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Maddox Comments on Ryback’s Diet, Backstage News on Orton’s Future

– It sounds like WWE will be publishing some workout tips from Brad Maddox as he prepares to face Ryback on Monday’s RAW. Maddox tweeted this weekend:

“If you want to see what the daily routine that leads to beating @Ryback22 on Raw looks like then stay tuned on”

“@Ryback22 needs to find a diet thats suitable for him. I think he’s carb depleted. I know that always makes me grumpy”

– Randy Orton is reportedly in line for a big push within the next 6 months or so. The idea is to build him back up over the next few months.

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  • paul s

    Randy sucks ass. Push him over a fucking cliff. The future is ziggler

  • scooter

    A motivated Randy is one of the best guys they’ve got but he’s been going through the motions for a very long time. I’d say turn him heel but what face is ready to step up?

  • The_electrifying_one

    Why cant we have an old school feud where both wrestlers get wins over each other, we have a nicely built up storyline. That way if done properly both wrestlers can get a decent push out of it.

  • CM Mark


  • Tyler19192


  • JohnCena33

    Hey WWE, I found these wrestlers just laying around not being pushed or used at the moment….

    Did I say Ziggler or Barrett already?

  • Lew

    at least it didn’t say to push orton as a top face which means there is a chance that they will be building him up as a heel

  • Hank Moody

    Yeah, great idea, push Orton! That Orton kid’s gonna be a big star one day…..oh wait.

    This is why WWE is going down the shitter. They just won’t make new guys unless you’re Ryback and Vince gets off looking at you.

  • Nigger Please

    Shut the f up about dolph Ziggler like he is the future, the dude is thin, bitch ass hair, and no mic skills, randy is still the future, and that beaner Alberto Jose Carlos something else Mexico del rio needs to go back to mehiko. And take Rey and sencara

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    My guess is that Punk helps Maddox beat Ryback and Maddox will help Punk win at Survivor Series

  • Shawn

    Maddox will defeat Ryback via disqualification (my guess is it’ll be something similar to Eddie Guererro tossing the chair to his opponent). Otherwise, I think Heyman will come down and help, thus continue the conspiracy theory.

  • cc

    Randy should get pushed … straight out the door.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I feel like the only the reason Orton is getting pushed is because WWE is panicing that they don’t really have anyone that can draw numbers quick such Orton, Punk, Cena, and proably Rey? They NEED to start pushing a lot more younger talent to prepair themselves for the future of the company

  • Preacher

    Alberto sucks!
    Orton getting pushed over the next 6 months? He’s been pushed down our throats for the past several years…

  • Sam Peters

    Randy should get pushed as a heel

  • Nicholas

    It about time which means heel turn coming soon. For the one who say there is something new. Don’t like don’t watch it. Nobody is a better heel then Orton not even Punk. Because Orton can put people over while getting push. Randy Orton should cost The Rock the Wwe title at the Rumble or Orton vs Taker 2 at Wrestlemania.

  • SYM

    Randy gets suspended then pushed to the moon, next he’ll get a movie, i love this guy, screw the haters.

  • Jimbo

    Oh hey….Randy Orton getting pushed….there’s something fresh and exciting that we haven’t seen before….

  • Nate

    Alberto sucks?
    Alberto should be the one getting pushed, not Orton.
    Alberto is a brilliant wrestler.

  • nick

    randy needs to be pushed, but not by beating guys like ziggler all the time, use alberto as a jobber, he sucks