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– WWE has announced that Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio will announce which title he’s going to challenge for at WrestleMania 27 on RAW tonight.

Del Rio has the option of deciding to face WWE Champion The Miz from RAW or World Heavyweight Champion Edge from SmackDown.

  • Rob

    DIESEL Should have won, did you here the pop he got?

  • TakerServant

    CM SUCKS you are an complete moron.

  • Max2202

    Wasn’t Edge and Christian enemies when Edge was drafted to RAW, then at the Slammy Awards, they were buddies, who knows when WWE is involved.

  • Max2202

    Hang on, if Del Rio makes his decision tonight on RAW, and he chooses World Heavyweight Championship against Edge, what will he do if
    The Undertaker wins the World Heavyweight Championship at
    Elimination Chamber, he’s screwed for WrestleMania XXVII!


    but christian and edge where buddies at the slammy awards?

  • Davey Zoo

    I’m with Ron, I know It probably won’t happen but I want triple threat with Christian vs Del Rio vs Edge. It makes sense as Christian will returning for revenge against Alberto and Edge & Christian obviously have a little bit of a past… But you people, you already know that!!! 😉

  • Denz

    Del Rio will most likely challenge for the Heavyweight Title. So I’m hoping Edge will remain champion after Elimination Chamber. Edge vs Del Rio would be a good match. Del Rio is getting pushed as a top heel CM SUCKS. He’s not a big name like Orton, Cena, Mysterio, Kane, or even Barrett. So in my opinion he wouldn’t be my first choice for Wrestlemania. He’s been getting a huge push. This will either make or break ADR.

  • marcum

    i wish that evan borne would have won

  • me

    hey, you leave alberto burito alone, he’s awesome.

  • misfit

    Wow cm sucs and dan you guys are idiots

  • Katrina

    Del Rio should not have won….something should happen with Miz and Cena….

  • Ron

    im predicting edge/christian/del rio for wrestlemania

  • Dan

    I hope edge loses the title at elimination chamber then cos
    Del rio vs edge sounds crap boring and waste of a name like edge..


    ALBERTO BURITO SUCKS HES A NOBODY AND EVERYONE will find out that this is a complete mistake for the fake JBL

  • misfit

    World heavyweight title please, ha dos caras jr (del rio), is the man, he’s a great wrestler, can garner a ton of heat ( unlike drew, that only draws cricketts), and can talk his asz off in the mic, that’s a superstar for all you idiots that keep complaining about new guys getting pushes, and when they do you still complain.

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