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Maria Says The Bella Twins’ Father Called Her, WWE Stars Grant Wishes Before RAW, NXT

– Paige, Corey Graves and Bo Dallas will be featured in the meet & greet before the WWE NXT live event in Crystal River, Florida this Saturday.

– Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Xavier Woods and John Cena met 8 year old Kace and 5 year old Ayden before Monday’s RAW in Seattle thanks to Make-A-Wish. Here is Cena with Ayden and his brother:

Cena Wish Seattle

– We’ve noted before how Maria Kanellis blamed The Bella Twins for blocking her and other former Divas from return to WWE. Maria said in a recent interview with Live Audio Wrestling that the Bellas’ father called her to tell her to stop saying mean things about his daughters. Kanellis said her father got into a big fight over the phone with the Bellas’ father.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Danul Nashua

    Nobody wants to sign Maria Kanellis and she’s just mad about it.


    Dating cena and Daniel Bryan isn’t the same as being cena and Daniel Bryan cena has the influence not the Bella twin just because u date the top star that doesn’t give them any special rights or privileges. They just date them cena has dated many of the female talent and neither of them have any more leeway ruN the other u can’t just throw power to every girl cena dates that’s not how u run a company or business and as you can tell Vince is all about the business other wise he would be broke. I doubt the Bellas sent anyone he called her in defense for his daughters obviously he knws her so they all must knw eachother and had to have been friends at one point and for him to step in and say sumn means she was really lying

  • MrDr3w

    They have no power? Look at who they’re dating and then tell me they have no power. I bet if Maria was still dating CM Punk now, she’d still have a place in WWE. She seems happy with her gig in ROH now though. But still, sending a man (or a deadbeat alcoholic; whichever way you wanna see it.) to settle a dispute between girls is low.

  • Scooter

    I thought the Bella’s hadn’t spoken to their dad in years?
    Surely this is wrong then.

  • adam

    Maria needs to just drop it. Its not just her she is screwing over with this stuff it’d her bf to because she’s being shown negatively and Bennett is attatchrd to her. The last time wwe delt with this they lost morrison


    The same applies to you


    You would do the same for your daughters had someone kept lying on them. Really the Bellas stopped someone from working in wwe the Bella twins who own absolutely squat in wwe and have zero power and rights to deny anyone a job there. All they have is a voice. It’s Vince McMahon’s company and it was he who said no not some powerless low level employees like the Bellas think people think


    Yeah cuz she lied wwe just didn’t want her back and the Bellas were trying to be friends and tell her themselves and she toll it the wrong way dnt mess with a father’s baby girls. Just saying who wants Maria she was talent-less in the wrestling ability part that is

  • MrDr3w

    The Bella’s have to have their daddy call a woman up to fight with her over the phone about his daughters? Some people need to grow up.

  • Matthew Farrell

    So now Maria has to have her daddy fight her battles with the Bella’s daddy? Some people need to grow up.