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Mark Henry Update, WrestleMania Hype Videos for Cena and The Rock

– WWE posted the WrestleMania 28 hype videos for John Cena and The Rock on their YouTube page this weekend:

– Mark Henry’s status in the storylines is that he is “suspended indefinitely” after putting his hands on Teddy Long during Friday’s SmackDown. Henry is actually taking time off to deal with injuries but should be back in time for WrestleMania 28.

  • Albert

    i hope its a proper match you know? i mean i dont want no interference or any other bullshit. I want one of these men to win cleanly… thats alland im happy

  • Phil Collins

    I can see Rock putting Cena over. Story lines aside, I can tell Rocky has a lot of respect for Cena

  • Devil_Rising

    Rock has nothing to prove to anyone. In reality, he gave plenty to the wrestling business. More than Cena has, or ever will. Rock main evented WM back when that actually meant something.

    And guys like Punk have every right to feel slighted, having a non-title match with a retired wrestler, and an overrated one, being announced as the main event of WM a year ahead of time, while guys like Punk who work their ass off all year, and pull WWE’s ratings back out of the trash, probably have a mid-card slot for a WWE TITLE MATCH, at best. Weak.

  • Stashathan

    I gotta say that this time last year I ranted about how I hate Cena
    even posting my own rap in the process… But Cena has changed
    my mind and I am anticipating the match to the fullest. The Rock
    did say he was never leaving but he is nowhere to be seen
    i now hate neither and respect both I just cant wait for the
    greatest match of this generation

  • No1coleminer

    anyone notice Cenas is… longer 😉

  • kamala’s foot

    ^But Cena is going to be carrying the match^

    The Rock’s ring skills suck. He didn’t know what to do at Survivor Series.

  • venom

    @hbk fan

    But in reality, The Rock is going to put over Cena.

  • hbk fan

    they can make cena all the music videos they want but come wrestlemania the rock is gonna kick his roody poo candy ass all over gods green earth he can rise above the hate all he wants but he cant rise above the brahma bull #bootstoasses

  • Hasan

    Cena’s video is a piece of beauty!