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Mark Henry Responds to Curt Hawkins Calling Him An Idiot, Trent Baretta Clarifies Kofi Tweet

– It’s been noted to us this evening that former WWE star Trent Baretta and Kofi Kingston are really friends and Trent’s jab earlier was a friendly one. Baretta clarified on Twitter:

“Hey the internet. Kofi stuff isn’t real. Check out this picture of my mom though. Real as it gets.”

– In another update from earlier, we noted that Curt Hawkins called Mark Henry an idiot after Henry posted a tweet touting his 18 year career with WWE, right after WWE announced the releases of Hawkins and other talents. Henry responded on Twitter Thursday night:

“@TheCurtHawkins First I don’t often explain my self to no one!But I had no idea anyone got let go,it’s sad.I was asked to post about bday.”

“@TheCurtHawkins That’s what came out it was about my 18 year journey. I know where you live dude it’s a small world. An apology is due.”

“If not well You know me I’ll handle our biz.”

  • Billehoffa

    Im just saying you sitting there telling on others simply because u got caught.. oh and fyi mark is my family

  • B. T.

    FYI: ‘fucking moron’ IS vulgar profanity…DUH. In your words it “isn’t acceptable” yet you also say you “have no problem with it”. Ooookay.

  • B. T.

    Would you please remove your tongue from Mark Henry’s butt crack now, please?! Awfully strange of you to single me out there fella! Go throw your nonsense around at everyone else on here instead of just throwing all of your hollow sentiments at me! Arrrggghhh you’re scary!

  • B. T.

    All of this Mark Henry rhetoric on here and you decide to single out my post to throw zingers at huh?!…really?!
    So I’m the only one upset on here and lashing out at Mark Henry for his complete lack of professionalism…right, whatever. Mark Henry is a big boy, looks to me like he posted those comments himself. If you want to say that the WWE “published” these comments then you are in for one fierce argument as it pertains to who is saying what in the world of wrestling nowadays to which you have no validation of whatsoever. WWE published Mark’s comments, by your assessment. Well then, PROVE IT. Meanwhile, go jump on the countless others for posting their comments pertaining to this situation instead of singling me out and jumping on me like the misinformed drone that you are.

  • AmishPatel

    Hi there – I do try to pull people up on it, but it’s hard reviewing all the comments on my own so some will slip under the radar unfortunately. Obviously vulgar profanity isn’t acceptable but things like ‘fucking moron’ I have no problem with. It’s when other words are used as well as implications from gay / racist comments that are unacceptable.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Billehoffa

    Did you just grab the teachers hand and dry snitch on your entire class…..WOooooW

  • Billehoffa

    U mad or naw? I sense the force of hatred young bt small pockets. He did represent his country in the Olympics while you sat there watching him. Matter fact you watched him damn near his entire 18 years of wrestling… News Flash he wasn’t a wrestler to begin with. THEN you assume that these remarks were somehow real…WWE published it. Probably wrote it. Cmon get real. HE DOES WHAT HE’S supposed to be doing entertaining the public. Are you employed by WWE? No…oh so you are basically back seat driving… As Rock put it IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK.

  • B. T.

    I see your points so I went back and revised my post. I will say though that if you’re going to get at me for my comments then perhaps you should send the same friendly little warning to some of the others that post on here because I most certainly see ALOT of vulgarity in others’ posts. But if you think vulgarity pasted all over these boards is acceptable then I guess that’s your prerogative.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    How is that’s Marks fault?! It’s not like he was throwing it in there faces. The guy was glad he still worked for the company. I’d do the same, especially seeing how old and injury prone he is. And it’s not like Hawkins has been doing anything since the Edge Heads days, the guy shoulda saw this coming.

  • Matthew Farrell

    What an idiot, that can easily be construed as a threat.

  • AmishPatel

    I don’t like removing comments, and will keep this one on this occasion… but the ‘clumsy gorilla’ comment here could easily construed as being racist, and you also make reference to homosexuals here too. Please be careful in future as there are limits to what can be posted on here.

  • CC

    “I know where you live” “an apology is due” .. what a fucking moron. I’ll give him my address while we are at it, so he can come collect an apology from me as well, because he is obviously 8 years old and thinks that being called names for what was a poorly timed comment (says he didnt know people were released but coincidentally posts the “still here” tweet 2 months early), instead of being a real man, and just saying “sorry dude, didnt realise people had been released, I will remove the tweet”.
    All Hawkins would have to do is move quicker than Henry, and Henry would end up injuring himself anyway.

  • Timothy Davis

    My money would be on Hawkins.

  • pitfallharry219

    Mark Henry is a real Call Us Next Tuesday.

  • Miguel Villarruel

    Man, this guy is a little p*ssy. “Oh, you call me idiot, how dare you? I will beat the living crap out of you for that!”