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Magazine Rips John Cena for WWE’s Poor Storytelling has published an article on how bad storytelling has been in pro wrestling lately. The article takes aim at John Cena, noting that he embodies the problems of the company more than anyone else. Here is an excerpt from the article.

“It’s the most blatant example of pulling strings to give him an endless amount of chances, and to make matters worse, it’s a pointless storytelling move. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is; if he loses, it doesn’t mean anything because it’s become evident that he’ll just be given another chance. If he wins, he doesn’t really gain anything because he’s in the exact same spot that he always is, and Ziggler loses some of his legitimacy to fix something that ain’t broken.”

  • chubba

    i think there using cena more as it helps put other superstars over because if they win they beat THE MAN and cena is the man i have to agree sometimes i get fedup that cena is given another run but thats down to vince he loves cena so will always use him

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Sorry, that should be Wrestlemania.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Let’s see… Cena beats Ziggler, cashes in the contract against Big Show same night and beats him, Rock beats Punk at Royal Rumble, and sets up a unification match at Wretlemania. Does that sound like a potential storyline?

  • D2K

    Wasn’t it Cena the blew up a Vince McMahon a few months ago about this very same thing or was the somebody else?

    And are we starting this stupid, old, antiquated, lame argument of Hulk Hogan can’t wrestle yet AGAIN. *sigh*…………..

  • Tim

    With the exception of Wrestlemania, last year’s TLC PPV was the last one I could actually stomach ordering, solely because they actually kept Cena off to “give other people a chance.”

  • Joe

    @Bob You have a good point, but submission moves were part of wrestling during Hogan’s time. In fact, submission moves have been the basis of wrestling through most of its history, and the fact that someone can have a 30 year career and never use any sort of submission hold is pathetic.

  • Bob

    uh chris benoit….90% of the shit they do in the ring now days they didnt do in hogans era and if by chance they did some of it not many people were able to see it unless they were at an event

  • Nate

    Brilliant evaluation.

  • chris benoit

    hogan never done submisson moves but yeah

  • CM Mark

    The problem with Cena is that his gimmick needs to change. He’s not Hogan, no matter how much they want him to be. He needs to evolve his character.

  • Jimbo

    This sounds familiar….

    There once was a wrestling company that kept giving the same old familiar faces chance after chance and none of the new guys were ever allowed to shine….what was the name of that company again?

    Oh, WCW. Where are they now? Dead.

  • wildeye

    I think that WWE should tone it down abit with Cena. He is one of the hardest workers but WWe pushes him just as hard. If they tone it down maybe so many people wouldnt hate him as much. I am a fan of his and respect him more for what he does outside the ring but sooner or later he is going to get burnt out more than he has


    in five lines did a very good analisis.

  • poko

    Can’t deny that. Love or hate Cena, you have to admit that it’s kind of silly that losing never seems to hurt his position at the top and that he seems able to get any match he wants at will.

    Also, what is the point of having a heel GM with Vicky when Vince appears every week to personally set things in favor of the top faces?

  • Dwayne

    Wired is 100% right