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Mark Henry to Undergo Surgery

Mark Henry announced via Twitter on Monday that he will be having surgery today and that he is prepared to leave WWE if he can’t return to form after surgery.

“Tomorrow I go under the knife. When I return I will be the fire breathing, pain inflicting,face melting better than ever Mark Henry! Listen up! IF NOT! I will walk away. I have to much PRIDE to not deface any one in the WWE. The Hall of Pain is open for business!”

  • berto


  • JohnCena33

    Hope Henry returns for one more title run or wrestlemania match, then he can retire.

  • voice of reason

    @ nick if tyson kid is so amazing why isnt he world champ, heading wrestlemania, in wwe movies & on tv all of the time.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    ^Are you serious? If you are trolling then that is weak. If not then you need help and a life.

  • nick

    Guys why the f are you talking about Henrys surgery. Who cares about him. Lets Talk Tyson Kidd! He is amazing. Amazing in the ring, amazing on the mic, and such a good talent. Like this comment if you think WWE’S best ever superstar is Tyson Kidd. If you think somebody else is the best superstar in WWE dislike my comment. This way I can PROVE that we all love Tyson Kidd, and we all think he is the greatest superstar in WWE History.

  • CC

    While I hope his operation goes well, and wish him no ill, he hasnt got to do much to be back on form seeing as he has never been that good in the ring anyway. Even when he was slimmer he was never that great.

  • ant

    what is he having surgery on?

  • Sammo

    I wonder if his surgery is taking place in The Hall of Pain?

  • voice of reason

    i hope mark makes nothing but a speedy recovery from a successful operation.

    wow the operation must be serious.