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- WWE Diva Melina jokingly wrote the following on Twitter yesterday: “People are asking me why I slapped Natalya. That pink frilly dress was offending my eyes. I was about to slap myself but better her than me!”

After comments from fans, Melina then noted that she would be her usual joking self on Twitter but fans should know she’s not the character she plays on WWE TV. She wrote: “U guys r all great. U crack me up. This will b fun. 4 the 5 people who believe what they see on the show is real, don’t trip sweeties. Im gonna goof on Twitter to joke but know that I’m still me & I’m not my character on tv. But let’s have fun with this. I love my girls on the show and am happy for their success & opportunities. Those people who were concerned are so cute & sweet. Thanks for tweeting.

For the rest that are Being supportive of me whether I’m a heel or face! You guys are amazing and I love you with all my heart. I was afraid more people would be hating. You guys are the best!!! That love & encouragement is the best Xmas gift I can possibly get.”

- It appears WWE Diva Rosa Mendes has quietly turned babyface over the past week or two. If Rosa stays as a face, the only heel Divas on the SmackDown brand will be Michelle McCool and Layla.

- Most of last night’s live WWE SmackDown was re-written Tuesday morning after Vince McMahon and the WWE creative team wanted to make changes stemming from what went down on this week’s RAW.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • PLW

    I was hoping it was going 2 be Maryse turning face but oh well.

  • CC

    Why hate on Melina for this? Many wrestlers dont bother with kayfabe on twitter. Jericho comes to mind here. While he was a heel on WWE, he was just himself on twitter when tweeting. He rarely tweeted in character.

    As for Rosa, she has been a face for months now, so why is this suddenly news as if we hadnt noticed it?

  • Zach


    Who cares? Anyone over the age of 10 knows what the deal is and everyone finds out eventually. STFU

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Heel or Face, Melina is overrated, and I agree with dderp

  • dderp

    Way to fucking keep kayfabe, Melina.

  • charlemange

    how many other divas are there on Smackdown besides Laycool and Beth oh and there is Kelly but she cant wrestle nor can Katlin or Rosa she could be Del Rio ring girl or driver

  • JAck45

    WAIT i misread that… lol smackdown… duh!

  • JAck45

    U forgot the hottest DIVA of them all

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