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Live SuperSmackDown Show Draws Poor Rating, Eve Says She Misses Zack Ryder

— Tuesday’s SuperSmackDown LIVE! show featuring a Champion vs. Champion match between WWE Champion CM Punk and World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan garnered a 1.7 rating with 2,326,000 viewers.

It is SmackDown‘s lowest rating since the September 16, 2011 show, which drew a 1.78.

— Following her actions involving John Cena and Zack Ryder on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Eve has turned over a new leaf. She wrote to Zack Ryder today on Twitter, “I miss you.”

— is advertising a match between Justin Gabriel and Jinder Mahal for today’s episode of WWE Superstars. Other bouts taking place include Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty and Mason Ryan vs. Tyler Reks.


  • Jason

    So you did not watch Impact but yet you comment on it. Retarded logic is retarded logic… lol

  • venom

    Punk and Bryan are good champion. I hope these two have a rematch in the mainevent of Wrestlemania 29. I didn’t even know Smackdown was live this week. There goes Jason going on about TNA. I don’t want to get him mad because he’ll give me a free ticket to TNA just to throw me on my ass. But watching the whole impact would be more painful than throwing me on my ass.

  • Nicholas

    @Qi I agree with you 100%. It is funny Ricardo tals about Iwc because that is Tna basic fan club. A bunch of 5% wrestling fans still living in the attitude era. I really don’t care about the ratings because to me Smackdown going live may have been last second yeah they show it on Raw. But normally they give a week warning. I am guesting soon Smackdown is going to be live more often. As for Punk and Bryan can’t ask for better champion. Yeah Punk maybe a little better when it comes to the mic. But Bryan reminds me so much of a young Kurt Angle I mean he made Santno look good this past Sunday an that is something you can’t teach. I want to see these two do battle more often are the entertaining no they are not. But can they wrestler heck yeah two of Wwe very best and hey isn’t that why we watch wrestling then again I don’t think Iwc are really wrestling fan. I mean when you cry because Punk and Bryan are champion you pretty much show your ture color in my book.

  • Jason

    Fivo you should really do your homework on the amount of fans that watch TNA on DVR vs. the amount of fans that watch WWE on DVR. You come off as uninformed otherwise

  • SB2012

    So basically Smackdown drew in ratings just a little bit higher than the TNA Knockouts battle royal? Well they must be embarrased. But the tna knockouts match was good tho..

  • fivo goes west

    With counting the always high lack of fan(s) watching tna this week, WWE still had better ratings from a Tuesday smackdown that was barely advertised then to tna that’s on at its scheduled time every week.

  • Bruno

    I would have watched if cena was on

  • Buttercastle

    ^ How could you afford 750,000 DVRs?

  • Jason

    With counting the always high TNA DVR count TNA out drew smackdown this week. WWE DVR counts always are below the 200,000 mark while TNA’s are always above the 750,000 mark.

  • chronoxiong

    Darn, I’m sad to hear about that rating. I thought the show was good too. 🙁

  • Bill

    I loved Punk vs. Bryan, but WWE once again failed with a Live Smackdown. They could be fantastic, but they always dissapoint us. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t amazing either.

  • Oi

    They did mention it on Raw, but that was basically it. And @ Ricardo, Im glad you know the wrestling world so well. As for Punk and Bryan they are great athletes and while Bryan still lacks some charisma Punk has more than enough. Its easy for someone to sit back and talk trash about guys who have busted their asses to make it where they are. The storylines that Punk has been involved in have revived WWE and he made me want to watch again. Wrestling is in a different world right now you actually have athletes who go by normal names and tell a story without huge over the top gimmicks. But im sure you will respond back with some sort of talk about the greats like The Rock and SCSA and HBK……well they have all retired and become movie/tv stars. Punk is a start to the new world of wrestling, and just so you know Im not a bandwagon jumper Ive been a Punk mark since his feuds with Rey and Jeff Hardy on Smackdown…. those promos were epic and were just the beginning.

  • fivo goes west

    @Matt yea there’s was like one spot advertising it. I knew there was one coming up I just didn’t know when. If I hadn’t of seen the spot for it during raw I wouldn’t have seen smackdown life either.

    @ricardo to be honest that was actually a pretty good match. Well at least until it became about the gm’s. Overall though as a whole smackdown was pretty boring. My guess is since it was a live show vkm had more to do with it. thus ruining it.

  • Ricardo

    So, Punk vs. Bryan for the internet championship of World draws just a bit higher than TNA, and what does the IWC say: “man, it was a classic match, the problem was the rest” and “oh, it was the time slot”. Quit with the excuses already!

    I really think you guys should stop for a minute, forget about your prejudices and understand once and for all that these two guys are terribly boring champions. Back when wrestling was interesting it wasn’t about the number of moves you could perform, which is meaningless – it was about character, charisma, story telling. They lack all of the above. They are burying the product.

  • Matt

    exactly duffman, i didnt even know it was on, and i dont recall them announcing it on raw.

  • JIR

    the only highlight of this weeks Smackdown was that classic by Punk and Bryan

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I didn’t even know or see an ad about a live Smackdown, was it announced on RAW? I most likely missed it because I very rarely tune into RAW.

  • Mr. E

    Maybe it was the abnormal time slot??

  • Hasan

    Well duh!! It was more like watching last night’s RAW. Every other minute they were showing a replay of RAW.

  • Who watches Superstars? You can count me out.

  • stockshark28

    Damn Smack Down sucks anyway boring as hell reminds me of WCW around 94 and 95 before the NWO blow up!