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– Most of the WWE crews are flying back to the United States right now. They will rest up a bit before Monday’s RAW from Columbus and Tuesday’s SmackDown from Cleveland.

– Jim Ross was asked if he will remain on RAW now that Jerry Lawler is returning this coming week. He replied:

“TBD..not my call. Whatever #WWE needs.”

– Mark Henry, who is scheduled to return to action soon, has been in New York City helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

  • Pat

    had not even thought of that…
    my bad lol.

  • Tombstone

    She would have a hard time fact checking her/his post. I doubt even he/she can understand them.

    Ever heard of periods? And no, not the kind you get once a month.

  • Pat

    then i would suggest that you seek help as soon as you can :) before its too late

  • bigDEVOfan

    yes but then everyone has the same rights on here
    and theres no need for rudeness or insults to me because life is tooo short and we all have one life something to think about have a good night

  • SYM

    Good, the longer he stays off my tv the better, although i usually just fast forward the fat bastard anyway.

  • Pat

    yes as do i have those same rights :)
    and what i said still stands
    #haveANiceDay :)

  • bigDEVOfan

    i have not said anything since but i still have a right to express my thoughts and my opinions welcome to the real world

  • Pat

    those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones….

  • bigDEVOfan

    pat i just said in the last message the subject of what i wrote before is closed and i dont need to check myself
    pat if you cant say anything nice please leave me alone
    im not full of anything i have just as much the right to express my thoughts on here again leave me alone if you can t say anything nice at all

  • Tyler19192

    Ladies and gentlemen the Internet. Where 8 year olds who have no friends go to attempt to enrage others for amusement. Silly 8 year olds. Internets are for grown ups silly.

  • Pat

    god you are full of crap
    yes you have said many many times she is fat, tub of lard among other things
    might want to go and re read your post’s and fact check yourself
    i wont hold my breath

  • bigDEVOfan

    pat this is the name as im sticking with as I am a big fan of DEVO and DEVO are cool in my book, second of all i am female I am a lady thank you, sorry if my comments sounded harsh your right it is make believe okay she is not fat but she did gain alittle of the weight back she lost, i take back what i first wrote, I myself lost a lot of weight and lost 40 lbs due to diet and lots of exercise gym walks outside lots of cardio, she does a okay job as a heel but its a tv show but there is life off the air too, dont need to seek help not a nice thing to say just expressing my opinion ok i did change names really why is some people said some hurtful things to me sticking with bigdevofan as i love DEVO and their music, anyhow im done writing about Vickie Guerrero I dont know her and i dont care to nor do i care about vickie guerrero will write about other things but the people in this message chat need to stop insulting me and learn to lighten up all i said is she looks like she put on a little weight
    (did not say shes fat) just that she gained alittle weight and that she needs to lose weight back guess people on the road dont have time to work out or eat right, please stop putting me down and the same thing goes for other people in this message board anyhow back in 2010 early 2011 vickie guerrero lost 50 pounds but since early 2012 she look like she gained some of the weight back there was even an article on line about that on wrestling news just last few weeks you can tell she put on alittle weight, again do not insult me anymore or say i need help you dont know me just expressing my thoughts
    now going to write about other things the subject of vickie guerrero is closed could not care less about her

  • The dude

    “Somebody’s gone get they house built”

  • Pat

    man seek help soon, this obsessive thing with vickie is NOT healthy, and changing your name every other day on here? really? thats like lame, everyone knows who you are, no need to hide behind stupid names, and whats sad is, this story has no mention of vickie what so ever, yet you go on and on about how fat she is and how bad of a job she’s doing, get the fuck over it already, she is not fat, and she is someone who does a damn good job playing a heel on tv, you seriously need to learn how to separate real life from fantasy….#SEEKHELP SOON

  • Riddle

    Protip-wrestlings fake

  • bigDEVOfan

    that is good news and nice to hear that some one kind and caring like mark henry is helping out the victims of hurricane sandy its nice to hear good news like that which is more important ALOT more important then vickie guerrero and her so called evidence
    does vickie guerrero even care that alot of people suffered from hurricane sandy? And lost their homes and everything that they own? No Vickie Guerrero does not care because vickie guerrero only cares about her self and thinks about her self and is obsessed with playing detective with her evidence she claims to have on monday night raw and not focusing on her job as raw managing supervisor let alone what the victims of hurricane sandy went through vickie guerrero is so selfish and the most pathetic excuse of a human being on the planet that she is not to be disrespectful to vickie guerrero but she is one fat selfish stuck up bitch

  • Butters

    YES SIRRRR…. Somebody’s gunna get their house fixed,

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