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Mae Young Appears in Segment with Zack Ryder, More Re-writes at RAW Yesterday

– The trend of RAW being re-written several times on the day of the show continued yesterday in South Carolina.

WWE called Mae Young to the arena yesterday morning and she was backstage last night but not used on TV, because of re-writes. Brodus Clay was a victim of re-writes again as his debut was pushed back. As of yesterday afternoon, Clay was still scheduled to squash John Morrison but that was changed at the last minute.

Regarding Triple H and Kevin Nash, Triple H was at RAW as he always is but Nash reportedly was not there.

Mae did however appear in a backstage video with Zack Ryder and Eve Torres on WWE’s website. The video shows Ryder getting Eve to sign his US Title petition when Mae walks up and fist pumps with him.

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  • venom

    Morrison should have faced Undertaker in a buried alive match. After the match, Taker should have said “you buried your own career.”

  • KGM Da Master

    Brodus Clay shouldnt be the one who takes Morrison out of the business. Show more respect to a man who has held titles and performed on a nightly basis, WWE. Morrison shouldnt be dominated by The Miz either. I think the Undertaker should put Morrison away for good. Right around time for his classic Royal Rumble return.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Does anyone really care? I am not in any hurry to see king hippo come and be a dominant force for about 3 months then fall to lower card level.

  • breezy

    even though she is always for it, wwe uses and abuses that poor old lady. i thought bubba ray was gonna put mae away for good, when he put her through the table off the stage. classic attitude era

  • JIR

    I know that Mae Young needs a paycheck but just keep her off TV for her healths sake