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Lots of WrestleMania 27 Updates Including Matches, Bieber and More

– Coming out of last night’s RAW and the Royal Rumble, here’s what’s planned for WrestleMania 27 as of now:

* John Cena vs. The Miz, likely for the WWE Title
* Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Title
* The Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett
* Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
* The Corre vs. Nexus, in likely a 3-on-3 match
* Triple H vs. Sheamus

Jerry Lawler is also scheduled to be a part of WrestleMania and wrestle. Look for his current storyline with Michael Cole to peak in Atlanta.

In the case of Taker vs. Barrett, if Taker can’t work a singles match there is a backup plan of Kane and Taker vs. the four members of The Corre. No word where this would leave Nexus but it might not happen as Taker is telling everyone he will be ready to go.

As far as celebrities for the big show, it’s been noted that WWE has not announced one yet and they usually do the RAW after the Rumble. WWE is still trying to get Justin Bieber to come, which is why Alberto Del Rio made the reference to Bieber on RAW last night.


  • Zac Phury

    Justin Bieber??? WTF??? Why is the WWE doing something so stupid comeon If he shows up to wrestlemania I would love to see Randy Orton Rko Bieber than Edge spear him then John Cena attitude adjustment him through the announcer desk. If he begins singing Im seriously going to jump the barricades and attack him myself and hit him with my face crushing ZDT.

  • Jacky

    bryan v kingston (winner take all)
    rey v rhodes
    MITB (ziggler, bourne, drew, swagger, dibiase, truth, kane, riley)

    dark matches
    tag match and divas

  • Jacky

    Big show v bieber in a hair match (LOL)
    Sting v taker or lesnar v Taker or jericho v taker
    king v cole

  • Jacky

    my dream card (given current storylines):
    morrison v miz v orton (morrison pulls a underdog victory like benoit)
    alberto v edge v christian
    hhh v sheamus v booker (king of kings match)
    Corre v nexus SS elimination style losing team breaks up(husky stays sidelined or corre gets another member)

  • CM Mark

    Well at least Punk gets a match this year that’s worth a crap.

  • eric

    @Davey Zoo
    its a win-win situation all around!

  • sennit

    Could Wrestlemania possibly get any worse than this? Seeing Cena going for the title again is obnoxious enough, but Justin Beiber? WTF? What next, is WWE going to sign Barney the dinosaur as a wreslter? Somebody needs to get fired for this crap.

  • Davey Zoo

    I like justin beiber there get him singing and then half way through BANG Kane comes out and chokeslams him. It would be good publicity fir both bieber and WWE. 😉

  • Justin Bieber Sucks far more than Cena sucks

    Justin Beiber to end Undertaker’s streak .

    Good creative idea in there WWE! , Yeah!

  • rocky

    john cena…main event….again…..come on…..morrison got more pops in cena’s hometowm….wat else does vince want…if cena wins then that will be the last time i watch wwe…..

  • Maize

    Sting Vs Taker just saying

  • Anon GM

    Justin Bieber vs Tyler Reks

  • chris

    bring back the hardcore championship!!!

  • k91xxx

    if that lil punk shows up im not watching

  • Evil Doink

    I think one of the main events should be a triple threat to make it more interesting, adding either Christian or Morrison.

    If Triple H is going to wrestle, I think he would be wasted on Shamus. They should put him against Taker. That would make it a stronger card.

    I would definitely like to see some Legends out there, if not Booker T or Nash in a match. But if Lawler is going to fight Cole, then that might be too many old guys.

  • Prasoon

    i suppose…. Edge vs. Del Rio vs. Christian at wrestlemania!

  • CC

    This line up, is for the best part, speculation from the dirt sheets, not facts.
    Look at the names that are missing for starters. Even if there is any truth to Kane teaming with Taker (why would this happen, considering Kanes actions prior to Taker going out), do people think that he would be left off the card? Ditto for the likes of Big Show, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler among many.

    Mysterio will likely be in a match with Cody Rhodes, I’m guessing (unless they blow it off quickly at Elimination chamber).

    I’m guessing that the likes of Kane, Morrison, R-Truth, Ziggler, McIntyre and Swagger will probably be in a MITB match.

    Also, as of yet, no tag team, IC, USA or divas title matches have been announced. I doubt all of them will make it onto the card, but I doubt all of them will be excluded.

    It will be another month or so before we really start to see the card shaping up.

  • Vinny

    I think WrestleMania will be good this year. Its still almost 2 months away, so the build for these matches and more should be good.

  • slimjim

    cant keep saying triple h vs sheamus dont even knw if he will be back before mania,

    i wont pay for mania if beiber is there , i’ll read the results

  • D-Generate

    Yeah, the card is not that stellar. They will probably add MITB and Rey Mysterio will have a match. A tag team turmoil (if they can find tag teams!) could also be add to the mix. They could also do an “Old-school” segment since the Old-school RAW was so popular. But they have a lot of work to do …


    The star-power is lacking. They need to do something “Special” to make this better than every other PPV throughout the year. This is Summer Slam quality right here.

  • mark

    Not that great card if this is the case.

  • rick

    And I don’t want to be a hater but this will be one of the weakest Wrestlemanias of all time.

  • rick

    Thats probably why triple h didn’t return at the rumble. If he had it would have been a 2 month build for his match with Sheamus and by then the fued would have lost all it’s heat, much like the triple h orton fued 2 years ago.