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Major Shake-Up on the TNA Creative Team?

– In regards to reports going around, Dave Lagana is not replacing Vince Russo as the head of TNA Creative. Lagana is at tonight’s Against All Odds pay-per-view to help out, according to one top source within TNA. Lagana was hired by TNA to work on Ring Ka King and other projects, not the Impact brand but is at the pay-per-view tonight helping with backstage segments.

Russo is not at the pay-per-view tonight and while some believe he is gone, nothing has been announced to the TNA roster or staff yet.

The head of TNA creative remains Bruce Prichard. Russo and Matt Conway have been writing scripts for Impact in recent months with those scripts going to Prichard for tinkering and then Eric Bischoff for his own feedback in production meetings at TV tapings or pay-per-views.


  • Matt

    funny thing is in a month or two, tna will still be shit and they’ll have to blame someone else other than russo for its problems.

  • Matt

    now what are they gonna chant at tna tapings? 😛 its not like they chant anything other than fire russo 😛

  • Turd Ferguson

    They should pretty much fire everyone involved in storylines and booking.

  • 1919dpg

    6 years too late…

  • venom

    I was hoping this was saying username Jason TNA mark/worker was fired today.

  • Effmenow

    No more Russo? THANK GOD.