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Maria Kanellis Upset With Being Groped By Fan, Whether She Misses WWE

Maria Kanellis was displeased with being groped by a spectator at Saturday’s Ring of Honor Best in the World 2012 event in New York City. Following the event, she tweeted, “Thank you New York for coming to see Mike Bennett and myself. But the guy in the front row that grabbed my bum, I will have you thrown out next time. You are a pervert!!”

The former WWE Diva continued, “I am not to be touched, ever, by a fan weather I am working or not. It’s gross. I am not a toy. You pay to watch, so watch. Don’t touch. The only person that can touch is Mike Bennett. From now on you will get thrown out. thank you…”

Kanellis was asked late last night whether she misses WWE. She responded, “I’m the FIRST LADY in the greatest company in the world. No I don’t. I’m all grown up.” Hours later, she was made today’s spotlighted Superstar on She then wrote, “Thank you for the spotlight… A LADY deserves the spotlight…”

  • B

    In terms of her ‘attitude’ – you know she’s a heel in ROH, and the “FIRST LADY of ROH” spiel is part of her heel gimmick there, right? If you assume that everything a wrestler posts on their Twitter is out of character you’re incredibly naive.

  • scooter

    Some of the comments here are just disturbingreffering to her as dressing like a toy etc. those are the excuses rapists give! “dressed like that she was asking for it” fucking disgusting best of luck dying alone you sick fucks!

  • voice of reason

    @ he’s got a bicycle dude that’s not even funny how the fuck can you promote the rape of a woman it just shows a lack of respect for women.

  • hes got a bicycle

    let’s all go to a ROH show parking arena, wait for her & the boyfie to come out, beat up the boyfie and rape her.

    we should all cum inside her vagina too.

  • Looks like I’m changing my name to mike bennett

  • King

    as much as i love maria…. but im seriously starting to not like the way she has been acting ever since shes gone to ROH…the attitude shes developed ever since shes been in ROH(not blaming ROH) & ever since she got with bennett….does she have a right to be pissed about being grabbed yes absolutely…but in just about every interview shes done before & after this incident & pretty much ever since after shes been in ROH…. shes got a huge ego now it seems & i personally feel mr Bennett has alot too do with this shit…i’ve met Maria several upon several times & had the honor to have shared several convos with her & get to know her thru the years to where she remembers my name each time i see her & ever since shes gotten with this scumbag mike her attitude has changed…like she says she dont miss being in WWE…thats total bullshit because when i just recently seen her at a signing in queens she said she does & would go back in a heart beat not to mention she said the same thing in a recent interview back in late april/early may

  • Soulja17

    That stupid bitch needs to shut up, she knows she liked it!

  • TG

    Really now…wasn’t she dating CM Punk when Cena slapped her on her ass some years back on RAW?

  • 1919dpg

    if you don’t want to be treated like a toy don’t act and dress like one.

  • Devil_Rising

    annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd this is why society at large views adult male wrestling fans as a bunch of man-child buffoons. Good going.

  • Yoda Mcmahon

    Agree with the master I do.

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Disrespectful he is, yes yes, punished he must be.

  • misfit del rio

    Damn Maria entitled much? Remind me again what you’ve done in wrestling to warrant this high and mighty attitude you have? “A lady deserves the spotlight”? Really? And to the fan come on you jack off , really you’re that lame that you have to molest an harrass women? Damn

  • BT

    Mike Bennett enjoy CM Punk’s sloppy seconds

  • Graham

    id do more than touch that ass, BOOM

  • Mike

    I would definitely try to grab that ass if I had the chance