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Major WWE Release Confirmed, Report on Why Alex Riley Lost His Push

– Kharma confirmed on Twitter this week that she was indeed released from WWE. A fan asked if it was true that Kharma was “granted” her release from WWE. Kharma replied:

“yes, I was. It doesn’t mean I’ll never be back.”

– Regarding Alex Riley’s status with WWE, it’s said that he lost his push that was in the works because of a backstage incident with John Cena. reports word going around is that a while back, Riley was backstage with John Cena and Cena was ribbing him in front of some of the other wrestlers. Riley reportedly came back angrily at Cena, which was seen as him “breaking the code of the locker-room.”

  • @urmoms

    you know, i was going to do a long comment, but after reading most of the comments, i gotta say, some people are really retarded! all i will say is ribbing people in the back is what goes on in the back. riley should have done what his tv mentor did, keep his head down & do his job to the best of his ability. but, i’m not a fan of riley’s. he’s not very good on the mic, he’s not a very good wrestler & apparently has no sense of humor. if you can’t take a little ribbing from the other wrestlers then you should probably look into another profession.

  • N

    Why judging? There must be a reason why Cena ribbed Riley, I don’t think that Cena did it just for fun.

  • Bill

    Hey, at least Cena didn’t lobby for Riley’s release or anything. I’m glad he didn’t learn from Randy Orton… Orton.

  • MrDr3w

    Tipsy lost his push cuz he reacted unprofessionally after a harmless prank, which is a WWE tradition. It was a test to see if he could “hang with the boys” and he failed. Call me crazy, but I agree with the decision that was made. It’s not like he was going anywhere anyway.

  • WWEisntthesame

    Man I liked kharma. I thought she woulda been.a monster in the divas division smh.

  • JWaller91

    I think I read this differently then everyone? I haven’t read all the reports. But sounds like Cena was joking, and Riley got obviously pissed? Maybe they think he’s not ready to take the heat? Idk, I read this way different then just Cena says no..

  • rko

    Who gives a crap about Kharma. Didn’t want to see that fat black hole bitch on my tv anyway.

  • k roy

    it never ceases to amaze me how much most of the readers take as gospel on this site, especially when it involves bashing cena!! alex riley “alledgedly” (and i use that term loosely as until we hear this from his mouth directly i wouldn’t trust it) blames cena…ken doane blames cena…so what about all the legends and lifers who speak his praises? from virtually all accounts he’s a hard worker who is the ultimate company man and is respected and admired backstage.

    this site gets off on feeding all you cena haters nonsense like this because it keeps you coming back for more…what a joke…you know who really IS an asshole?!? hogan, because its universally accepted…when i hear someone who is respected and not some chump lower than midcarder rip cena than maybe i will believe it..

  • john

    surly all the cena fans can see why 90% of the wwe fans hate cena!! once a new star shows up and has a mass of potential cena gets scared and then sucks vince off then vince screws the new talent and cena has that stupid grin on his face!

  • Diesel

    The thing is, you can’t compare Owen to Cena… Owen was actually talented!

    But all kidding aside, whatever the situation is, Cena started it and Riley suffered the consaquences. It just goes to show you how high Vince is on this guy. I get that he’s the “face of the company”, but so was Hogan in the 80’s and 90’s and long time wrestling fans all know about his backstage politics. Basically while Riley was right to stand up for himself he wasnt going to win either way, if he ribbed Cena he’d be punished for it and when Cena ribs him and he speaks out he loses his push. It’s just politics in wrestling

  • Rucdogg

    Are there stories of Owen Hart holding people back and banging other wrestlers women on the road?

  • scooter

    *Sigh* sometimes I honestly think people who aren’t in the wrestling business shouldn’t comment on certain things.
    The problem here isn’t that A-ry said anything back its that he took a hissy fit over something trivial I’m sure had he laughed it off and said something back in a jokey manner there would be no issue.
    FACT Owen Hart was the biggest ribber in the lockerroom now please say something bad about him!

  • Stephen Harper

    This is one of the main reason why I hate cena as he should be on the frigging diva roster and be Beth phoenix’s bitch everything, fcuk cena for life!! Glad Cm punk is heelish again too 🙂 That’s why wwe ratings will be back to normal rates next week too regarding cena being in the main event

  • grizz

    I like Cena, but if he wants respect he has to learn to give it also. Cena remember you were once in Riley’s place.

  • Lord KGM

    Y’all are so gullible, lets be real! Polo is 100% correct. This isn’t Vince, this is John Cena! There’s only one man bigger than the WWE, his name is Vincent K. McMahon…if Alex Riley didn’t get a push its because Vince didn’t want him to have one. Not John Cena or some “locker room code,” Randy Orton and others have went against Cena…they still got their pushes. Carlito and a couple of “credible” wrestlers have made Super Cena who he is, instead of complaining, just make ur point known by going to ROH or TNA. Make them a worthy opponent to the WWE! U wanna know why they can’t?? They don’t have the charisma too, these guys figure since we take a beating we get a title shot or privileges. Mr. Perfect, had more talent and mic skills than any wrestler who never got a World championship shot. Where was Cena then y’all? Hogan wasn’t there and Bret was just better so when it comes to it, Vince calls the shots…END OF STORY Lord KGM

  • david klein

    well all this talk about cena lets talk about the real story here, Kharma from what Iam hearing is she asked to be released because of some emotional problems she is having with her miscarage.I for one wish her the best of luck and hope to see her back in the ring soon

  • bluey

    Sounds like pre school

  • SYM

    @benji Its been well documented that Cena fans like u make up some false assessment and lose sleep over this. For One Taker has been in the WWE For the Longest, Taker is a high up as the Creative Team maybe even that. And Triple H is the Boss why would anybody F*** with him? Your a genius, no not even that ur a dickhead. And I’m only pissed off because u dared to compare a guy like Cena to the Undertaker or Triple H.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    I’d like to think Riley was walking down the corridor and happened to stumble across Cena bad mouthing him and suddenly Riley shouted ‘Say it to my face!!!’.

