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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 6/22/2012

– Thanks to Joe and Micah for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Baltimore, Maryland:

Dark Match:

* Damien Sandow defeated Percy Watson.

* Sin Cara beat Antonio Cesaro by count out when Cesaro walked out.

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* Teddy Long kicks off SmackDown and is all smiles with John Laurinaitis gone. Big Show comes out and is met by Brodus Clay. They brawl until David Otunga makes the save for Show. Big Show hits the WMD on Clay and stares down Otunga. Show left by himself. There was tons of heel heat or Big Show in this segment.

* Ryback won another squash. His opponents were Jared Walker and Frank Valencia, and they cut a promo before the match.

* Mick Foley is backstage in his General Manager role. Vickie Guerrero reveals she will be the GM of RAW and SmackDown next week. It’s announced The Great Khali will be her assistant and we get some comedy.

* Daniel Bryan does a “Memorable Moment” video for the 1,000th RAW.

* Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian in a non-title match. Cody Rhodes came out after the match and laid Christian out.

* Kane defeated Daniel Bryan in a good back and forth match with AJ Lee out as the guest timekeeper. AJ rings the bell as Kane is in the Yes Lock. The referee says the match is not over and Kane chokeslams Bryan for the win. AJ skips away smiling.

* Mick Foley comes out to the ring but is interrupted by Heath Slater running his mouth. This leads to Slater vs. Zack Ryder.

* Zack Ryder beat Heath Slater.

* The Usos vs. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil is next. The Primetime Players get the win after a distraction from AW.

* Backstage segment with Mick Foley and Zack Ryder celebrating. They run into Damien Sandow and have words.

* AW is backstage celebrating with Young and O’Neil when they are attacked by Epico and Primo.

* Santino Marella comes out looking for the best fan signs in the crowd. A woman comes into the ring wearing a Santino t-shirt. She’s obviously a plant as she reveals a Cobra on her hand. Their Cobras kiss then they kiss and Santino passes out. Santino has found a new love.

* Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler in the main event.

  • philly655

    shorty – my comment was uncalled for??? wtf you make me laugh 😀 (the fact that your comments helped me and possibly others form the opinion that you seem personally touched my the love/hate for vickie shown on here and by the words you have written could POSSIBLY be harbouring a crush on vickie!) so what if ur a woman – why does that matter?? u h8 lesbians or summit!!! get a freakin grip… ur agrown woman on the internet, u gotta take this shit with a pinch of salt. if its too much for your fragile sensibilities then go find a nice pink fluffy girly wrestling fan site (oh shit now im being stereotypical of females oooooh) and talk with other likeminded individuals about the state of kelly kellys shoes or laylas new haircut or summit!!! as we tend to talk about stuff that you dont seem to like…

  • shorty

    There are a bunch of impressive wwe superstars new and up coming superstars to chat about, such as Darren Young and Titus O neal
    Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks, Ryback (formerly Skip Sheffield) all superstars in my mind that have a future in wwe being the future and the next generation of wwe superstars, so when the previous wwe superstars get old and stale like Vickie Guerrero and the other superstars, out they will go and in will come these up and rising superstars i mentioned

  • shorty

    Vickie Guerrero is not the only wwe superstar to write about there are other wwe superstars and Divas to write about dont get you guys dont you like some of the divas like Eve and Kelly Kally and Layla? They are very attractive fit and healthy divas suprised you dont write about them or like them, find heath slater more amusing to watch on TV than Vickie Guerrero

  • Rob

    “* Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler in the main event.” Ok, not watching now.

  • shorty

    philly 655 i dont have a crush on Vickie I am female and I dont swing that way thank you very much I like guys and men very much that remark was uncalled for

  • shorty

    also there are alot of other wwe superstars and other divas to write about on this message board too

  • shorty

    greg for your information I am 44 years old not eight years old
    I am sorry if my comments were too long but i have a right to my thoughts and opinions I was writing about the story line, not about Vickie Guerrero in real life but just in the story line pat it is not healthy to be chubby and over weight, like you said some people like that some dont but being chubby is not healthy and leads to diabetes and even death something for you to think about
    lets just get along in this message board and no more being rude to me

  • ant

    Tyler:) stfu you know nothing about wwf

  • Tyler(:

    ant I’ve tried so many times man, this website is full of misuses of Jobbing, Squashing and Burial terms.

