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Lots of Hot Shots of FCW Diva Natalie aka Buggy Nova

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  • Erik

    I’ve seen better.

  • Dan

    She’s definitely hot, but I think the slight emo look could count against her in WWE. Ariel was unquestionably hot, but her goth look didn’t fit with Vince’s view on how divas should look. Also does anyone know how good she is in the ring?

  • Chris

    Would paint her face…with my jizz.

  • voice of reason

    i’m not a fan of the whole emo thing but the more i look at her the more she grows on me yep she isnt half bad.

  • what?

    Mickie Flaps must be into ducks this chick is smoken hot

  • Apacaveli

    She Is Very Hot R U Blind Dude? I Would Give Her A Banging Of A Lifetime Wat A Cutiepie Hotty Tottie With A Sexy Body….

  • Mickie Flaps

    Not hot, but shucky ducky whack whack anyways

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