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Maryse Discusses Her Persona in WWE, State of the Divas Division & More

– Former WWE Diva Maryse spoke with Wrestling 101 recently about her time with WWE. Here are some highlights:

State of the Divas division:
“There is a lot of potential right now in the Womens Division, but a lack of investment from the management! They deserve better.”

Signing with WWE:
“I could only speak 10 words of English at the time, however, WWE management told me that I had such an exceptional presentation in French, haha! They loved it…”

Her persona:
“I developed a heel persona and everything about Maryse was presentation, facials, gestures. I believe that Maryse’s
persona was the best female persona in years within the WWE.”

  • rob

    Maryse was actually entertaining. more than we can say for half the broads in the wwe today. dang was she a looker too

  • Sean Mooney

    So I guess Maryse was hired because she was exceptionable at oral presentations?