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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 9/7/2012

– Thanks to Bradley for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Moline, IL:

Dark Match:

* Ted DiBiase defeated Dean Ambrose

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* SmackDown opens with Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga coming out. Ricardo Rodriguez is trailing and he’s in a neck brace. They want action taken against Sheamus for hitting Ricardo Rodriguez with a Brogue Kick on RAW. They want the kick banned in WWE. GM Booker T comes out and says he wants to put it in the hands of the fans. They vote that the kick should remain legal. Del Rio throws a fit and Booker has something planned for them later.

* Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara beat Cody Rhodes and The Miz when Cody accidentally hit Miz with a Disaster Kick.

* Comedy segment with Hornswoggle stomping on Daniel Bryan’s foot before running away.

* Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan is up next. They hugged before the bell. Bryan won with the No Lock but wouldn’t break the hold so the referee reversed his decision. Bryan continued to lose his temper.

* Damien Sandow comes out and starts ripping on Randy Orton. Orton comes out and reveals that Booker T has put the two in a match.

* Randy Orton beat Damien Sandow by count out with Dolph Ziggler coming out for commentary. Sandow ended up rolling out of the ring and running away for the count out. Ziggler attacked and Orton brawled with him. Sandow ran back down and caught an RKO while Ziggler ran off.

* David Otunga storms into Booker T’s office and still wants the Brogue Kick to be banned. Booker makes Otunga vs. Sheamus for tonight.

* Titus O’Neil and Darren Young beat Primo and Epico to become the new #1 contenders. WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston were on commentary.

* Backstage interview with Wade Barrett.

* Barrett came out to big heel heat and beat Yoshi Tatsu in a squash. Barrett cut a promo after the match.

* Sheamus beat David Otunga in the main event with Alberto Del Rio watching from ringside. Booker T came out before the end and banned the Brogue Kick. Sheamus argued with Del Rio and they mixed it up but he still got the win.

  • what brogue kick banned

  • Judge

    Obviously the move ban is storyline stop crying people.

  • Dom


  • Max


    Stfu, ur canadian opinion is of no importance.

  • Matt

    Hank again you dont know what your talking about fully. Yeah he has been wrestling there but do you honestly think that Vince and HHH are at every house show. Plus the fact is why the hell does he need to be on Raw during the third hour where people dont care as much anymore. If they were going to do that wouldnt it make sense for him to be in the first or second hour. For crying out loud do you think having a match on smackdown is better than being burried at raw. Before you answer that I already know what your going to say for a answer.


    that banning moves crap is dumb as it could get…. i hate that crap…

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    Cody accidentally kicked Miz…..this is the set up for miz to turn face in my opinion…also, Miz did put over some faces on raw!!!!!

  • Litahashugeb00bz

    Quebec can suck my nuts those douchers ruin this great country

  • Little Jimmy

    Otunga in the main event REALLY!?

  • Max

    A Canadian tried to kill Pauline Marois tonight. Shame on Canadians for their nazi tendencies and for their lack of respect toward democracy and the people of Quebec.

  • Kannon81

    So sick of the same damn #1 contenders. Same three teams over and over again. This is worse the Cena as a main eventer at every ppv.

  • Hank

    @Matt That’s what HOUSE SHOWS are for, testing people coming back from injury, which he HAS been working. They know full well what he’s capable of.

    Dang gotta love the not so smart comments fans make alot of times instead of thinking.

  • sepulz

    Hanks comment made me chuckle I don’t know why

  • Matt

    Hey Hank do you think they put him back on smackdown to see how he does returning from his injury? Honestly thats what I would have done just to be safe. But then again Hank your probably right in the fact that he just threw him in the garbage instead of just playing it safe. Dang gotta love the not so smart comments fans make alot of times instead of thinking about the whole picture.

  • Sym shut the fuk up

    Hank what drugs are u on dude

  • Hank

    Barrett is back, and WWE thought SO much of him that they pulled his return promos for 2 weeks, and then had him return on SmackDown where all he did was squash a jobber. Wasn’t even important enough to Vince to get booked on Raw over Heath Slater vs Zack Ryder, now THAT’S sad and a truly damning sign for his career.

    Vince McMahon is completely throwing his best heel in the garbage. Fuck this shit.

  • Best In The World

    Glad Barrett is back, Finally

  • Ducky

    Love the idea of sin cara and rey together!! Put a cool name and they can actually revive the tag division!