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Luke Gallows Talks About His TNA Departure, Working with CM Punk and More

Inside the Ropes spoke with Luke Gallows following his release from TNA Wrestling. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Why he left TNA: “I think that there were big plans for me going forward and part of me thinks it’s a shame that we didn’t get to go that route but the decision was a mutual thing and was strictly a business decision. I really enjoyed the year I had with TNA, I got to work with some of my best friends doing the Aces and Eights thing and there’s some really fine people there. But at the end of the day business is business. I had to weigh up my options in the business and opportunities I have, and I guess TNA were looking at where they were business wise. We couldn’t mutually agree on something that was good for both of us. The door isn’t closed though and the parting wasn’t bad or animosity on either side. I think it’s a bit of a shame that the fans won’t get to see what we had planned but it’s the nature of the beast I guess. There’s some other thing I wanna do in wrestling and now I can go and explore that.”

Rumors that TNA is in trouble after taking Impact on the road: “It always looked to me on the surface, like it was a positive move. The houses for those live TVs looked good on camera. I don’t know what it costs to do those live shows, I’m sure it’s expensive. But none of us know what the TNA bank account or the Carter family bank account looks like. Panda Energy are a huge company so I don’t know if we can infer that they’re in trouble but I certainly hope and want to believe that they’re not and 30 wrestlers won’t be out of a job. I mean, When negotiations with me broke down on Tuesday night, I was at home with my family and they said they were sorry to hear about it, but I’ve been in this position before, I know how well I did. You gotta just hit the ground running whatever happens. I’m hoping that they’re not in trouble. I’d hate hate to think there’s a big mass of guys sitting out there looking for a job.”

Working with CM Punk: “Here’s the thing with CM Punk, people misconstrue him, who he is and what he is. A lot of people ask me if he’s a jerk. The thing I always say is, he has an extreme passion for this business and what he does.Unlike some guys, He’s not afraid to voice his opinion and say what he feels. When he got frustrated (in 2009 during Undertaker feud) was a sign of his passion for the business. Now, people have come to accept it because they know him and the quality person and performer that he is.”

  • Pewp

    Festus was more of a freak show, like “Kwee-Wee” or whatever from WCW. It was a joke character that fans took a liking to. When he “turned” into Luke Gallows, he was just a mid-card goon, similar to A-Train.

    Sandow reminds me of IRS – similar move techniques, similar ways to “irk” people. Reminds me of “The Genius” Lanny Poffo except done right. I think Sandow/Rhodes will drive one another into the main event status (rather than being brought in by beating a main eventer).

    Now, don’t get me wrong about Luke Gallows; I like him. I didn’t like his D.O.C. character and his work in TNA was horrible but TNA is horrible so yeah. I wish instead of releasing Gallows, they would have kept Mercury and Gallows as a mid-card “Strong + Fast” tag team. Both have amazing potential and deserve a better lot anyway.

    I would like to see luke get a main event run; he could join Curtis Axel and Brock as a Paul Heyman Guy; maybe “A man from CM Punk’s past” come back to haunt him, Paul Heyman “digging up some dirt”. Put him with Mercury and Serana and let them have some fun. I would like to see Luke Gallows succeed; I just feel he hasn’t “peaked” his greatest potential and I want to see that happen for him.

  • CC

    But you have entirely missed the point. Sandows original run in WWE was a total bottom of the card nobody. At least with Gallows/Festus he was quite prominent, meaning that if a nobody like Idol Stevens can make it back with a decent push, and potential main event status, then a big guy like Gallows who had a reasonable run before, certainly has potential to make it back into WWE, whether you like him or not, because the gimmick they are given can make or break them (much like Idol Stevens = break and Damien Sandow = make)

  • Pewp

    Sandow is incredible, and comparing the clunky, uncharismatic, “goon” archetype Gallows/Festus to Sandow is insulting at best. I would like to see Rhodes Scholars promoted to main eventer status, both of them. I fear that Luke Gallows, like Mike Bloom (tensai) is doomed to mid-card “goon” status for life unless he does another Festus gimmick.

    And, it sucks. I like Mike Bloom, and I like Luke Gallows. I would be using Tons of Funk as a natural disasters type of tag team. Closer to the top than the bottom, and closer to the middle than top or bottom.

    I fear that Luke Gallows has the “Mike Awesome” curse, that he appears “huge” in non-WWE promotions, then he goes to WWE and standing next to Kane, Undertaker, Khali, Tensai, Brodus, Matt Morgan (if he comes in), Roman Reigns… he just won’t look “big” and Vince will punish that, we all know it.

  • CC

    that depends on how you look at it. Tensai was never going to be that popular, yet WWE felt that bringing him back with a new gimmick would work. It didnt, so now he is a comedy face again just like when he was teaming with Scotty 2 Hotty years ago.
    Then you have guys like Roman Reigns, Mark Henry, Big Show, Sheamus, Kane and god knows how many other big guys, who are all either getting big pushes, or have just been getting big pushes.
    Gallows could come back as anything in WWE (just look at Damien Sandow as a perfect example of that).

  • Pewp

    Tensai is already the archetype character Luke Gallows would be given. There isn’t good room for him, he would be another “big man jobber”.