Jeremy

    So is there something in cena’s contract that says he can’t ever lose cleanly ever again…..or did that happen when he put HHH’s dick in his mouth….? or vince perhaps? maybe both?!? he does wear pink now….

  • bb

    wtf its mine name bb not fake bb fuck you fake bb.

    yes cm punk keep belts

  • J-J

    Nothing wrong with that ending at all. Or they could’ve tweaked it slightly to have Punk raise his shoulder on 2 so Cena in effect pins himself. But a good old school ending that gets more heat on Punk & keeps Cena strong. Nothing wrong with that ending in my book..

  • Apacaveli


  • Jon

    Okay ending tonight. But my highlight would be the commentary. What a prefect decision to bring JBL back and have Cole face. It felt like back in the day again and it made sense.

  • bb

    SYM=Joke account

    Just ignore him, he’s a little girl trapped in a grown man’s body.

  • Tombstone

    Oi ass clowns, leave my bro studog alone!! what has he done to you all?? go fuck yourselves!

    SEMPER FI!!! bro, always got ya back

  • StudDog

    Great match, Crappy ending. Did have me fooled for a minute tho.

  • Wolfie

    I wouldn’t have had a problem with Punk cheating to win, I didn’t want Cena to win anyway, but to end it like that is not fair to either wrestler after the performance they just put on. I mean have Heyman get involved or something, but don’t pull bullshit like that.

  • Jeremy

    I’m so happy I don’t waste my money on this bullshit. I streamed it and STILL couldn’t watch the whole thing. SO much potential for a solid PPV and one of the worst I’ve ever seen. End the main event in a draw?! no interference, no crazy ending, no cash-in by ziggler…..nothing. yet another huge WWE letdown….

  • Simon

    I thought it was fishy winning with a German Suplex…. even if it was top rope. Silly ruleing. Cm Punk wasnt trying to pin Cena. Ref could have easily went “Hey, yours are down too”, like others do when people try a bridged suplex pin, but no, stupid ref counts both down, despite only one trying for a pin. Rediculous.

  • JohnCena33

    Either have Cena win or Punk, NOT A DRAW.

  • phoenix

    lol wow nice that’s all I got.

  • Wolfie

    WHAT A BS ENDING TO A GREAT MATCH!!! I cannot believe that shit!

  • Jimbotron

    OK, I’ve got to give WWE credit there. That was clever.

  • phoenix

    damn spoke to soon maybe

  • josh

    So fucking stupid. Dumb finish. So tired of SuperCena

  • StudDog

    LOL I stand corrected. They fooled the hell outta me.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • StudDog

    BTW—-Cena just won.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • phoenix

    Ehh who Didn’t see super cena getting the belt back at one point.

  • StudDog

    @Keith Learmonth

    Trying my best to keep this civil here. SEMPER FI is not something I do just on this site but on many and on my facebook. Do not feel the need to explain the reasoning behind it to you. Personally you sound a little jealous. Dont like it just skip my post and move on to the next. You wanna say cick click or cheese? Go right ahead it will not bother me at all.

    Now lets drop all this personal bullshit and discuss wrestling and Night of Champions. That is the reason this site is here.

    (left it off just to avoid hurting your little feelings)

  • StudDog

    Actually I think both Cena and Punk are putting on a damn good show. And heyman is selling everything enough for both of them LOL.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Keith Learmonth

    So, what you’re saying is that because I work as a photographer, I should start typing “CLICK!” or “SAY CHEESE!” after all my messages, ’cause a couple of my friends, who are also photographers, will read these comments?

    I mean, if these guys are really your buddies, I’m sure you talk to them when they’re able to get online, so I doubt that shoutouts in the comments section of a wrestling rumours website mean that much.

    That’s why I assumed it’s just to try to show off that you’re a marine. It’s like that guy who was a star football player in high school, who goes on to work a mid level office job, 9-5, but still goes around telling his old team’s slogan at random people in a bar, despite most of them not even knowing what he’s on about.

  • Jimbotron

    Why does Cena completely no-sell every single submission move?

  • Bubba Ho Tep

    StudDog is a fake Marine, plain and simple. He wouldn’t know an Irish Pennant from the 12th G.O.

  • StudDog

    @Keith Learmonth
    Never have bragged about being a Marine (Damn proud of what I do tho). The SEMPER FI!!! Is a shoutout to all my buddies still serving overseas (yeah they get a rare chance occasionaly to look at the net and they like this site.) So I really dont care if it annoys you or anyone else.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Jimbotron

    And just in case you’re too much of an idiot to realize it, Michael Cole and JBL point out that Punk is wearing “Yankee pinstripes.”

    Just give it up, WWE. Cena will never be cheered by 100% of the people.

  • phoenix

    lol I got your shirt now.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’m just going to say, you know… saying that you’re a marine is basically meaningless on the internet, where anyone can be anything, and it really just comes across as trying to show off.

    I don’t like SYM at all… but the whole SEMPER FI thing is just as annoying as his frequent unpopular opinions.

  • Jimbotron


    WWE has Punk wearing pinstripes on his trunks just to get the crowd to boo him and cheer for Cena.

    Their desperation knows no bounds.

  • StudDog

    I liked the Shameus vs Delrito match. Put on a pretty good show.

    @SYM—-Dont know what your problem with me is, dont really care either. But the whole SEMPER FI!!! thing comes from the ine of work I am in(dont care who likes it and who dont, I’ll be saying it till the day I die). Now just go away TNA fanboy.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • Tombstone

    “for 300 days you have been champ, and for 300 days the belts been worthless” how true!! how damn fucking true!!

  • JohnCena33

    Here we go again, get ready for 15-20 minutes of promos and entrances.

