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Live RAW Notes on Cole Heat, Taker’s Entrance, HHH’s Pop and More

– Mike Norman sent the following live notes from last night’s RAW in Fresno, California:

* The Save Mart Center was legitimately sold out.

* Jerry Lawler actually put on Cole’s referee shirt after he chased him off and counted the pin after RAW last night in the dark match where CM Punk and The Miz lost to John Cena and Randy Orton.

* The biggest pop of the night went to Triple H’s return easily, even bigger than Undertaker returning. Taker’s return looked like it was messed up when he came out too early and had to go back.

* The second biggest pop of the night went to Randy Orton when he came through the crowd and attacked Punk. The crowd was into the whole Punk-Orton thing.

* Sadly, there wasn’t much reaction in the crowd to the announcement of Hacksaw Duggan going into the Hall Of Fame.

* The negative heat for Michael Cole when he talked about Jerry Lawler’s mom was the worst of the night. There was a feeling in the air like oh no, don’t go there but they did anyway. You could tell up close fans were irate at Cole when he went back to the announce table and then ran to the back.

  • shawn

    @Wolf Pizack lover its usually THAT cocksucker isnt it?lol Coles just right for the role, and that line was tastless. he could have said something else not regarding his mother.

  • KyB27

    Is HHH and Taker’s match gonna be career vs streak match???? Damn i don’t wanna see HHH leave yet but i guess he needs to cuz of his promotion.. :/

  • Wolf Pizack lover!!

    *his* cock-sucker I meant

  • Wolf Pizack lover!!

    Michael Cole is a fucking useless faggot. I can’t wait until the day that Lawler (or anybody) legitimately punches him right in this cock-sucker

  • Legend Killer

    Couldn’t put it any better than Evil Doink.

    Jerry would have approved it and it’s not as if Cole said anything disrespectful about his mother (Randy on Eddie). It just added that extra bit of heat and i loved it. Cole is a great heel in my opinion, i enjoy listening to his bias opinions of Miz and just about any of the heels, it’s annoying but entertaining!

    Taker makes several returns each year so it’s nothing special is it? HHH has been gone for a year though, and no doubt i was happier to see him back too!

  • Note This

    I fell asleep in that taker and h;s segment. Im mean come on. How much fucking stupid could that have been. 92 mins for taker to come out and triple fakes has to call ice mountain to get more water so he could spit. Yada yada yada. Who gives a rats ass if hhh comes back, and taker well legend he is, that what the 40 million time of his return.
    Y A W N ,…….

  • Evil Doink

    Reality based storylines are the best storylines, even if it references someone’s deceased mother. And yes, obviously this was Lawler-approved. It was just done to get Cole even more heat, and it worked. Duh.

    I’m glad Triple H interrupted Taker’s 28th return in 4 years because it is so played out. I don’t think that means Triple H was hogging the spotlight, it was just taking something that has been done 100 times and making it better. I don’t know if they could have picked a better spot or reason for Triple H to return.

    Can’t please everyone.

  • CM Lopez

    There was always a non-existing line that is always crossed to make a storyline enticing…hell, Jerry Lawler was involved in a couple of infamous bits like the feud he had with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. When he used his demons with alcoholism, he belittled the man and made jokes about his addictions….hell, he even threw actual whiskey on Roberts’ face while Jake actually thought it was iced tea….so this bit that Cole did about his deceased mother was obscene but nothing out of the ordinary from Lawler or in this case….Vince McMahon, he feeds all this garbage to his announcers.

  • 808notsogreat

    In all honesty, what Cole said wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was almost respectful in a way. Like Ryan mentioned, the whole thing about King’s mother being in Heaven with the best seats was more of a tribute than an insult. inb4udontknowhowitfeelstolosesomeone, I lost my mother at a very early age and have been an orphan ever since. I’d be more hurt that I let her down than someone saying bad things about her.

  • jeff

    not coles fault its wwe how they wanted him to say it…im pretty sure cole didnt want to say that shit

  • Ryan

    it was no different aside much less worse than what they gave orton to say towards rey mysterio in their feud.

    ‘eddie is not in heaven, he’s in hell!’

    at least cole said that his mother is up in the heavens where the best seats are at.

  • I’d say Michael Cole has Shane Helms heat. Not X-Pac heat, Shane Helms heat. No one wants him on commentary. He’s always going to be nothing more than good ol’ JR’s bitch.

  • Kris

    easily and recently sorry Uncle R.I.P.

  • Kris

    I got to agree, almsot turned off the channel at that point, I had a relative die easily and yea id be legit mad if they brought it up, and alot of the stuff is now improvised they do at there not scripted so it might have been said, yea ill say somethign bout ur mom, but not what…gotta say King looked Straight P.O. ed at Cole, almost 4 real not faking

  • dgnr83d

    cole is nothing but a douche , miz’s ass kisser

  • Buttercastle

    Yeah but Undertaker does this every few months, he makes a “huge return”. People obviously knew about Undertaker coming back considering half the signs in the crowd were about him. At least Triple H was more of a surprise judging by the reaction he got.

  • nobody

    Yeah whatever. Undertaker has made like 3 returns in the past year. Undertaker returning isn’t anything new. There’s no reason that Triple H shouldn’t have had the spotlight last night. Especially if it is his last run

  • sammy

    Leave it to the “son of a law” to steal the Takers thunder
    With his blown up body, the pompous ego driven HHH had to be it last night. Instead of letting the dead man take it in. Nooooooooo, typical roid rage HHH.

  • mark

    I have to agree that the bringing Jerrys mother into the storyline is tasteless and they should have known better. So i guess its going to be a babyface match at mania between taker and HHH. Whilst im happy to see all the returns it seems to be rushed all in time for wrestlemania.

  • drg

    People dont seem to realize that King approved this at some point and hes very old school, he has probably heard/seen/done worse things inside the square ring. Doesnt make it rihgt but it doesnt make it wrong either.
    @Mark You cant blame wwe for not being surprised when your on a website dedicated to telling the people wrestling news and SPOILERS. The undertake return wasnt meant to be that much of a surprise because you could tell from the videos.But if you just watched the shows and didnt know any of the news recently on wrestling sites (ex. little kids that just watch/go to shows.)you would have been totally shocked about HHH’s return.

  • Mark

    That was even more fucked up then the Kate Vick storyline. Cole has been an asshole for a while which I get, that is what he is supposed to be at this point, but this more over came off as VINCE being an asshole for even putting this segment in, knowing that the comments were going to be made. Then all the returns all thrown at us all at once..Diesel, Booker T, Trish, Christian, Undertaker, and Triple H. By the way we all knew Undertaker was coming back which was no surprise, and to tell the truth neither was Triple H. This was just insulting. I don’t know which is worse at this point, WWE or the first Hulk movie. Yeah you are right it is still the first Hulk movie lol. But come one Vince you can do better than this.