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Maria Kanellis Makes Cryptic Remarks About Kelly Kelly’s Personal Life, Diva Responds

While recapping Monday’s episode of Raw for Maria Menounos’ media network, former WWE performer Maria Kanellis used the open forum to cryptically remark about Kelly Kelly’s personal life.

The WWE Diva appeared on Raw for the first time in over two months and scored a singles match victory over Eve following a surprise hurricanrana. “There was a lot of speculation that [Kelly Kelly] was leaving for good. So they must have come to terms on her contract and she’s still here,” Kanellis states.

Co-host Josh Padgett and special guest Nigel McGuinness then ask Kanellis whether she had “backstage heat” with Kelly, who she worked alongside with in WWE from 2006 to 2010. She responds in a cryptic manner.

“I just think that sometimes you gotta be careful what photos end up on the Internet when people are involved with other people because it makes us girls that work our tails off to be very good individuals and be good at our job look trashy,” stated Kanellis, who prides herself in being a ‘Lady’.

McGuinness says he never saw “those photos” and feels that Kelly should set up her own website. “Trending now, naked pictures of Kelly Kelly,” he jokes. “The First Lady of Ring of Honor” responds, “I don’t mind those, naked it up if you’re by yourself, but if you’re with someone else’s someone else…I don’t like that. Scandalous and I don’t like it. It’s exact opposite of what I’m about. I think that you have to be careful with that stuff. Especially if you’re trying to change…”

At this point, Kanellis is directed by the producer to change the subject to Kelly’s match. She responds, “I don’t want to go the next match.” She then continues, “Especially if you’re trying to change the opinions people are having about a certain group of individuals. You know what I mean? I have a problem with that because I fought my entire life to try and be just as strong as men and just as smart, and of course, the first thing that happens, is I get a stupid gimmick. So what did I do? I got on Celebrity Apprentice. And as soon as I was out of WWE, I started to make a change with my life, but it was not random photos of me with someone else’s someone else—because they don’t go away.”

Regarding the photos in question, Kanellis appears to be referencing some images that surfaced online in early 2009 of Kelly canoodling with a married man in fellow WWE Superstar Chris Jericho—the batch included a shot of the two kissing. It has been heavily speculated that the two were involved in a secret romantic relationship then; a search for the term “chris jericho kelly kelly” leads to numerous suggest results including “chris jericho kelly kelly kissing,” “chris jericho kelly kelly dating,” “chris jericho and kelly kelly a couple” and “chris jericho kelly kelly together.”

Kelly appeared to respond to Kanellis’ cryptic remarks Tuesday evening via Twitter, herself cryptically stating, “I will never mention your name, you will never be relevant. If I have something to say about you, I will say it to you ☺ #thebiggerperson.”

Kanellis responded, “Relevant enough to call me. #IMALADY.” She then deleted the remark, but stands by her show comments.

She tweeted, “@afterbuzztv is a show about a show. Every show discusses the show, news and gossip. If you don’t like you’re dirty laundry aired maybe you should be more careful about what shows up on the Internet.”

To view Kanellis’ two-minute long spiel, click here.

  • Raziel

    ^ If anyone watches the actual video, she mostly got on her about messing with a Jericho who is married with children.

  • AbrahomerSimpson

    She doesn’t like being scandalous, wants to disprove misconceptions about women and claim she’s ladylike?

    Well, that’s pretty damn funny coming from someone (who has posed for Playboy and in the same issue stated she loves oral sex) sitting around publicly badmouthing another woman like she’s 14 years old.

    She pretty much just proved herself a massive hypocrite on all three fronts.

    I’ve been a fan of both ladies but this makes me like Maria a lot less. It’s funny how her “gimmick” was that of a ditzy woman who said a lot of dumb shit. Looks like she enjoys staying in character.

    (Disclaimer: There’s nothing wrong with posing in Playboy or loving oral sex, my life wouldn’t be the same without the women who didn’t partake in either, but it’s really difficult to take someone seriously when they are prideful in being a certain way, but have behaved in a way that blatantly contradicts their own standards.)

  • ant

    @ Tombstone, Agreed 100%.

  • Tombstone

    What we have here is a bunch of assholes who are jealous because they know they can never get a woman as hot as Kelly and are destined to spend there life with a bearded goat lady. And even tho they like to insult her on the net. they are probably jerking off to her pictures in Maxim right this minute.

  • adam

    @the showoff. Actually kelly comes off fine maria just comes off as whiney and jealous for spreading shit

  • The Showoff

    Smelly Kelly comes across as a simple ho. Maria always carried herself with a little bit of class and at least had some personality to her not just a plain talentless hobag that just gets by on looks like Kelly.

  • SYM

    @Mizzle any mild mannered normal Human Being YOU SICK FREAK!

  • AttitudePl0x

    Well fact of the matter is, Kelly Kelly survived in the industry and Maria didn’t. Even if she did sell her body in order to get to the position she’s in now, the fact of the matter is she survived and she’s a somebody in a big corporation such as the WWE. So whatever the case, I have respects for Kelly

  • Mizzle


    who the fuck has never taken a piss in the sink?????

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    Maria was actually 1 of my favorite characters at 1 point but now I see why CM Punk dumped this chick….she doesn’t know when 2 shut up. She comes off as passively conceited, and who is she 2 call out someone else’s personal business. I’m pretty sure she has done some hoeshit at 1 time or other. K2 is not the 1st diva to sleep around in the WWE and won’t be the LAST.(BY NO MEANS AM I A K2 MARK OR FAN)

  • SYM

    Kelly Kelly es just a Female John Cena.

  • Greatest one

    Is she dating Kenny dykstra?

  • scooter

    So the lesson Maria is trying to teach you kids is sleep with other people all you want just don’t let it end up online!
    Although I think she could be refrencing the pissing in the sink fiasco as well they certainly made Kelly look real classy.

  • Devil_Rising

    “Kelly Kelly” is a hobag anyway. She’s a disgrace to women’s wrestling.

    Real name “Barbie Blank”. Very appropriate.