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Maria Comments On Bella Twins Remarks, Says She Will Not “Play The Game”

Maria Kanellis has responded to a report posted earlier this week regarding her perceived shots at Nikki and Brie Bella during’s weekly post-show for Raw. The former WWE Diva says she is not taking personal digs at the twin duo, but rather, their villainous television characters.

Kanellis explained on Twitter, “Afterbuzz for Raw is a show about a show. Just like I did Afterbuzz for Dancing with the Stars, Borgias, Project Runway, ect….. We make jokes, poke fun, show respect, educate, and talk about news and gossip. No one forces you to watch. The Bellas play bad girls on tv as such we talk about them as bad girls. It’s a show. But thank you for talking about it so much. All press is good press. And I repeat, wrestlers are the most talented entertainers on the planet.”

Kanellis posted a similar explanation on Facebook, but added that she would never sacrifice her strong moral values in order to “get ahead.”

She wrote, “Afterbuzz for Raw on is a show about a show. We talk about story lines, wrestling, gossip, news, superstars, divas, fashion, and we have guests. Are we funny? Yes. Do we make jokes? Of course. Is there inside info? Sure. Do we get nasty? Sometimes. All of my co-hosts have their own beliefs, style and personality. We have view points that differ. I was given a voice and I have strong beliefs. I don’t believe in authority or following a norm. I have sacrificed a lot because of my strong morals. But one thing I will never sacrifice is my values. I will not get ahead just because I play the game. Even though I know how. I will succeed on merit and talent. Or I will fail and failure is just another step towards success. Passion is my motivation….. Rock it.”

  • Al Bundy

    I have seen Maria on TV and all I have to say is…nice hooters! And I wouldn’t mind trading in Peg for the Bella Twins! hehehe

  • b c mitchell

    Also not saying Hunter propositioned her for sex. Just saying she may have used his tagline as a way to insinuate management wanted her to “play the game” in an inappropriate way

  • b c mitchell

    “Really?” to quote Miz. Nobody is catching the HHH reference huh. Hell play the game is quoted in the header for the article. Maria is clearly stating she wouldn’t trade her self respect by giving up sexual favors to advance her career. Posing for Playboy is different than giving a booty call to get a promotion. I’m nit saying the Bellas have done that but Maria is hardly the first female to make this claim in pro wrestling. I for one applaud her if that is the case.

  • Al Bundy

    I wouldn’t mind trading in Peg for the Bella Twins either! hehehhe

  • Al Bundy

    I have seen Maria on TV before and all I wanna say is….I like her hooters!

  • Jason

    I say “all three in a threeway porn scene” get your sexual frustrations out on eachother that way.

  • venom

    Yea, Maria makes no sense.

  • SusyRko

    In what match the cameltoe happened?

  • ice cream bar SUPERstar

    I respect women and their right to give an opinion. Having said that….Shut up ya dumb bitch!

  • Matt

    someone sounds bitter that they still have jobs when she got the ass 😛

  • PinkSinCara

    So Maria is suggesting that the Bellas showing cameltoe (or labiagitis as she called it), that they’re trying to “get ahead”? And she’s the one that posed nude? Whatever. If Maria returns maybe her new finisher can be called the Clam Slam.

  • Al Bundy

    I like Maria, she has nice hooters!

  • Pissed Off Fan

    OMG! =D It’s Jefferson D’Arcy!!! How’s Al Bundy?!

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    This, coming from a woman who did Playboy. Love ya Maria, but come on. Don’t get preachy and act wholesome when you’ve showed your goodies to the world. Wonderful goodies by the way.