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New “Macho Man” Air Jordan Sneaker, Linda Paying Off Bankruptcy Debts

– As reported last week, Vince and Linda McMahon have begun paying back debts stemming from their bankruptcy filing in the 1970’s. Linda herself reportedly showed up to a car dealership in Connecticut over the weekend and presented them with a check for approximately $18,000 – four time what was owed back then (adjusted for interest and inflation).

– A new Air Jordan Nike sneaker has been released that pays homage to the late wrestling legend, “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The Jordan Aero Flight ‘Macho Man’ features a multicolored base that resembles many of the wrestler’s outfits. reports:

“Using a white base and cool 2-D panels, this basketball shoe adds neon green, hot pink, and purple accents for an authentic look that only the Macho Man himself would approve of.”

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  • KC

    maybe kamala needs go up there and ask them to pay for his bills and his drug addiction he cant afford his pain he in

  • Kawika

    Please the only reason why they are paying there debts now is because:
    1. She is running for office
    2. She was called on it by her apponent.
    3. If they don’t pay it now that they are rich it makes her look even more bad then she already does for not paying it sooner.

    It’s all about her image and politics.

  • wf3458

    Pay off the Mcmahon by there wrestlers back. But many of the wrestlers expect there main eventers and workers never get bonuses or even decent health care. I think Linda and Vince you own that debt to your workers.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    It took them over 30 years to pay off their debts? Talk about lazy.

  • misfit del rio

    Ohhh yeah, funky like a monkey, I can dig it. Those are some nice kicks. Never owned a pair of jordans, but damn I might pick those up