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Major Concern Backstage at RAW, The Rock Angle Nixed?, More

– There is said to be absolute panic at RAW this afternoon. Tonight’s show was scheduled to build to a segment where Brock Lesnar beat up The Rock to set up a WrestleMania XXX main event.

The Rock is not at RAW and word going around is he went home. Vince McMahon and WWE writers and producers are busy re-doing the show and apparently the angle has been nixed.

Nobody knows any details as to what happened past that. The belief now is that Rock won’t be appearing tonight.

– There is another major angle planned for tonight to set up John Cena’s next title defense at Extreme Rules. It was something that has been planned for some time and was actually scheduled for WrestleMania last night.


  • Rambo Commander

    LoL. As though he ever wrestled in his entire career. He was only a showman and a funny orator on the mic. He can’t wrestle half as good as real wrestlers such as Taker/ Shawn Michaels can even when they are pretty more banged up.

  • d_pooch

    Either the Rock is legitimately hurt, or the injury angle was a way to write him off TV while he works on another movie. But since people are panicking, I’m going to go with he’s hurt. Why would anyone think he would “walk out” when there are reports everywhere that he was hurt?

  • D2K

    Yeah. Makes sense. A lot people got banged up last night.

  • Prince

    So, Rock tweeted that he tore his abdominal and abuctor muscles off the bone in the middle of the match last night. So he has a pretty damn good excuse to not be there. Impressive that he wrestled half that match with that injury.

  • well at least its been confirmed now thats its an injury lol

  • los322

    I read on another dirt sheet that Rock might have suffered an “undisclosed injury” last nights at mania…who knows??

  • D2K

    It’s highly unlikely that he would be informed ‘today’ on what his next angle is for the next few months. That’s not how booking works. Especially for someone who has other obligations. He doesn’t have to be there so trying to pull a fast on on him would not be advantageous for WWE in any way, shape, or form.

    I don’t know why he left or if he even left at all. I just feel that him having a disagreement with management is highly doubtful. It may have been planned for him to stay off TV for awhile and let Cena have his moment.

  • I dunno? maybe the direction of his next feud? could be any number of reasons tbh

  • D2K

    Concerning The Rock not being at the show………………


    that is just too easy, so I’ll leave it alone.

    I will say however that this hopefully will help along Brock/Taker for next year since Taker still wants to do it. I wasn’t interesting in seeing Brock/Rock anyway.

  • D2K

    Heated because of what?

  • Jdog1169

    NICE one!!!!!!! NOOOO see the WWE writers f’ed up again he was supossed to say “Finally the ROCK is GOING HHHOOOOOMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!”

  • Wait I thought the Rock was Home? Right? 😀

  • Jdog1169

    An earlier story/post on this VERY site said Brock was not scheduled to appear tonight anyway…….Yea I am with Sam, I smell BS. As much as i am not totally on board with this part timer deal, Rock always seems to be more professional then that (according to how the media presents him anyway, i don’t know him peraonally)!!

  • Hasan

    Wow! I am having a hard time believing Rock would just walk out without notice. But if true, what a crybaby!

  • Ramses 2

    That shit happens when you have a shitty wrestlmania

  • people will slate him but maybe things got heated backstage so he left, he may even just gone to cool down, i smell BS anyway