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Main Event Mafia Storyline Changed, Kevin Nash and Booker T’s Roles

– Changes were made to the planned Main Event Mafia angle with major rewrites taking place according to one source. “Big time rewrite mode this week due to their dumb asses writing a plot around guys who are not under contract,” the source stated.

Before he opted to appear at the Royal Rumble PPV, Kevin Nash had been pencilled in as part of the angle. There was also speculating regarding Booker T because of his past connections to the group, but there was nothing solid in him returning.

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  • Stockshark

    WOW A week ago TNA was dead because it was thought that Nash and Booker T were coming back in and now TNA is dead because Nash and Booker went back to WWE? WTF im confused!!!(Neither Nash or Booker returns were even mention on RAW LOL Just goes to show you how much they mean to WWE NADA dam thing HAHA)

  • LVW

    TNA- Totally Not Awesome

  • anynamewilldo

    Russo and Bishoff only seem to know how to write for factions. How many heel factions came out of WCW when they were in charge? new blood, magnificent 7, 30 different variations of the nWo, 900 differen variations of the four horsemen, the varsity club, the filthy animals, the revolutio…etc
    Then they come to TNA. What do we get there? The Main event mafia, TNA front line, EV 2.0, fortune, immortal….etc. They clearly don’t know what to do with these guys, so they just divide them up to one big “bad guy team” and have them fight a “good guy team”.
    WWe had smaller factions that didn’t always take up the whole show. Legacy comes to mind as a great one. And say what you want about Nexus being all over the TV, at least they haven’t won every title in WWE.

  • TomC

    If anything, WWE saw that what TNA was doing WAS WORKING and decided to snag T and Nash away from them (with the big bucks) – i.e. monkey see, monkey do.

    WWE has become a CARTOON version of it’s former self . . . Perhaps following the TNA model will FINALLY get the WWE back on track to WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS.

  • Justin

    Lmao @ “dumb asses”

  • Ronald

    I should clarify, I meant “great” in the minds of TNA’s writing team. This was their big storyline, one of the supposedly most popular factions in their history. SpikeTV told them they had to bring the MEM back because of ratings. I, personally, was never a fan of the MEM.

  • JOE

    I agree with cc its only a matter of time before tna self destruct oh well thats what happens when you ppl in company that killed another shm

  • CC

    @Ronald. You honestly felt that this would be a great storyline in the making? A bunch of old men fighting another bunch of old men?
    Honestly, doesnt the whole failure of the EV 2.0 faction show you that TNA has no idea how to handle factions properly?

    I used to love factions back in the day, when there was the Corporation, the Ministry and DX, but these days TNA has ruined the concept and WWE just overkills it by having one faction that walks over everyone, and then has one guy destroy the faction on his own.

  • Truthiness

    TNA has gotten so bad that WWE had to step in and take Nash and Booker away just to stop TNA from putting together another faction.

  • misfit

    Lmao, “dumb asses”, wow if that isn’t the truth

  • Vinny

    I don’t think Nash would mess up a deal with Total Nonsense Action to do only 1 appearance with WWE. I hope theres more in the plans for him.

    And Sting is just a matter of time before he finally joins WWE. Just a matter of time.

  • Ronald

    I bet Vince paid Nash and Booker T some damn good money. Not only did they agree to return, which will help ratings (did you hear the pop they got???), but also they just destroyed a great TNA storyline in the making. Now if only Sting would join WWE as well….. holy $#^!!