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Maria Talks About ROH Overtaking TNA, Getting Fired By WWE, Playboy & more

– Maria Kanellis joined the VOC Wrestling Nation on WNJC Philadelphia this past Wednesday 4/12/2012. She spoke about her past, present, and future. Highlights are below, and you can hear the full interview at

On her gimmick as the first lady of ROH: Its great since its only me and Mia over there. All of the attention is on us two girls.

On ROH’s status: We have already surpassed TNA. We are brining in new stars and making celebrities out of them. We have the top stars in the world.

On the YES chant: That was started over 2 months ago at ROH; we were surprised that it took that long to catch on there.

On why she came back to wrestling: I took a year off and got the itch. I have always had passion for wrestling; I watched when I was a kid.

On working with Jim Cornette: It’s a lot of fun, I’m learning so much. He’s one of the greatest heel managers of all time.

On working with Donald Trump during the Celebrity Apprentice: He is very funny compared to what you see on TV. He knows how bad his hair is too.

On getting released by the WWE: John Laurinitis called and released me the day after my birthday. I was starting to do more mainstream things and they didn’t want to give me a pay raise. There were tons of opportunities elsewhere. They didn’t want to give me the opportunity to do other things.

On doing Playboy: I turned Playboy down when I was 19, but I was ready when I was 25. It is great to be a part of that, and forever etched into history.

On Twitter: I want to come through the screen and strangle Michael Cole. He is not the person that should be talking about trends. ROH is more concerned with who is seeing the show than who is talking about it on Twitter.

  • Damian

    Do not watch ROH or TNA really. Watched some TNA for superstars i loved in WWE so here is what ill say about that. For one i agree that TNA does no produce any great talent but they sure know how to use talent that was shit on by Vince. The biggest example of this is Ken Anderson, Vince has been stomping around since the Rock left looking for that next guy. He thought Cena was that guy but all Cena can do is get the little punk ass kids excited. Well he had in my opinion the closest person to the next Rock in Ken Anderson, the mic skills with good energy in ring. Vince dropped the ball! Just like he did with Morrison as well, it is ridiculous to see the WWE just wasting their actual GOOD talent. I mean for fuck sake, what about Tyler Rex? What about the god damn tag division? What about the days when there were great story lines for every title and very good non title rivalries? Im tired of every moment of focus being on the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. The intercontiental and US championships are useless, the tag division is even worse off as the WWE has killed it while bringing in some great tag teams over the years simply to break them up after 3 months or so. Punk and Jericho will be gone soon enough and you split your roster into two shows. Well here is the sad news for WWE, splitting your roster is going to kill your ratings even worse if they do not fix this shit and fix it fast.

  • ##

    I don’t know what’s sadder some kid pretending to be Jason Hervey or the fact that this kid is REALLY Jason Hervey.

  • Angry benny

    ROH > TNA, and Jason! Fucked your mum! :0 your mums face

  • reverse prince albert

    COmmon knowledge ROH > TNA nuff said

  • Best In The World

    if jason was part of tna he wouldnt have time to come on wrestling sites and think he knows everything

  • JohnCena33

    “Bruce,Dave, Eric”
    These are Jason’s stuffed animals. He plays out the Impact shows with his Jakks TNA Action Figures(Dolls). He likes to think he is part of the company, but we all know he isn’t.

  • Best In The World

    Jason is a joke lol, we all no TNA sucks ROH and WWE are much much better

  • Jason

    I have nothing to do with that part of the show Greg, I would think however that Bruce and Dave along side Eric might at least think about the idea of giving Ray a run with the gold. He has earned it imo

  • Greg

    Just wanted to point out ARIES was a star before tna. Roode and storm were both MADE by tna and nobody can deny that. Before tna aries was a phenomenol talent and had alrede won several titles in roh. Roode and storm owe all their recognition to tna. Hey Jason you never answered my question are you guna let bully ray win the strap of what?

  • Jason

    I said he was not resigned not that he was fired MJ.

    A good 60% of the TNA roster has what is called a pay per appearance deal. Shawn just lost his guaranteed money contract due to him not being resigned to a new deal. That is why a lot of the workers in TNA have part time jobs because they only get paid per appearance. A good 40% of the roster however does have guaranteed contracts as do I.

  • MJ

    Jason You said Hernandez from mexican america was gone from TNA that he was fired. next thing you know he’s on Tv getting his ass kicked by MCMG You are a liar!

  • SYM

    I’m going to take the time to Disagree COMPLETELY with Maria. For One I see the same 12 guys on ROH every week, and ROH hasn’t even came close to TNA because TNA can actually get their PPVs on a Cable network & not the internet. Also the “Yes” chant at ROH & the “YES!” chant in WWE are 2 different Chants because I believe D Bryan was saying YES! in 2011. I like ROH but they arent ready Yet.

