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Madusa Continues Taunting Beth Phoenix, Says She Will Take Her Divas Title

Madusa revealed last week that she remains in possession of the WWF Women’s Championship she unceremoniously trashed during a 1995 episode of WCW Monday Nitro and that she’d like to defend it against Beth Phoenix. The legendary women’s wrestler tweeted an image of herself wearing the belt with a challenge to Phoenix reading “Are u woman enough?”

Madusa has continued taunting the WWE Divas Champion via Twitter. She wrote again to “The Glamazon,” “You will be the only one with mud on your face… And everyone laughing!”

Phoenix responded, “Bring the hate. It fuels me. #divaschampionforever.”

Madusa than vowed to take her Divas Championship.

She wrote, “No hate…only love when I stomp that ass and take the diva title too! Let the schooling begin!”

  • Forget the WWE! Let’s have a real match. No script!

    Winner keeps the WWE Women’s Championship! 🙂

  • cheesehandler

    madusa = the next mae young

    just go home masusa…no one cares

  • Wellsy

    Would be a good match at WM with a good storyline, but I’d much rather see Pheonix vs Kharma. There’s too much of a good build up for it to not happen now.

  • chronoxiong

    Embrace the hate Beth Phoenix. After that, you shall be able to destroy Medusa easily because she is a has-been.

  • Matt

    Dammit Chyna just give up…. oh its not Chyna? you’ll have to forgive me, the constant whining about something that’s never going to happen confused me for a second 😛

  • Phil Collins

    For reasons I can’t really figure out I can’t see this match happen. Not because of Beth or Madusa but rather because of the politics. It could make an awesome match but I cant see it happening. A real potential moneymaker too but more importantly it might bring interest to the WWE women’s division.

  • Nicholas

    I was a big fan of WCW back in there prime. They had to me the best tag team, united states, Women divison and world title. I was to me what Pro wrestling was all about. Did I love the WWF yes but WCW gave you a better wrestling show. If only they push there young talent a little better and didn’t let Hogan run the place to the ground. I mean Hogan coming to WCW was great at for wrestling at first. The thing was he only wanted to put one person over an that was himself.

    Now on to Madusa rather people know it or not she was in WCW long before she went to the WWF. That is where she made her name in WCW. The thing was Eric being only for destoring WWE didn’t use Madusa that well when she return to WCW. Oh the many mistake WCW made. What could have been I say. I think Madusa time has pass she just want one more match. I say let them go at it. Get rid of that diva title. WWE is so close to fianlly having a real women divison again. To me Beth Phoenix is the best women wrestler in the world. She got it all to be one of the greatest ever. If she face Madusa it will be a shot match. This most likely meab Madusa is going to be the next women to go in the Hall of Fame and one more match too.

  • kamala’s foot

    Madusa will probably get the diva’s title and throw that garbage in the trash too.

  • venom

    Madusa was done with WWE in like the mid 90’s. Sorry, I think her time is up. I would rather see Kharma vs Beth.

  • XSF

    Madusa is Alundra Blayze. Does that answer your question or create new ones?

  • me

    who the fuck is madusa… i CAN’T be the only one who doesn’t know

  • bb

    why not madusa vs kharma vs beth at wm 28? anyone agree?

  • BestInTheWorld

    I’d rather see Kharma vs Beth at WM.

  • item

    why oh why do i get the filling that this just a storyline that will end up at WM in a title VS title match