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Lucha Star Debuting at Lockdown with a New Name, TNA Rep Confirms Sting’s Status, MVP

– MVP is featured in the latest TNA Podcast, as seen below:

– A customer who bought tickets for TNA’s Lockdown Fanfest e-mailed TNA and asked about Sting appearing. He received a reply that said Sting will not be appearing because he’s no longer with the company. As of this writing, Sting is still listed on the TNA roster page.

– reports that former AAA star Extreme Tiger is now officially a member of the TNA roster and his new name will be Tigre Uno, roughly translated to Tiger One. He will reportedly debut at TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view on March 9th in Miami.

  • CC

    That reply confirms nothing to be honest. If you do a storyline where someone is fired, it wouldnt pay to have employees admit he is actually still with the company.
    Yeah I am hoping he turns up in WWE for a short run, but I wouldnt take that email as 100% fact.