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*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – May 13th

– Thanks to James Williams for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Tennessee, airing this Friday night on SyFy:

Dark Match:

* Jey Uso defeated Trevor Murdoch.


* Christian opens the show and congratulates Randy Orton on winning the World Title. Christian talks about his rematch at Over the Limit. Sheamus and Mark Henry both come out, wanting Christian’s title shot. Christian gets attacked until Orton makes the save. Sheamus and Henry vs. Orton and Christian is made for later.

* Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan. Once again, Chavo Guerrero was on commentary. Chavo distracted Bryan before Cara’s win. Cara saw what Chavo did on the big screen and shoved him out of the ring.

* Layla came out and talked about Michelle McCool being gone. Michael Cole came out and started putting Layla down. Kharma comes out, lays out Layla and chases after Cole. Cole hides in his Cole Mine.

* Kane beat Wade Barrett by DQ when The Corre interfered. Ezekiel Jackson ran down and made the save for Kane but got beat down by The Corre.

* The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh come out for the kiss cam. Jinder Mahal comes out, smacks a cowboy hat off Khali’s head and gets in his face before leaving.

* Backstage showing Christian and Randy Orton getting ready for the main event.

* Backstage segment with Wade Barrett challenging Ezekiel Jackson to a match with his title on the line at Over the Limit.

* Cody Rhodes comes out and cuts a promo and then defeats Ted DiBiase.

* Randy Orton and Christian beat Sheamus and Mark Henry in the main event. Christian got the pin to end the match, described as one of the best tag matches on SmackDown in recent memory.

  • me

    if it was a good match i’m guessing it was mostly sheamus in the ring and not kool aid

  • simon07

    ## I was thinking the same thing, every week the spoilers seem to say ‘described as a great match’ ‘one of the best in recent memory’ ect whenever Christians involved

  • mabry

    what video footage are you guys talking about? any links to see it?, i didnt watch raw so i dont know what its all about….

  • The Great One

    yeah this makes sense doesnt it, christian says well done orton, lets tag together lol fuck sake

  • kpnuttzlol

    I wonder when Kharma will actually compete instead of just attacking people…

  • ##

    “One of the best matches” does seem to follow Christian around…….

  • Howe

    I hope Cody and Ted have a feud. Ted needs exposure and a push.

  • KitKrock

    LOL Ted, junior jobbed to Dusty, junior.

    also, described as one of the best tag matches on SmackDown in recent memory. … of course it is! Christian was in it. Randall Boreton just rode on coattails.

  • jus sayin

    @BATEZY i definitely agree, seeing as his best friend has retired he might be looking to do the same, and that video footage definitely didn’t look like a “i’m gonna come stomp kents with me boots” sorta package it was more a coming to an end sorta set.


    since chyna went to tna , vince should let kharma win a mens title like ic or us just to piss her and tna off

  • dgnr83d

    i wish just this once that kharma destroys michael cole


    @bill by the looks of the video footage on raw last night it looks like there going for retirement, id hope not cuz he just got on top it was just a vibe i got

  • Bill

    I’m not going to check out these spoilers, especially after how disappointed I was with last week’s. Luckily, there aren’t any here while I’m writing this comment, but I’m putting my money on a Chrisitan heel turn!