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Maryse Ouellet Explains Why She Left WWE, Lizzy Valentine Works With WWE

— Speaking to TVA Sports, Maryse Ouellet says her departure from WWE last October was triggered by the organization offering her a long term contract and her desire to move on.

“They wanted me to sign a new five-year contract and it’s not what I wanted,” the former WWE Divas Champion says. “I had other plans in mind.”

Ouellet’s plans include the forthcoming launch of her line of clothing and accessories, House of Maryse.

“I love fashion, I love trends. I propose to women swimwear, lingerie, jewelry, handbags and sunglasses, among others. I hope to officially start the project next summer,” she says.

Ouellet also discusses who she encountered during her WWE tenure, the numerous injuries she suffered and more. The full interview, which is in French, is available here.

— WWE filmed a commercial starring Sheamus last Wednesday which independent wrestler Lizzy Valentine appeared in as well. Valentine has worked with WWE in the past as she provided voice-over and motion capture to the SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 video game.

  • venom

    Next, let’s hear why Kim left WWE again.

  • scooter

    in other words maryse was never loyal to wrestling and all those girls busting their asses on the indys have to look at her and think wow I’m missing out on that spot for her!

  • Billy Zane

    How many times do we have to read this in a week?

  • Dave

    You often hear about someone leaving a place because they want a longer contract. You don’t often hear about someone turning down a contract because it was too long.
    Fair play to her for following her dreams.