  • Ramg

    Marc “Still haven’t learned how to write” Middleton

    “There was tons of heel heat or Big Show in this segment.”

    It is “on Big Show”.. Are there editors on this site or what?

    This guy sucks. I been telling you for years!!!!!

  • ant

    Stevie P and Poko obviously dont know what a JOBBER is a jobber is who faces Ryback every week not Christian whos a legitamite competitor and whos gets in offense cuz jobbers rarely ever get in any offense they always gets squashed and i dont think Del Rio SQUASHED Christian so learn your wrestling terms MARKS

  • philly655

    seems like shortys gotta crush on vickie “who you dont know and will never know” hahaha, its a message board ffs, ppl can vent their shit as much as they like. if i dont like ur opinion on any subject, well thats just tough shit on me, big woop. i don’t cry about it, simply dont look at the site if its too much for ya mate. and whats the problem with the sexual references n swearing, im an adult, ur a 44 year old man, get a grip fella!! if ya dont like it go to a sanitised message board for the easily offended and get off our collective dicks

  • Starship Pain

    Santino’s in love… again… My God, stop the stupid segments and put this guy in a good wrestling match, and please, give him a real finisher, not a stupid “sock punch”…

  • Little Jimmy

    I sound abit crazy saying this but I like Heath Slater “One Man Southern Rock Band Baybeh!” I used to detest him but I like his mic abilities. In ring though not so much, I’d turn him into an on screen persona, Manager even. If I was WWE I’d send certain WWE guys like Slater to NXT. Drew, Hunico, Tyson Kidd, A-Ry, Jinder Mahal, JOE HENNIG, Justin Gabriel, Trent Baretta, Curt Hawkins & T-Rex. And I’d bring it maybe Evan Bourne & Sin Cara or even Rey as the face of NXT. I know The brand split it over but that means these guys either job or wrestle on B shows but if NXT is to be aired on TV then it would give these guys exposure and give them credibility. I’d personally have The WWE Roster & The NXT Roster. I’d Even ask for two hours and it would still be as good as IMPACT! And probably have similar if not better ratings. It’s all about turning Lemons into Lemonade. Along with the Current FCW guys then NXT would be one he’ll of a watch. Have a world title, tag title & make the CW title exclusive to NXT. Though they need to get rid of WWE Superstars in order to separate things. I’d have A Regal, Josh & Booker Commentary. Obviously it would be an academy of sorts but the IC & US titles needs challengers and this version of NXT would sort this problem out as the stars credibility they once lost is restored.

  • Stevie P

    I like how some of you guys have absolutely no understanding of the lingo like “Mark” and “Jobbing”. Poko has been right in both instances and yet multiple people are telling him they’re wrong. Google the terms, you’ll find out he/she is right.

  • yofits

    COOL tag team division is building up!
    Now they just need to pair up SHOWTIME Percy Watson and Alex Riley and we’re set!

    oh yeah, and no Hunico on SD this week? fuck you, vince you stupid racist.

  • Robinson

    Im just excited because theres an actual tag team storyline!!!!!!!

  • Pat

    @greg….shorty said he was “44” by the way he is going off about would think he was a little kid, who knows perhaps he is and just says he is “44” and who really cares, best advice is to ignore the little guy..
    and there is nothing wrong with liking big woman, people find them sexy, some dont, no need to make a huge issue out of it
    pun intended
    personally she has lost allot of weight, im sad to see it go cuz i enjoyed her chubby, but if its to stay healthy, more power to her, she still looks good, and eddie knew how to pick them 🙂
    now in the words of the late rodney kind….”can we all get along?”

  • Greg

    @Shorty. Another tip. Try a grammar check too. It would really help your posts. Full stops and commas are not your enemy. I realise you might only be about 8 but being a public forum it’s for the good of everyone. Anyway, I don’t dislike Vickie but I don’t see how they could reasonably install her as a GM in any storyline given that she’s, well, nothing in wrestling other than a widow and apparently Edges ex. Not sure how that gives anyone qualifications to run a wrestling show.

