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Major Name Returning To Raw Next Week, SmackDown Draws Poor Rating

– WWE announced through their mobile service that Mr. McMahon will appear on next Monday’s three-hour edition of Raw SuperShow. He is advertised to “evaluate John Laurinaitis’s job performance” during the event.

– The June 1 episode of WWE SmackDown on Syfy drew a 1.73 cable rating, with 2,557,000 viewers. It was the second lowest rated first-run Friday show of the year, edging the May 11 program by 0.01.

The prior week’s show drew a 1.87 cable rating with 2,630,000 viewers.

— Former WWE talent Funaki, Gene Snitsky and Lance Hoyt (a/k/a Vance Archer) appear for Branded Outlaw Wrestling this Saturday in San Antonio, Texas at Woodlawn Gymnasium. Bell time is 7:30 p.m.


  • shawn

    nicolas is right. he doesnt run the show.

  • The_electrifying_one

    I love Vince and I love to hate Vince. The character is brilliant. Im expecting HHH to be involved in some way too.

  • mabry

    Asshole or not, vince is still better on the mic than most wrestlers!!!…

  • voice of reason

    the one thing i’ll say about the wrestlers is that alot of them have over inflated ego’s now vince has an over inflated ego & he can be an absolute arsehole to people hence the kiss my arse club but the way i look at it is this if vince wasnt the business man he is the wwe wouldnt be the domineering force in sports entertainment.

    now if vince was the nicest guy in the world then alot of the wrestlers would overpower the wwe with their own bs agendas look at brock lesner for example, in the wrestling you have like any good dramas you have your good guy who everybody love & you have your evil guy who everybody hates but with the wrestling it’s all about reactions now a poster here said “i don’t like vince he mocks god” from what this person said vince has gotten a response from this person, but like any good drama it always has a writer behind it & each person plays their roles & vince plays his beautifully.

  • Get Rid of Fitch (forever)

    Laurinatis vs McMahon at Survivor Series.


  • Little Jimmy

    Sin Cara for GM!


  • Tyler(:

    SYM dude, half the ex-wrestlers are bitter.

  • Bawb

    Vince WAS good. When he cried after being “fired” by HHH and the Board, I shook my head because he, just like every vet on the roster is succumbing to the shit storytelling and melodramatic character tropes. Change starts with the writing, and it ain’t coming anytime soon.


    VKM is looking old

  • The Awesome One


  • Nicholas

    Vince Mac was let go of his duty but people forget one thing about Vince. He is still the Chairmen of the board and also guest who still owns WWE that is right Vince. He will do what needs to be done John is going to get Fire next week for sure.

  • SYM

    @ant So ur comparing Shawn Michaels to Vince Mcmahon as ur argument? Just stop replying ur a Blind Mcmahon Mark aka BMM.

  • ant

    @SYM so i guess Shawn Michaels is still an asshole too since he was an asshole in the 90s as well

  • After speaking with sources, WZ has learned there has been some consideration in creative on how to use Ric Flair if he is to sign some kind of contract with WWE.

    The popular discussion has been for Ric Flair to be used as a manager for Dolph Ziggler.

    Right now, the task at hand is to negotiate with Flair a legends contract as well as a talent contract to compensate him for his work for whatever time he would be on television weekly as a manager for Ziggler.

    It seems WWE creative is going in the direction of having Ziggler with a manager regardless, as Mason Ryan is being kept in the conversation, potentially if Flair doesn’t end up in the role with Ziggler.

    One source did say there is also some hesitation among some in WWE as to whether they want to bring Flair in for a weekly role. While Flair is always respected for who he is, his age as well as his history of going off script at times and doing things his way has been brought up as concerns in the Ric Flair creative discssion.

    Again, nothing at the current time has been signed and put in place but we’re told this is being entertained as a serious possibility if all negotiations get finalized.

    WZ will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest.

  • kitkrock

    I thought VINCE McMAHON was releaved of his duties …?
    Isn’t that why Triple H is the COO?

    fuck WWE and their logic.

  • Boomski

    @ant’s first comment.

    Totally true.

  • SYM

    @ant Do u know Vince personally? I’m not saying I do, but do u know Vince? From the stories we hear or have heard from past Wrestlers including Legends hes a terrible human being. Do u remember that WWF Scandal in the 90s? Look back at that.

  • ant

    @SYM u realize of course that thats the Mr Mcmahon CHARACTER right?

  • Red

    Summer storyline must be about to begin. Vince is always involved in it some how. Limo Explosion, Money Give-away, Nexus, Summer of Punk…

  • Mark

    A good twist would be for Vince to actually turn face. Or rally cool if he would address the problems and say fuck it we are starting fresh, like WCW did that one time and stripped everyone of all the titles and broke up long standing teams and totally revooted themselves. hey they do it in comics all the time

  • Maxwell

    Johnny, get ready to join…..KISS MY ASS CLUB

  • Ron

    vince is obv gonna come back and be pro-johnny

  • SYM

    I honestly dislike Mcmahon because he mocks god and hes a Bully, but RAW is so Boring that him returning is exciting.

  • ant

    im excited to see vince return but let me point out that hella people on this site talk shit about him then kiss up whenever he returns to tv

  • poko

    Is it wrong that I’m excited about Vince’s return? I love his narcissistic, ego-centric character, and stuff usually happens when he appears. He’s dynamic. He’s like the anti-Laurinaitis.

  • what?

    hellyeah it’s about damn time i hope vince get’s involved in this storyline or shit cans John Laurinaitis because this storyline sucks