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Mark Henry Drops Weight and Teases His WWE Return, Reveals More Photos of His New Look

– More photos of Mark Henry’s new look have been revealed from Henry himself on Twitter. Henry continues to hype his return and apparently WWE’s website is doing a feature on him. Henry noted he’s down to 405 lbs. Here’s what he tweeted:

“Bad,bald an almost BACK!!!”

“Lean mean 405 Mark Henry. The hall of pain is almost back. Get your tickets.”

“Oh yeah there is more,keep your eyes on for more pics an video.”

Henry new look 2

Henry new look 3

Henry new look 1

  • ddfindl

    He is not a wise man

  • CC

    First thing I thought was about the injuries, but more a case of “why has it taken him this long to realise all that excess weight is the reason he keeps injuring his legs?”

  • ddfindl

    Man, if he lost like 30 more pounds he’d be in great shape…probably wouldn’t keep getting hurt so often either.

  • Solid

    its about time he lost that hairstyle he’s been sporting for like a decade now.

  • Minstrel_Period

    He looks like Kimbo Slice.

  • Sam Peters

    but who would they have him feud with when back? will he be back as face or heel


    Maybach music

  • Will Henderson

    i didn’t know Rick Ross joined the WWE, oh wait, that’s Mark Henry. he looks cool bald. i think he finally embraced the fully bald look as he was balding anyway.

  • Eberardo Burgos

    Kinda looks like Rick Ross

  • what?

    Like Mark New look wonder if he’ll show up at hell in the cell?

  • J-J

    Big Zeke got bigger…