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Maryse Ouellet Too Hot For PG WWE, Behavior Reportedly Concerned Officials

Regarding Maryse Ouellet’s departure from WWE last month, the Wrestling Observer reports that company officials had been looking to cut ties with the French-Canadian glamour model for over a year since she did not fit their commitment to wholesome, family-friendly, PG content. Her “history of non-PG activity” was of concern to WWE executives, The Observer notes.

Ouellet was not initially endeavored due to her relationship with The Miz. WWE parted ways with Ouellet shortly after she asked to be released from her contract.

Friends of Ouellet say she lost interest in performing for WWE over the past year and was ready to move on to the next chapter of her life. She announced this week plans for a fashion and accessory line called House of Maryse. She also plans on returning to glamour modeling and has her sights set on posing for Playboy again. WWE’s decision to release Ouellet was also fueled by the expectation that unlike Gail Kim, she will not cross over to TNA Wrestling. She confirmed last week during a red carpet interview that she has absolutely no interest in joining America’s No. 2 promotion, let alone continuing wrestling.

“I’m done with wrestling,” she told Pop Candies TV. “No TNA, no TNA, no TNA!”

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • really

    it’s what you get when you hire models and not wrestlers

  • Rob Buck

    Actually if she plans on posing for playboy it’s more like “YES TNA YES TNA YES TNA”

  • MJ


  • Peep this

    This is why the WWE let her go

    Fuck the PG era !

  • mark

    Its the WWE PG product thats the problem not Maryse

  • Second City Saint


  • Whatever

    o come on, stupid pg ruins everything!!!

  • Effmenow

    How does a Goofy doofus looking guy like The Miz get with a girl like Maryse? Same thing for lispy Jack Swagger and messed up Matt Hardy.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Time to keep my eyes open for Maryse’s next venture into Playboy

  • Bill

    Damn you, WWE! DAMN YOU!