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Mark Henry Update, McMahon Supporting Romney, Website Rips CM Punk

– We noted before that Mark Henry was pulled from last weekend’s RAW live events and wasn’t at this week’s TV tapings. Henry was apparently in Austria as he visits the Arnold Schwarzenegger museum in the latest episode of WWE’s Outside the Ring:

– Conservative website has published an article about CM Punk’s Twitter comments on Monday supporting Amendment 1 in North Carolina and subsequent tweets where he told a user to “kill yourself,” and another to “drink bleach.” The site called Punk “another Dan Savage-style eloquent spokesperson for the same-sex marriage cause.”

The site did not mention Punk’s apology later that evening.

– has an article about George Clooney’s fundraiser dinner for President Obama tonight and celebrities who are supporting the President. The article noted that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney didn’t have as many celebrity supporters, but was able to secure donations from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

  • Jon

    yofits this is not twitter don’t use the @.

  • Jon

    What? Henry and Booker had a couple of good feud. Kofi and Truth are getting a decent push. But you ignore people like The Rock who as the matter to the fact this day are getting push and compare to TNA who Devon is there only wrester I wouldn’t make a drastic charge against WWE.

  • Mongo

    Yofits you are an idiot. You are racist against white people. You hate anybody who is white. You are nothing but a glorified new black panther member. See i can make outlandish accusations as well. Isn’t this fun? Everybody join in we can all be racists pieces of shit together yay!!!!!

  • yofits

    Booker T & Mark Henry as champs, only feuded with one person (Batista and Big show respectively) and only had a few months as champion.

    Kofi & Truth, randomly pairing 2 black guys and putting the belts on them when Kofi should be IC champ and Truth should be WWE or World champ by now.

    Vince is racist.

    And how come you didn’t address the Japanese wrestlers Vince ruined hmm?

    Vince is racist.

  • Jon

    Lee see Booker T and Mark Henry World Heavyweight Champion, Kofi and R-Truth WWE Tag Team Champs,Rock one of the greatest.

    Tell me why anyone. think Vince is a racist when he clearly gave those people a shot.

  • No Name Required

    I’m a white guy from Alabama………. I guess I’m a racist too…. I guess by your logic that makes me racist too.

  • yofits

    Look at all the black wrestlers Vince ruined: Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, D-Lo Brown etc etc

    Look at all the black/white tag teams Vince splits and pushes: APA – pushes Bradshaw to the moon with all the title wins, makes Faarooq a guy with only 1 word to say; Dudley Boyz – gives Bubba Ray the hardcore title and a european title feud, gives Devon a pastor gimmick for Batista to destroy; WGTT – Charlie Haas was the first to win a championship before Shelton Benjamin after they split.

    Look at all the Japanese wrestlers that Vince didn’t care about: Taka, Funaki, Dragon, Jimmy Yang, Yoshi Tatsu, Hirohito Kenzo. HELL Vince now has A WHITE GUY playing the part of a Japanese guy! Less than a month after his debut, he’s already MAINEVENTING Raw! and why is that? Cause he’s white and not Japanese that’s why …

  • OGitchida

    I am rasict !!!

  • Crispin_Wah

    Everyone that disagrees with me about anything is a racist.

  • angel z

    romney is racists. typical republican pig they are.

  • F BOMB

    @rko hard 2 be racist agaist your own kind

  • rko

    @yofits -And Obama is racist against whites. What’s your point?

  • yofits

    of course Vince will support Romney.
    Vince is a racist.

  • nick

    Tyson Kidd for RAW. Like this comment to show your support please.. 🙂