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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 11/30/2012

– Thanks to Zachary Krites for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Bossier City, Louisiana:

Dark Match:

* Santino Marella defeated Luke Hawx

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler is revealed for later, possibly a dark main event.

* SmackDown opens up with John Cena picking on Dolph Ziggler. Alberto Del Rio comes out and wants Cena to leave his show. Del Rio taunts Cena. Cena says he wanted to wrestle in the main event tonight but is happy with going at it now.

* John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio. Ziggler attacked Cena on the ramp after the match and hit him with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

* Backstage segment with Cena and Booker T. Cena is upset and wants to get his hands on Ziggler. Booker says Ziggler first has to face Sheamus tonight.

* The Great Khali squashed David Otunga. Hornswoggle was at ringside with Khali.

* Kofi Kingston, Kane and Daniel Bryan beat Darren Young, Titus O’Neil and Wade Barrett in a long six-man match. The end came when Kane chokeslammed Young and Bryan put him in the No Lock.

* Damien Sandow came out looking for an apprentice. He brought a fan in the ring and gave him an IQ test. The guy failed on the last question and Sandow dismissed him from the ring.

* Damien Sandow defeated Tyson Kidd in a quick match.

* Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal defeated The Usos in another quick match.

* Sheamus beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ in the main event. They fought for a while and went to the floor several times. Sheamus had Ziggler in the Cloverleaf submission when Big Show came out and caused the DQ. Show and Ziggler beat Sheamus down until John Cena ran out for the save. Cena cleared the ring to end SmackDown.

  • Eric

    vince is going to have relize his goldenboy cena is not going to be able wrestle in ring forever. with as much injuries as cena has had last 3-4 weeks. cena might be force to retired. the reason raw rating was down. raw is very perdictable. cena getting cram down everyone throats. cena burying young talent wrestler. business as usaul. vince is very out of touch in my view. majority of fans in seats at home. would love change. ryback in main event on ppv vs punk was breath fresg air. someone other than cena in main event for wwe title match. it seems cena is only one vince trusts to put in mainevent around wwe title. newsflash to old man vince. cena doesn’t need any more wwe title reigns. the young guys like ziggler, the miz, cody rhoses, adr, do. quit doing same crap vince. u lost over 500 million dollar last 2 yrs. why? because raw is not esciting anymore. i watch it every week like all other diehard fans. who love pro wrestling. At same time would rather pop in old wwf ppv vhs tape from late 90’s or best wcw nitro dvd. then watch wwe raw. which is cena show!

  • Eric

    I mean orton last yr 2011-2012 has lost alot more time clean in middle of ring than cena. cena who only loses once time yr clean. last time cena lost clean in middle or ring. was to the rock at wrestlemaina in april after the rock bottom for clean 1-2-3. orton has lost many times. orton put over the miz. lost clean middle of rin last yr miz for miz to look strong as new wwe champion. also lost clean last yr to mark henry for world title in 2011. 2011 he lost clean to miz on raw. also lost to mark henry via world strongest slam on pvv for clean 1-2-3 orton lost clean to adr who made him tap out in middle ring. via cross-armbreaker tap tap tap. for alberto face shemeus for worl title. orton not as bad as cena. orton has put over guys lose. loses alot more than cena. who never loses. only loses once while. cena is book like hogan. hog spotlight winning all time. i would have had ziggler who is money in bank winner. they should have had ziggler pin cena for 1-2-3 after he counter elevated slam aa on raw. having cena win. was rather pointless in my view. if wwe wants to build up young talent. have young talent beat orton, cena shemeus in middle of ring clean. ziggler wwe had him win over the miz on main event. dirty cheat win over orton on smackdown. should have had ziggler beat cena on raw. ziggler looks wrestler like billy gunn. only diffrence is aside frmom hair face, moves in ring. billy gunn was never in wwe titlle match or main event in billy career. ziggler has been in main event scence facing edge last yr. wwe is pretty high on ryback. vince likes big guys for some reason. anybody ever notice majority of wrestlers that has been wwf-E or world champion in wwe past 20 yrs. are big guys. since early 90’s hulk hogan gft 8 303 pounds. warrioe gf5 275 powerhouse. diesel 7ft tall monster. sid, edge, batista, cena, hhh, etc majority of wrestlers who held wwe or world title in wwe. are big strong powerhouse wrestlers. small average guys to hold wwe or world title. is very short list. why is that?

  • Jeremy

    So let’s start with Cena, have him win clean AGAIN, and then end the show with Cena showing how strong and dominant he is……all the while still putting ziggler on the back burner. brilliant WWE

  • Seth

    When it all matters “an” is all on the line, he wins? Wouldn’t logic dictate he would be either the WWE or WH Champion by now if that were true?

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Yea but he only loses when it doesnt matter. When it matters an is all on the line, he wins. Punk at the mania they faced. For storyline reasons, Punk shoulda won. Alberto shoulda beat him at least a few times especially after losing to Sheamus so much. Ziggler faced him on ppv an he beat him clean. Ziggler did beat him on SS ppv but still never one on one. He loses more than others but not when it matters

  • Huh?

    Please stop throwing Orton in with Cena & Sheamus as people whodont job. I’m not an Orton fan but he tends to lose more than the other two. He’s lost clean quite a few times, and generally lost more than the other two, so its unfair to rope him in with them in this regard.

  • Albert

    oh no! Theres no divas, this sucks.

  • Jimbo

    Can’t have it both ways, WWE. You can’t build new stars if you’re afraid to put anyone over the likes of Cena, Orton, and Sheamus.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I don’t think that’s very fair. It was clearly a DQ loss to Sheamus.

    WWE didn’t want -either- guy losing clean.

  • Diesel


    First they have Dolph be Cena’s bitch on Raw and now he loses to Sheamus??

    Good job WWE *sarcasm*

  • Robinson

    ^^^ Idk how good your education is but if you can’t read ill help you out, that wasn’t the main event that was just the opening segment/match.

  • Apacaveli

    another boring smackdown with john cena i meant to say bore cena being in the main event what bullshit.come on cena let cm punk main event smackdown this week you damn glory hog.