    On a separate note, Punk and Bryan are really dragging Kane through some excellent matches recently. Knew the big man had it in him.

  • The Awesome One

    Slater really sucks i think he needs a good manager maybe flair when he comes back lol but really he is brutal

  • Seth

    @Shorty, an unsolicited tip, make your responses shorter and more concise. I didn’t read any of your posts because they were just too damn long.

  • Tyler(:

    No, poko. ant’s right, he lost one match to a main eventer. It’s not jobbing it’s called losing a match. I bet Christian had a decent amount of offence.

  • phoenix

    Holy run on sentences Batman. Damn Shorty that’s some wall of text you got there and I can’t figure out if I even want to read it.

  • poko


    You’re always confused. Christian and Santino were booked to lose, not as part of a feud, but in order to make Del Rio look strong. We know that because those were non-title matches. That’s jobbing. It makes the titles in question look meaningless. Now, are you still confused?

  • Jay


  • newbie

    I think shorty forgot to add “IT’S STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT!”

  • ant

    wow so christian and santino marrella losing to alberto del rio is them JOBBING? hmmm im utterly confused

  • poko

    Why has the WWE taken up the practice of jobbing out their US and Intercontinental champions?

  • shorty

    That is not the issue . I said i Vickie Guerrero Did not do a good job of being general manager of raw and smackdown in the past which is why she is a inexperienced wwe manager, so its not the issue of her as a person whether i like her or not as a person it is the issue of her job perfomance which is not good that she was not a good raw and smackdown general manager in the past all of the other past and former general managers were good general managers Mick Foley did great job on monday night raw as General manager so did all of the other past ones except vickie Guerrero, please control the other thoughts those inappropriate thoughts and language about Vickie Guerrero who you dont know and will never know that has got to stop this is a message board and those kind of thoughts should NOT be written in here.

  • shorty

    yeah right she does a damn good job in the past of being general manager of raw and of smackdown in the past i recall she helped edge in the past win championship matches and she has done the same for dolph ziggler interferring in his matches to help him win his matches, im not saying i dont like vickie Guerrero as a person < I dont like the way her wwe character did past job of being general manager of raw and smackdown as she is inexperienced for that job so why is she a wwe manager now? which she has no experience in that job as she interferes in the matches, one more thing jimbotron ## and ant I do not appreciate you being rude to me on this message board i dont dislike anyone i have the right to my opinion to express my opinion I have been a fan of wrestling since 1987 since i was 19 up to 44 the age i am now a devoted fan so dont be telling me i have no interest in wwe also i think the sexual comments you made about vickie guerrero are very inappropriate you dont know Vickie Guerrero she is just someone on TV who is on a tv show every week, please keep the vulgar and sexual comments to your self, Vickie Guerrero put on a lot of weight since she lost the weight she lost and that is not a turn off to you? what is wrong with women who are fit healthy and not over weight who gain back the weight they lose, guess your both into rolls # and ant as Vickie Guerrero has a lot of rolls heck i lost more weight than Vickie Guerrero and I look fifty times better than she does again please dont be rude to me again

  • ant

    i would fuck the shit out of vickie guerreros thick sexy ass

  • ##

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’d screw Vickie Guerrero. I think she does her job very well. Reading that Shorty dislikes her that much says she’s doing a damn good job.

  • Jimbotron


    Oh no, how will WWE survive without your interest?

  • SYM

    This is a Huge Set back from the Past 2 Weeks of SmackDown so far. But we’ll see how the rest of the show plays out.

  • shorty

    will NOT be watching monday night raw and friday night smackdown next week with Vickie Guerrero running both shows for one week, refuse to watch both shows next week with Vickie Guerrero will be running them for one week Dont want to see what slutty outfit Vickie is wearing next week on both shows or her run both shows for one week with no experience what so ever Mick Foley or any other former general manager is more of a general manager and experienced general manager than she will ever be will be watching something else next week on monday and Friday Dont need Vickie Guerrero on my TV comming into my living room doing a terrible job of running monday night raw and Friday night smackdown for next week no Thank you