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Major Concern Continues Over WWE’s Main Event Show, RAW Going 3 Hours

– The concern within WWE over RAW moving to three-hours later this month continues. We noted before that a lot of people are hoping the show goes back to two-hours before January 2013. At the same time, some of the higher-ups in the company are betting on the new RAW format to be a permanent thing.

WWE’s new Main Event TV show that debuts in August is also becoming a hot topic. The feeling among most is that Main Event will start out strong like Superstars did but when the ratings tank, which most believe they certainly will, then the show will be kicked to the side like Superstars was.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • donners


    there is, they call it NXT. check it out sometime…

  • Jimbo

    Instead will get stuck with 45 minutes of Santino and Hornswoggle goofing off.

  • Mazdog23

    Way I see it, another hour means more time to impress the company to push more wreslers. Male or diva. More than likely they will just make the matches longer instead of adding new matches. This will end up loosing ratings and viewers if the matches extend longer. Give more people a chance to impress and be seen, and they may just show you something. Hell, may even give new and better storylines, better ratings, and more possibly even newer viewers.

  • sam mccourt

    if they’re so concerned why do it and surely it doesn’t take a genius to work out what to do with an extra hour when you have people for writing scripts and stories as well as wrestlers waiting to go out there and shine IMO

  • Bill

    With all of these PPV Pre-Shows, why not just show the pre-taled Main Event(or Superstars) on Sundays on TV & Online, & on PPV dates, just tape it live in the PPV arena & brodcast it like that? It’s basically Heat, but still, Heat was a pretty good idea.

  • Jimbo

    Why is their concern about am extra hour? Here’s an idea: BOOK MORE MATCHES!

  • BlaH

    Author’s Note: As I was about to click “Submit” on the original story I had written, I got a phone call from Sean Waltman. He has given me permission to use the following quotes as his direct response to the allegations made against him, given to me by two different sources. The phone call with Sean took place “after” my call-in to Justin LaBar’s live radio show today where I first broke this story.

    I was told by two sources in the past two days that Waltman is viewed as a serious liability by WWE management for a variety of reasons, and thus, his chances of being used on WWE’s 1,000th episode of Raw in two weeks are “slim to none”. WWE’s promotion last night of a DX reunion in St. Louis simply added fuel to the already-existing fire regarding the possibilities of a potential New Age Outlaws and/or Sean Waltman TV return.

    On June 19th, 2012, Sean Waltman tweeted the following (@TheRealXPac): “For the record I have not been approached about the 1000th Raw. Maybe you should ask them.”

    When asked today on whether or not he’s been contacted about appearing on Raw July 23rd since tweeting that comment, Waltman told me, “I guess not, according to your sources”.

    One source told me that Waltman was recently asked to leave Full Sail University — the new host of WWE’s NXT tapings – when he showed up uninvited and began giving unsolicited advice to the young stars in attendance.

    “He was browbeating the talent,” the source explained, “and you just can’t show up without an invitation and do that crap”.

    It’s always been a common occurrence for past stars to attend local WWE events when they are in the area, whether it’s to visit friends or give advice to developmental talent. I was told that this particular incident with Waltman, however, has now caused WWE to start denying other former stars access to these events without permission in advance.

    Yet, Waltman said there has always been a “guest list” made for those tapings, and this particular time, he simply wasn’t on the list. Rather than wait around for it to get situated, Waltman left without entering the building. As far as “browbeating the talent” goes, Waltman vehemently denied the allegation.

    “That’s bullsh*t,” Waltman responded, “wrestlers come to me and ask that I help them; I don’t go to them.”

    Waltman also said that he was on the guest list the previous taping and attended the entire event with no problem. Plus, he’s frequented Florida Championship Wrestling numerous times in the past year or more without any problems as a result.

    One other source told me that Waltman’s actions during WrestleMania weekend this year in Miami adds to the reason why WWE is distancing themselves from the former DX member. While it’s common knowledge to most of those that know Waltman personally, he often sleeps in the nude. I was told earlier today that during his stay in Miami, Sean locked himself out of his own hotel room twice in one night, completely naked, and had to be escorted back by hotel staff and security.

    Waltman’s response to this particular incident: “The naked part happened 15 years ago, and it was a funny story. This year [in Miami], I got locked out of my room, but I wasn’t naked.”

    Waltman also added to me that he tweeted about getting locked out of his room “this” year in Miami the very next day, but the incident where he was naked and this one are two entirely separate events.

    I’ll leave all of this up to you to form your own opinion. While there seems to be at least “some” truth to the information given to me, the actual facts behind all of this will likely never be known. And whether or not any of the aforementioned allegations will keep Waltman off the upcoming mega-event in St. Louis, or any future WWE event for that matter, remains to be seen.

    Regardless, nothing surprises me in pro wrestling anymore.

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  • Allen

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see WWE do a Wrestling Society X type show! Small venue. Put some of the people NEVER seen on WWE TV (Curt Hawkins, Jey & Jimmy Uso, Johnny Curtis, JTG, Titus O’neal, Trent Barretta, Tyler Reks***, and Yoshi Tatsu) and then developmental guys and gals on the show. They can develope storylines and can actually be featured on TV where many of these wrestlers belong. They are less popular stars but can put on a great show if given the opportunity. LET THEM SHINE WWE!

  • Joe

    How can a show call itself “Main Event” if there aren’t going to be Main Event performers involved? I’m just sayin’…

  • 1919dpg

    wwe should go back to the early attitude era format where they had a two hour raw and one hour heat.

    they can focus more on angles and get higher ratings since people aren’t bombarded with it weekly.

  • ant

    i say bring back the cruserweights and put them on that show

  • SYM

    Well they need to have Promos and game changers on Main Event. Not Jobbers and a lousy announce team.