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– Bobby Roode became the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion at tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Macon, Georgia by defeating James Storm.

Roode turned heel and hit Storm with a beer bottle to win.

Stay tuned later for full spoilers from the tapings.

  • Kris

    but why break up a great tag team

  • venom

    I don’t understand why.

  • venom

    The ratings went up last week because of Storm’s title win. So they think ratings will go up when Roode wins the title too. I will watch Roode’s title when but they can’t rely on this everyweek. I don’t understand when couldn’t they give it to Roode at the next ppv.

  • MJ

    DAMN! Why cant it be on oh i dont know turning point! Vince russo was suppose to not be in the head of the creative department now its like he’s writting storylines for everyone AGAIN!

  • Bawb

    I don’t know…Roode couldn’t really get the pop reaction he needed as a face…making him heel might work better. *shrugs*

  • Ironcross

    Hot potato, Hot potato. wiggles are writting impact shows now

  • Liam Catterson

    WWE Ripoff again

    They are doing to James what WWE did to Christian, so I expect Bobby to become the next Orton, and Roode and Storm can fight several times for the title…Typical TNA, You are a frickin joke!

  • tyrome gibson

    prolly cuz dat recent southern claim.

  • TS93

    You’ve gotta be kidding me.,,


    what the hell, TNA doing their version of a christian title reign.shouldve just gave the belt to roode at BFG. now the titles going around like WWE

  • Eric Nixon

    Once again, TNA has completely screwed up what could have been great.

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