  • ##

    Your a bigger idiot than I thought! “We build enough stars of our own”!!! LOL Storm,Roode and Aries were already stars before TNA came along. “You” guys have produced nothing but a confusing, cluster f**k of a show that features a bunch of WWE rejects and former ROH stars.

  • Jason

    ROH is the biggest indie wrestling promotion but not anywhere close to the level of TNA or much less WWE. There are two mainstream wrestling promotions in the world of wrestling. 1: WWE and 2: TNA

    We build enough stars of our own and if we did not why are the WWE after three of the guys that they wanted nothing to do with three years ago but now all of a sudden they want them from us. Roode/Storm/Aries who btw all turned down the WWE with the biggeer pay day to stay loyal with TNA.

  • ##

    O.K. then. Hate post #1. Jason your an idiot. ROH is the BIGGEST independent wrestling promotion in the U.S. you need to show some respect because ROH is where some your TNA stars started off first. See ROH knows how to make stars unlike TNA.

  • Jason

    LMFAO at a company and brand that is watched worldwide by just 1.2 million people, (Again worldwide not just in America) Has a deal with two Countries after being in business for 10 years while TNA Impact is watched by over 37 million people around the world on avg in 132 countries around the world and has been in business less time than ROH, but somehow ROH has become bigger than TNA Impact.

    Get real little girl

    Okay let the hate on me begin even though I spoke the truth despite what you marks want to think.

  • stockshark28

    ROH sucks and sucks bad I tried to watch it what a cluster fu*k seriously how in the hell can you watch that crap?

  • Gorilla

    In a shocking story repeating itself Cena told howard stern just like the events with sunny involving hbk and bigelow maria too one night smoked meth and started throwing her pussy at everything Cena stated that he had no choice he five knuckle shuffled it followed by a stfu and another super kick from shawn michaels to put that pussy down

  • B

    She didn’t mean it as if ROH owned them, she’s saying that fans started chanting it first at ROH before they started at WWE – fans of ROH don’t just watch ROH, they watch WWE as well, and given DB and Punk came from ROH, a lot of ROH fans chant stuff that’s going on in WWE. So she’s more stating the difference between fan chants because ROH have fans that are more inclined to “in-jokes” compared to the broader audience of WWE.

    It’s like how crowds used to shout ECW in WWE – some still do occasionally depending where you go, but it’s less frequent. It’s not necessarily a bad or good thing either way, she’s just making an observation.

  • Shawn

    The “Yes!” chants started in ROH? Did ‘mah boy D Bry’ steal them? Come on, now, Maria…. I know your gimmick was to play a dummy, but you’re not in WWE anymore.

  • Ant

    ROH puts on 4 and 5 star matches all day long what other promotions can say that besides AAA and NJPW and i like this Kevin Steen guy i hope he becomes ROH WORLD CHAMPION oh and I Like the fact that Roderick Strong is the new ROH Television Champion

  • Dean

    ROH wouldnt challenge WWE for ratings the same reason TNA dosent. WWE is mainstream and has a long histroy. Plus WWE more for WM than both compaies make a year

  • b c Mitchell

    So you’d rather she come out and say ROH is okay. Nothing too special but hey its a paycheck so that’s good. She’s doing her job. You think someone so familiar with her and wrestling would get that

  • adam

    Also another thing. Everyone wants to go threw the TV and strangle Cole. That means he is doing his job right. I mean i love Maria i have met her and interviwed her a few times but you think someone who is in wrestling would get that. Also like i said above i do agree that ROH already rose above impact wrestling but Maria kind of talks about it a little to highly I get it she does it cause she works for there and is trying to make it look good but still.

  • adam

    @scooter she didnt say its the best in the world she just said it has raised above TNA. Which it has. If ROH had an actual tv spot on a better network then HDNET or whatever there on now. THey would be killing tna and actually be giving WWE so competition. Unlike what tna is doing were they just think that wwe is woried about them when really they dont give two shits.

  • Nicholas

    I watch ROH on Tv from time to time it is cool. The fact that WWE to guy CM Punk keeps hyping of ROH. An WWE is doing there recuiting from Roh is making Pro Wrestling future looking better.

  • Little Jimmy

    Maria seem’s to be the official spokeswoman of ROH.

  • scooter

    ROH is NOT the best in the world they have some very talented people but its not who ROH seem to think it is I fail to understand how in a company that has El Generico, Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen the champs a guy who has no concept of psycology