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Major Newspaper Erroneously Labels Ultimate Warrior As A Dead Wrestler

Authors of the New York Post‘s story on the passing of Randy Savage erroneously listed former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior among other prominent wrestlers from the 1980s to have died.

They wrote: “Savage’s passing follows the deaths of several other prominent wrestlers from the 1980s, including Yokozuna, Ultimate Warrior, Bam Bam Bigelow and Savage’s one-time female partner and wife, Miss Elizabeth.”

The article, which is available here, has since removed the Ultimate Warrior mention.

The death of Ultimate Warrior has been a common misconception dating back to 1992 when he appeared at WrestleMania VIII following a lengthy sabbatical with shorter hair and a less muscular physique.

Warrior himself acknowledged the misconception in the introductory message of his official website,

He wrote, “I am not dead. Nor have I ever died. Don’t laugh. There are plenty of kooks (too many) who write and inform me that I am or that I have — and then demand I write back and confirm it!”

  • elvisD

    Whats wrong with you people? Warrior was great(in his time) He will be mentioned as a great of all time 25(maybe) but I’m remembering like the first time you heard his music come out, the way he ran faster than a speedig bullet(or so it seemed as a kid) and killed it in the ring, his later years sucked I know, he like other wrestlers had a shelf life, but he did good in his prime, now he’s just Warrior, and has to live with it, but I don’t see the crazy roided man you make him out to be, he still is that facepaint wearing, mad energy producing, full octane wrecking house that I always remembered

  • cam

    lol akward much when warior reads it 😛

  • venom

    Everybody watch out The almighty wise keylo is here. I am surprised Warrior is still alive with all the roids he was on.

  • shawn

    @ keylo oh, but was he a prominent one? if he wasnt then read before you feel like bustin somebodies balls.

  • keylo

    Hey Sammo while maybe not WWE/F he was wrestling with AWA for 8 years prior coming to WWE/F in 1992 so yes that would make him a 80’s wrestler, so you should get your facts right first before making baseless accusations, dont you think as very sloppy posting

  • Jimbo

    He might as well be dead.

  • muh boy

    the same people that think he is dead are the ones that think a rapture is gonna happen

  • Camille

    Fuck the Ultimate Warrior

  • Sammo

    Yokozuna wasn’t an 80s wrestler… He debuted in WWF around 1992.

    Congratulations on some very sloppy journalism, New York Post!

  • Teran

    Hahahahaha fuck Warrior anyway.

  • Shay

    Wow, that’s rotten.