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*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – November 12th

by Amish Patel - Nov 09, 2010

– Thanks to Cliff for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from today’s show in England:

* SmackDown starts with Edge talking about Survivor Series. Nexus, without Wade Barrett, comes out and surrounds the ring. Vickie Guerrero comes out and makes Edge shake David Otunga’s hand. Edge then spears Otunga.

* Alberto Del Rio beat Kofi Kingston by submission. Of course Rey Mysterio came out and hit Del Rio with the 619 afterward.

* Natalya beat Layla with the Sharpshooter in a non-title match.

* Backstage promo with Kane talking about Big Show.

* David Otunga beat Edge in a Lumberjack match. Everyone fought at ringside, Kane came down and chokeslammed Edge. Otunga pinned Edge for the win.

* Dolph Ziggler retained the WWE IC Title against MVP.

* Kane finds the urn on the ground backstage but no Paul Bearer

* Cody Rhodes came out and cut a promo.

* Big Show beat Kane in a non-title match with a chokeslam. Edge distracted Kane after he brought out Paul Bearer tied up.

  • erik

    mabry i am i just am sick of mccool who is not that good decent at best and her and her useless chearleader layla who can’t wrestle always winning. why not undertaker retired and take his dumb bimbo with him.

  • John Osbourne

    helloo have you forgot that Edge and Christian are the only two wrestlers who are still in the company who were apart of the Ministry of Darkness.
    If would be better if Gangrel came back aswell or Median. either way, it will be awesomeee.

    Spoiler alert below:

    Kevin Nash, Booker T, Scott Hall re-sign a contract with WWE.
    Mr McMahon will enter Kevin Nash into the 2011 Royal Rumble to win and face a champion of his choice however he wants to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 considering the age so it will happen.
    Scott Hall gets inducted into the Hall of Fame 2011.

  • http://mxwweinsider.wordpress.com/ Vassiliadis

    So, I thought Egde was at a higher level, but it looks like WWE is gonna put him in the Ministry of Darkness to be one of The Undertaker’s allies.

  • mabry

    @Erik, i hope your kidding about McCool…. i mean as much as i could hate a wrestler (even Cena), i wouldnt wish them to get injured, after all its their job, even if they are bad at it….

  • erik

    I hope mccool tears both her acls so undertaker bitch can get out of divison she sucks in ring.

  • erik

    @kannon why does wwe have layla who can;t wrestle her way out of paper bag as champion? no wonder no one takes wwe divas divison serious let’s see layla and mccool as champions and top women or mickie james tara. no offense to wwe can do no wrong fans but mickie james, victoria tara and sarita are million times better in ring and mic than tbp rip off laycool.

  • kannon

    I really like smackdown but this one sounds a little watered down.

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