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Marty Jannetty Rambles On Shawn Michaels, John Morrison Appearing In The U.K.

— Marty Jannetty, who noted on his personal Facebook account late last week that he had been drinking Jack Daniel’s for 48 consecutive hours, posted a status update rambling on longtime friend Shawn Michaels.

The former WWE Superstar wrote, “o hell yes, Imma ax this now.. Shawn, my good friend, what up bee otch??… I gotta book coming out..well not yet..there”s a few moral issues.., you may wanta contact me first, cause Im telling bout my life, you being a part of it, well me…but in truth, I’d rather you not, the book will be soooo much better if I dont fall for your shit.. but If you say “DONT SAY THAT” …I’ll remember what yo religious fake ass said about me in your bullshit book..Anyone wanting to see real, will..I aint protecting yo ass…”

Jannetty still remains active with the professional wrestling industry as it was announced in October that he had signed with CHIKARA as a trainer and wrestler.

— John Morrison is scheduled to appear for British Championship Wrestling via I.P.A. Network on December 7-9, 2012. Additional details have not been disclosed.

  • venom

    He should just shut up and keep drinking.

  • John

    @EdoRisk. No offense but you really don’t know what you’re talking about. At the beginning of HBK’s title reign business was good. But Hall and Nash leaving the WWF and starting the NWO in WCW is what really started WCW’s dominance. Look at WWF in 1996. They literally only had HBK and Undertaker as their fully established stars. Hall and Nash jumped shit and Bret Hart left because he actually thought he has a career in acting. Shawn was actually very popular in the mid 90s and pops would rival anyone in the company today. And Bret Hart returning did absolutly nothing for the ratings. They were just as low as ever after he came back. It wasn’t Bret’s fault. WCW was simply a monster at the time.

  • Quite Frankly

    Hmm, the “religious fake ass” comment seems very out of place. I recall seeing pics of Shawn Michaels with Marty Jannetty when Jannetty was baptised as an adult. So I’m going with the theory that Michaels is a changed man, and Jannetty never changed.

    Looking back, Michaels had the looks and the charisma that Jannetty was lacking, quite frankly. That’s the type of guy WWE always chooses. Sorry.

  • Edo. Risk

    So this is about 2000’s??? Or is this about 1990’s???
    Devil Rising is right, in the 90’s he was the biggest douche. And he wasent big because of the fans. He had his share, but his reing is the one that gave WCW the uper hand, and WCW maintained on top until Bret came back for Survavior Series ’96 vs. Stone Cold. Shawn in the 90’s was “the man” because Vince thougt he had the tools, thoug he was not a good draw as a champion.

    I belive he changed! his son gave him perspective, and in the ’00 he was the man because (at that piont) he was “the shit”.

    The question maintaine? what exacly is Jannetty rambling about -90 or 00??? However how wants to listen to a dunken nobody!

  • scooter

    yo man im a mothafuckin wigga fo sho!

  • wildeye

    i meant to say why DONT people ever stop and think. sorry

  • wildeye

    why do people ever stop and think before puttin down the main eventers? It was the fans who made HBK as big as he is. its the same as everyone else. Stone Cold himself said he didnt want to become a face but the crowd cheered for him. in some tag teams one person is usually more liked than the other. the more they are cheered or hated the bigger the superstar they become. common sense people.

  • John

    @kt Stone Cold did that when he was no longer with the company. And plus you can’t compare the biggest draw of the 1990s to some lowly hack who was lucky to be given as many chances as he did. Obviously Austin is more important to the WWE.

  • kt

    if Jannetty firing was due to women beating hell then how is it then stone cold was still in big after all the shit with him and debra and yea jennetty had his fault dont take away the fact that shawn is a glory taker at whoever he needs to step on to be there

  • John

    @Devil_Rising. Right because the only people who’ve had anything bad to say about Michaels post 2002 are two drunken drug addict losers in Jannetty and Shane Helms. Even Bret Hart of all people has said HBK has genuinly become a good man. I think I’ll take the words of the likes of Bret Hart and Chris Jericho over 2 guys in-between court hearings. You’re living in the past @Devil_Rising. Feel free to join the rest of us.

  • John

    It’s so easy to play the “Shawn Michaels is a scumbag and ruined my career” card that everyone whose failed seems to try it. I guess HBK giving the rub to that has-been in 2005 during WrestleMania season when ratings are up is the work of a two-faced fake friend. Those 2 matches he had were probably the 2 biggest paychecks he’d gotten since 1996 and easily the most exposure he’d recieved in the last decade. So much so that WWE even gave him a contract after that which he quickly accepted. But WWE had to fire him after he was arrested for beating up his wife and missed all his dates. I guess that’s Shawn Michaels’ fault too.

  • Devil_Rising

    People on here who still think that HBK is somehow this “changed man”, and NOT still one of the biggest douchbags in the business….sorry, but you’re naive as fuck.

  • LSC

    It’s funny how Jannetty and John Morrison are in the same story headline

  • italia911

    Well i Like Jack Daniel and trust me its not Jack talking its Marty the idiot who is still fucking piss off of never becoming a hbk version.2 … he and Matt hardy could share a few bottle and roll a huge blunt both version.2 of HBK and Jeff lmao

  • robin

    unless he wants a career in epicmealtime he needs to stfu

  • John

    @KT. If that’s the case than I guess Edge, The Miz, Booker T, and Bret Hart were all glory hog bastards too. Because they all started out in tag teams and ascended through the ranks while their partners were left behind. WWE made the smart decision and choose the better man in Shawn Michaels. I don’t think there was ever any doubt in that decision. Jannetty’s always been a drunken screw-up who burned his bridges as fast as he could. WWE gave him plenty of chances in the 90s but like I said he loves to burn his bridges.

  • kt

    @john maybe his career would of been better if not for hbk being such a glory taker and having to hog the spot light good for you jannetty you always deserved as much of that spot light as your so called buddy got ther but like he gave a shit he got it and sat you aside

  • john

    @Greg lol. If only his career was as consistant as his binge-drinking.

  • bb

    LoL@ marty jannetty

  • Greg

    Drinking jd for 48 straight hrs? Damn thats impressive. Cmon marty be smart. Are you really going to go after one of the beat of all time? Look how well its worked out for shane helms.

  • john

    That’s hilarious. Good to know Jennetty’s taken care of his drinking problem lol. I think I know what this stems back to. Back when Jennetty made his brief comeback in 2005 he wanted to reuinte The Rockers full-time. Yes he expected HBK to pull out of his fueds with the likes of Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan that he was having that year so he could go back to tag teams. For a loser like Jennetty that seemed ideal but for a main eventer like Michaels that idea was ridiculous. HBK laughed it off and suposidly Jennetty’s been bitter about it ever since.

  • PinkSinCara

    Jannetty is underrated as a wrestler. Apparently, he’s also a thug.

  • Gimmick Guy

    see kids.. facebook and whiskey dont mix

  • Hunter

    Maybe Shane Helms was his ghost writer.

  • chronoxiong

    Janetty talks “jive?” I never even knew that.

  • Mark

    Wow, didnt think Janetty was like that. wot an idiot ???