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Why Mark Henry Hasn’t Returned to WWE TV Yet, Dusty Upsets Stephanie at Monday’s RAW

– There’s still no word yet on when Mark Henry will be returning to WWE TV. He has been out of action with a hamstring injury after doing a run-in at a live event on August 31st. Henry’s first exam said the injury wasn’t serious and he was cleared but a follow-up revealed more problems. He is scheduled for another exam at the end of October to see how he is healing.

– Dusty Rhodes is known for going out to cut promos and doing everything on his own, without the script. On the September 30th RAW, Dusty cutting Stephanie McMahon off and giving her a “face palm” when she started talking was not part of the script. Stephanie had no idea it was coming and she was not happy about it.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • JohnCena33

    One last run, have him the WWE title.

  • JAckh45

    I’ve thought about this for many years when thinking about Rey. He’s so boring and one dimensional. cant even pull off a promo well without bringing his “pity me I have a family” bullshit.
    Mark, I could go either way for. He’s not like the beat-up only have 1 match a year undertaker… but there isn’t really anywhere he hasn’t gone already. His character has done it all basically. Nothing really new could come out of him in the next few years he will stay around for.

  • HonKy Tonk Man

    He does need to hang it up. Henry still has that hand to raise, with Mae Young!

  • StocktonJoe

    That’s what makes Dusty so good on the mic. It shows when someone is just mouthing the words someone else wrote. Steph may or may not be an egomanical biatch – my guess is that she IS. But what she is NOT is good on the mic.

  • MrDr3w

    Rey should just hang it up. I hateto say it, but CM Punk probably should too. I would say Cena is almost done, but he’s their cash cow. He’ll be among the likes of Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan, who are old, beat up, and run ragged and can’t even go in the ring anymore by the time he calls it quits.

  • JohnCena33

    Really, have Henry hang it up. The dude has put on some of the greatest matches and promos the last three years. Hes gotta a lot left in the tank, lol.

  • the v

    Good on dusty! Steph is an egomanical biatch!!

  • Jeff Wurtz

    I won’t be popular for saying this but Mark and Rey Mysterio should hang it up. Both of them are close to twenty years in the business. Plenty of time. Let them put a guy or two over like they tried to do with Mark in ECW (though those talent were Big Daddy V and Matt Hardy so it was an uphill battle)