  • Lew

    I would say its major because she could have made the divas division interesting again but there it is pretty much no hope of that now

  • Buttercastle

    Not to sound like an ass but I wouldn’t exactly say that her release is ‘major’.

  • poko

    @Nick Kidd
    And do you know that internet rumors don’t automatically equate to absolute truth? Probably not.

    You can’t even click the right button and you apparently have no clue that “your” and “you’re” are two different words, yet you call someone else an idiot? You gave me my laugh for today. Gonna give you a “like” just for that–which button is it again?

    Seriously, stop being a tool. The WWE is a business. Cena’s opinion might have been a factor, but management isn’t going to abandon a money-making proposition just because of that, especially when they know the roster is thin. If so, then Randy Orton would have been fired long ago.

    You know, I’m not even a Cena fan, but the propensity people have to blame him for everything is inane. And on top of that, you go angry rage mode and start childish name-calling just because I have a different opinion? Grow the fuck up, boy.

  • benji

    I wonder if y’all would be saying all this if it had been Taker or Triple H instead of Cena. Seems like Cena gets a whole lot more bad press simply because it’s the fashionable thing to do. It’s been well documented that you give respect to the senior guys in the locker room and you take the crap you’re given and ask for seconds. Also, I sincerely doubt that Cena went to Vince afterwards will tears in his eyes and snot running down his nose saying that the mean kid picked on him and he doesn’t want to play with him anymore. Get a clue!

  • KingAlbert


  • MaNic

    one of your likes ” poko ” was a mistake didn’t mean to click it , your an idiot and should not speak when it’s obvious you have no clue what your speaking about.

  • Dave

    Miz got a huge amount of stick in the locker room as well. But he kept his head down and focused on earning his respect rather than talking back. It’s not just Cena. You cross any of the senior roster members, your career will suffer.

  • Don’t Believe It

    Interesting since they’ve hung out since this expected argument. While I’m by no means a fan of Cena’s, I don’t think Riley’s losing his push had anything to do with the Fruity Pebble. Didn’t Vince himself say that Riley was too green and he was afraid he’d hurt The Miz in the ring with his inexperience? Hell this site reported on it. I’m sure if the Big Boy Scout were the problem, it would have come out before now given how long it’s been since Riley was relevant. Probably more a case of two guys goofing off as guys do, and somebody, not even involved, took it too seriously and went whining to the higher ups. Lord knows I’ve seen that happen enough times in my profession.

  • vinny

    especially the code of “under the table” payments.

  • jeff

    Wait, so cena can rip people and the other person can’t say shit back? Wtf

  • SYM

    @Jeff the divas know alot about that Code. Specifically AJ Lee.

  • sam

    careful AJ, Cena ruins peoples pushes dont get on his bad side

  • mark

    the amount of political bullshit in WWE is unbelievable.

  • Devil_Rising

    In other words, Cena is an enormous tool, and someone got tired of it, and got punished because they DARED try to put him in his place.

    In other news, Alex Riley sucks as a wrestler anyway.

  • 1919dpg

    so riley lost his puch for fighting back and Morrison lost it for not fighting back.


  • Nick Kidd

    ^ do you know who john cena is?

  • poko

    I don’t really believe that. I’m not saying that didn’t happen, but I doubt it would have been enough to keep a guy from getting pushed. The main reason is probably that Riley was getting zero reaction after his feud with the Miz was over. Wasn’t his fault either, though. They put him out there completely vanilla, no gimmick at all. The pops he was getting initially were because people hated the Miz. After that, there was nothing interesting about Riley, nothing memorable or eye-catching. That’s creative’s responsibility, to give a performer something to build a character around, and Riley had nothing except “the guy who used to be the Miz’s whipping boy.”

    He’s got potential, but a lot of these guys that the WWE turned into wrestlers have no experience creating or building a character. When they do that, when they pick up a guy who has never toured the world working on his craft, then the responsibility falls squarely on the WWE to help those guys learn ways to get themselves over and develop their character.

    A lot of these athletes that were brought in with no wrestling experience are failing to capture the attention of the audience and I think most of the blame for that has to go to the WWE.

  • Nick Kidd

    Man hope Kharma comes back, I think WWE is to blame as they had no way of bringing her in. Is it just me or does everybody have 101 ideas of how to bring it this huge scary fan loved Kharma?

  • xXx

    riley would’ve been great.. his segments with the miz was good and his turn was well recieved.. i just hope that he’s one of those guys they slowly push given these 3 hour shows

  • The Awesome One

    i like riley he had potential

  • Jeff

    Apparently the “Code of the locker room” is suck Cena’s dick

  • Da Great 1

    I personally am getting sick of Cena!!!

  • Dr Killiwiggles

    Really? So Cena makes fun of Riley. Riley stands up for himself. Then gets punished for it. B.A.Star Cena

  • MaNic

    Cena hold’s yet another person back cause he’s nothing big a little bitch who crys when people talk bad about him.