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*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – December 10th

by Amish Patel - Dec 07, 2010

– Thanks to Mike for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings, airing this week on SyFy:

Dark Match:

* Cody Rhodes beat Seth Rollins.

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* Kane opens SmackDown with another promo on Edge and TLC. Edge appears on the big screen and tricks Kane with another fake Paul Bearer.

* Jack Swagger beat Kaval with the ankle lock. Swagger speaks after the match and says he was screwed by Kofi Kingston last week.

* Hornswoggle beat Jack Swagger’s eagle mascot with the Tadpole Splash.

* Chavo Guerrero and a partner of his choice will get a WWE tag team title shot later tonight.

* Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ when Jack Swagger came down, pulled Kofi out of the ring and put him in the ankle lock.

* Masterlock Challenge with Chris Masters and Cody Rhodes. Cody tries to leave but gets put in the hold by Masters.

* Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defended the WWE Tag Team Titles against Chavo Guerrero and his picked partner Drew McIntyre. Santino got the pin over Chavo. Drew DDT’s Chavo after the match.

* Natalya beat Layla with the Sharpshooter.

* The main event match was supposed to be Kane and Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio but Kane didn’t show. Teddy Long made it Alberto vs. Rey/Edge in a handicap match. Kane came out later and fought to the back with Edge. What looks like another fake Paul Bearer is on a ladder and Kane pushes it over. He then realized it was the real Bearer. Mysterio finished the match with Del Rio and won for his team.

  • erik

    I would like to see crusierweight title and divison back. I really enjoy crusier weight title and divison on smackdown in 2002-2007.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    smackdown should be internet only and have cm punk as a commentator. its getting to the level of nxt season 3 badness.

  • Anon GM

    smackdown sucks, jack swagger sucks.

  • axe

    Edge has been pwning kane since a month now, really?? I thought in feuds there was always a balance when on some nights heels would get the better out of faces. I dont remember a single smackdown which has ended well for kane in his feud against edge. Edge made him lose to big show, he lost to edge in the non title match, the ppv match was a draw, and edge has been making kane look like a fool with the bearer issue. Its like this feud has been all about edge and less about kane. if kane loses at the ppv after so much humiliation it will kill his credibility. Mostly when in a feud one guy is always getting the better out of the opponent, he loses at the ppv. So i think edge should lose or else its just bad booking


    ugh it’s official Kaval is getting buried by WWE. The just said fuck the NXT season 2 winner. His title shot at a PPV was of course a failed one. And now they have him playing jobber…great. Only positive out of all this is that at least he’s getting airtime….but thats what people said about chavo when he jobbed to swoggle for 3 months and look at him now.

  • erik

    I mean i know tna is not perfect with hogan and his old friends taking for 30 minutes. At least they don’t have a midget two mid card nobodies satino and koslov thrown together. Let’s see genme beer money mcmg who team for years vs santino and kos thrown together.

  • Adam

    Hornswoggle vs. the Thwagger Thoaring Eagle. Really?

  • Adam

    Hornswoggle vs. The Thawwer Thoaring Eagle. Really?

  • Zach V

    i laughed when i read kane pushed the real paul bearer off a ladder thinking it was fake

  • Nick

    Sounds thrilling…not

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