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Mark Henry Drops Weight, Sin Cara Rubbing Some the Wrong Way Backstage

– WWE posted a video of Mark Henry immediately after he was drafted last night to SmackDown. Henry said that he would be World Champion before this year is over. Henry broke down and started crying when talking about how he was out of shape at 450lbs. but is now down to 398lbs. and feels better than he has ever felt. Henry said he feels like he deserves to be World Champion. This was filmed before Henry’s heel turn in the main event.

– New SmackDown Superstar Sin Cara has been described as the guy with the biggest target on his back in the WWE locker room for the past few weeks as some feel he came in carrying himself as a top guy. While he was a top star in Mexico, he’s not yet in WWE and that has rubbed some people the wrong way.

There were also complaints from some people that Alberto Del Rio was “out to get” Cara because of heat they’ve had between them from Mexico. With that said, there is no real evidence that Del Rio has done anything behind-the-scenes to go against Cara in WWE yet.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • JOE

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    FYI i doubt anyone who comes on this website makes more money than mark henry.

  • theviewtvshow

    i doubt he makes more money then me 😀 , how often you see him? wwe dont pay him to eat fried chicken and go on the biggest loser

  • JOE

    @theview and he still makes more $$ than you!! how does it feel bitch??

  • theviewtvshow

    henry is a retarded black cunt that will always be a fat fuck

  • Starship Pain

    Mark Henry deserves to be champ. he’s one of those guy who break his back to do a good job out there, who are loved by fans and wrestlers alike…

  • venom

    His ECW/Divas title doesn’t count as a World title, that had less value than the US and IC title.

  • venom

    Mark Henry does deserve a World title run before he retires. He even beat The Rock at a ppv at Judgment day 98. This guy paid his dues, and don’t be surprised if he wins MITB for Smackdown this year. Henry should try to lose another 50lbs, but he is still going good.

  • Buttercastle

    God forbid someone with talent act like they have talent backstage!

  • rob

    crap they shouldve thrown a mask on Evan Bourne since they hardly put him on the mic anyways.

  • rob

    Sin Cara is crap. He’s the next Melina. i still looks like a 3rd rate Mysterio.

    Mysterio > Evan Bourne > Sin Cara

  • SusyRko

    Mark Henry = Rick Ross, thats why he cried tears of joy like his song

  • someone

    CC, Dont be a Hater, Troll, or However, He feels happy with the shape he is at right now, thats what matters, you cant tell whats the right or wrong shape of someone, and im glad he is a monster heel again, that gives him more possibilities of being a world champion.

  • Gary
    @2:48 mark
    Mark Henry in 1996

    that wasnt that long ago and he was still a big guy, yes, it does look like he has put on weight but in his weight lifting days it says he weighted in at 325, so from 325 to 398 in 15 years? he is almost to his weight when he DEBUTED in WWF.

    Also Mark has won a World title back on ECW in 2008

  • theviewtvshow

    22 kg is not much at all lmfao

  • CC

    @drg, Henry is overweight. If you saw what he looked like when he took part in the olympics, you could see that. Also, muscle does not make you round and make your legs bow outwards because they cant cope with the body mass. Also, compare Big Show to his days as The Giant in WCW. These two may be naturally big and strong, but they are both over eaters as well.

  • mark

    god give Sin Cara a break , hes only just arrived. will give him a few mths to settle into the locker room and get to know everyone. I sometimes think stories are just made up for the hell of it !!

  • An Angry Fan ;(

    Its going to be real interesting on SD to see whats up with Mark Henry

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    Good for Henry losing almost 60 pounds. Hes right he should be rewarded for all his all weight. first he was just known as the black koolade man except fatter. Now hes skinner then ever and should be a monster heel. I Cant belivied i said koolade man and moster heel in the same sentence.

  • @drizzt73 I mean for God sake Khali was World Champion once. I think Mark Henry having 1 short run with the World title would be cool for him. Him turning heel and going to smackdown could be his chance.

  • drizzt73

    Henry is like Kane, for all he has done for the company he deserves a run before he retires. He did those embarrassing promos with Mae Young in the r-rated years. I can see a very short run, but he is a team player.

  • drg

    @CC you know for every different person theres a different definition of over weight because our bodys dont all work the same. When your a former worlds strongest man your just big in general, alot of those pounds are muscle we just cant see, you dont have to look like batista to be strong. But good on henry for losing all that weight, keep it up! you wont be world champ but they might give you something else in reward.

  • adam tarasievich

    398 for a former pro weight lifter isnt that bad. Now is that all muscle and not fat…no he is a little out of shape but to lose 52 pounds is pretty good. Also for sin cara wwe made him act like this with there huge hype on him. But i think he will still end up being one of the biggest starts in wwe. I am still weighting for bourne to get sent over to smackdown so they can have some awesome matches.

  • CC

    Wow, another day, another story about someone having heat backstage.
    As yet, very few of these stories seem to carry any weight.
    Considering the hype WWE created about him before his first appearance with them, is it any wonder he would carry himself in such a way anyway.

    And if there is heat between him and Del Rio, what does it fucking matter? Del Rio is highly unlikely to have any power yet, and they are on different shows anyway.
    We also heard recently that Mysterio has issues with either Sin Cara or Del Rio (I forget which), so I just get the feeling that people are making shit up to try and make the Mexicans sound like they are all natural enemies just because of their nationality.

    As for Mark Henry, if he thinks 450lbs is out of shape, but 398lbs isnt, then he is deluding himself. The guy still looks like a huge fat bloke with legs that can barely support him, and if he is champion by the end of the year, then their is no justice in this world as the guy is a fucking one trick pony, and its not that good a trick anyway.

  • yelissa

    why sin cara wasnt on raw last night