  • JohnCena33

    Let me guess, Friday night Smackdown will hold a fatal four way for the #1 contendership for the world heavyweight championship and somehow del Rio will win to continue THIS POINTLESS FEUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnCena33

    Go Ziggler go, nows your chance, Sheamus is down, CASH IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SYM

    Oh look I’m StudDog BLAH BLAH Old Pervert BLAH BLAH SEMPER FI get some New Material friend, your as old as Middleton botching the damn Article uploads.

  • chuck norris

    This reminds me of the Kane when he and rvd were champions.

  • SYM

    I guess Kane has been PG-Fied.

  • josh

    AJ wet t-shirt YES! YES! YES! YES!

  • Simon

    Do i have anything to say? IM GOING TO DISNEYLAND!

  • JohnCena33

    Look at the time, only two matches left, guarantee that remaining time will be put to Ziggler cashing in his MITB briefcase.

  • StudDog

    Goes without saying that is the fake tombtone posting again.Some kids are just so desperate for attention.

    SEMPER FI!!!

  • JohnCena33

    “I’m goin to disney land!”

  • JohnCena33

    “NO, I am the tag team champions!”

  • Keith Learmonth

    I have this weird feeling that Ziggler will make up for this loss later in the night. Ka-Ching…

  • JohnCena33

    Is it just me, or does everyone think that Ziggler puts on an awesome match every time he steps in the ring.

  • Jimbotron

    The “Push Killer” Randy Orton strikes again.

  • Seth

    Is this live coverage in the same way NBC provided “live” coverage of the Olympics?

  • Jake

    Oh man JBL is making me cry with laughter on commentary

  • JohnCena33

    Eve was talking to the Prime Time Players, so it CLEARLY WASN’T EVE.
    I bet it was Kharma or maybe a heel Layla.

  • Keith Learmonth

    How could it be Eve that attacked Kaitlyn? She was there talking to O’Neill and Young, from what it says here…

  • Tombstone

    @Jesse NO! it was fucking santa claus, who else would it have been?! this has been obviously coming and is about as certain as 25th december being christmas fucking day!

  • Tombstone

    you should all just fucking watch the PPV, not on here rambling stupid crap!

  • Jesse

    who attacked kaitlyn? was it eve?

  • Jon

    @Cakes Taker i think still going to face Lesnar at Maina. But glad to hear JBL back.

  • JohnCena33

    Wow, Sin Cara looked horrible. I liked how he just stood there for like 5 seconds waiting for rhodes to hit a disaster kick on him. Sin Cara is more suited in a tag team roll, not singles competitor.

  • Sean

    If punk has a new title to show then I don’t see why cena would win. But it is the wwe

  • DJ

    Were is the stream??

  • JohnCena33

    What Needs to Happen at NOC
    1. Punk needs to retain with help from Heyman or another WWE superstar. With Heyman and another interfering in the match, this will set up one of the greatest Heel Stables of all time. This will also allow for a Punk vs Cena match at Hell in a Cell. DO NOT TAKE BELT OFF PUNK YET. It is not the time. Heyman, Punk, plus others may just reach legendary heights and is hopefully a rare success for WWE creative writers.

    2. Have Sheamus defeat Del Rio then have Ziggler cash in. Sheamus Del Rio feud is old, stale, and boring. Having Shemaus defeat Del Rio and then having Ziggler cahs in, is perfect. It gets rid of Del Rio, and also pushes Ziggler to his well deserved championship reign. If WWE plays this good, then Ziggler will be headed into Mania29 as Champion, hopefully he gets a nice long run, and dumps Vickie for Flair as his manager.

    3. Have Miz retain his ICC title. This is an easy move. Have Miz slowly turn face and feud with a heel Rhodes. Hopefully Rey and Sin Cara will work together during match setting up a tag team and eventually tag team champion team. Later in the year have Rey turn heel and Cara face setting up a lucha libre style match at WM29, having Sin cara win and a sort of a passing of the torch idea to one mexican wrestler to the other.

    4. Have Brodus Clay win the US title and dump the dancers. Brodus has a lot of potential. He could be a great mid carder for his career. I feel Cesari is better than a US champion and deserves a better feud. Brodus needs this title to save his career.

    5. Layla needs to be divas champion for a good long time. Everyone loves Layla, she has the it factor. One of the better in ring performers and a long diva title reign is necessary if WWE wants to revive the divas division.

    6. Have Kane and Bryan win tag team gold. The perfect time to revive the Tag Team division. I love the angle with Bryan and Kane, both men do a great job and deserve the titles. With them winning the gold this can set up a Kofi Kingston heel turn and eventually a Truth vs Kofi match (that could have great potential). Kofi is long overdue for a legitimate feud, and who better than his former tag partner. Having Bryan and Kane as Tag champs can set up them facing rey and cara, with them dropping the titles to those two, and then having Bryan win the Runble to face Ziggler at Mania.

    7. Orton vs Ziggler is a very interesting match and makes me think what will Orotn be doing around Mania. Its clear that he wont be in the championship picture, so why not job to Ziggler. Ziggler being Orotn CLEAN will push him to better place thus setting up his cash in tonight. As for Orotn, hopefully he faces Barrett and

  • Cakes

    I feel like the results of this card will play a major roll in the shape up of WM29. With that being said, I feel like Cena wins the WWE title. Feuds with punk for the duration of the year and eventually faces the rock at the rumble. Rocky wins while punk finds a way to win the royal rumble. And then, realistically speaking, the WM29 card could possibly be…
    Rock-Punk WWE title
    Sheamus- Orton World Title
    Barrett-Ryback-Bryan (Nexus feud)
    With Miz, sandow, kofi, truth, cesaro, sandow, Ryder, santino, rhodes and del rio involved in a IC/US title match

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