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Man Ejected From Impact Taping For Texting Spoiler Results

A man was ejected from Monday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida for texting spoilers results with his mobile device.

The man was ejected from the Impact! Wrestling Zone by TNA personnel and escorted off Universal Studios Florida property by an Orlando area police officer. He was shown a page on the PWInsider website displaying the spoilers results he had sent on a mobile device owned by a member of TNA security and informed he was being removed from the premises.

It was reported last week that TNA banned the use of cellular phones and mobile devices at the Impact! Wrestling Zone during Impact Wrestling tapings in order to prevent spoilers from surfacing online. Sources within TNA indicate that Universal Studios officials issued the directive, not TNA.


  • Ronald

    As if they have to report spoilers *during* a live event. If I went to a live how of any sort, I’d most likely remember what happened and could type it out after the fact.

    I’d say that I hope many more people do just that, but for that to happen, people would have to attend a taping of TNA and I don’t believe in wishing misfortune onto others.

  • shawn

    i think the media needs definitive proof from these “reporters” like videos, but idk. i wouldn’t want to post anything based on a report written on a piece of notebook paper if i was in whatever media.

  • Ryan

    @venom note how Daniel Pena posted this and not Marc Middleton has come to the terms on the release of Marc Middleton. We wish Marc Middleton the best in all future endeavors.

  • CC

    I said this in the previous news story when it was originally announced, and other people are saying the exact same thing.
    If the show was going out live, spoilers cant happen. And if you dont go out live, the minute anyone steps outside the building they can do whatever they want. And hell, whats to stop someone sending texts from inside the building when they go to the toilet?

    Idiotic move, whoever is to blame (and you cant tell me that Universal has any reason to ban spoilers as they have absolutely no effect on them. Only people that would initiate this would be Spike or TNA).

  • Treg

    uh.. sarcasm btw

  • Treg

    Yes, because spoilers are the reason people aren’t watching :/

  • Who Kidnapped Samoa Joe?

    Will they eject you for bringing a pen and paper next?

  • nick

    i agree with tna’s decision. very smart of them… soo now 5 people can watch impact now instead of just 3

  • Jason

    @ Venom

    And I quote ….

    “I think this man that was thrown out was Mark Middleton or Stan “The time keeper.”

    Best f’n comment in this thread.

    Although to TNA/Impacts defense Universal can impose whatever rules they want since it is their park. Does TNA/Impact have something to do with it ? Probably but until something officially comes from TNA/Impact then all we can do is just give Universal heat.

    Ironic though that TNA/Impact is at Universal and that WWE is on Universal owned stations USA, Sy Fy, UTV )Hi def universal channel), and NBC

  • adam tarasievich

    tna will never travel weekly for there shows. Because they have there lil fan base in orlando that is loyal to them and that knows what reactions they want and they give them that. Also there arnt many arenas around the country that are as small as the impact zone so that would be another question them possible selling out an actual arena. Because say they went to chicago they could come to the toyota center because allstate is off limits because its wwe and there is no chance in hell they can seel out or even sell aquarter of the UC out. And i figure that would be the same for other cities as well. For ppv’s that might be a different story but there ppv’s havent been doing so good latley either.

  • venom

    I think this man that was thrown out was Mark Middleton or Stan “The time keeper.”

  • venom

    Their ratings and management are weak.

  • venom


    So is Universal Studios keeping Impact from being held at different arenas??? NO!!! Impact chooses to stay at Universal Studios. Impact can step up for their very few fans and let them use their phones. I can understand them not wanting the fans to record their shows. Not only are the ratings for Impact week, but so is their management for this matter.

  • Bill

    Silly TNA(or Universal Studios). Oh well……

  • @Chris…riiiight…because Universal Studios has a stake in TNA’s ratings? Either way, its not like outlawing cell phones is going to make spoilers go away forever. I just realized how ridiculous it is that I actually just typed the words “outlawing cell phones”.

  • CM Mark

    I came here to post exactly what you said.

  • chris

    Is it really that hard to read that Universal Studios is behind this and not TNA? It was even reported before that Universal Studios was starting this and TNA wasn’t behind it.

    No need to hate on them for something they have no control over.

  • Whatever

    exactly my point, just cuz u ban phones dont stop them from posting them after the show. TNA FEARS VINCE by not going live

  • venom

    Wow, are you serious? What difference does it make? The guy was going to post the spoilers when he got home anyways. If this is an issue, then Impact should go live. We know that won’t happen because Impact Wrestling fears McMahon, and they should too. Good job Impact Wrestling, you guys just lost another fan, especially one that would go out of this way to see that garbage live.