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Maryse Showing Off Her Hot Booty and More in Revealing Bikini Pics

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  • The X

    @ Bitex, Rosa is a sexy fucking latina. Like Melina, when she dyed her hair back to black, they got even hotter.

  • http://myspace treyvon

    @ted are yu gay and how are u the real ted bt still are yu gay

  • http://myspace ted

    hey this is for all u ppl who thought me and maryse were going out for real but we werent goin out it was just buisness…. would i want to go out wither or f*** her no i wouldnt

  • adam tarasievich

    @ u aint awesome. Are you kidding she has no ass she has a great one. She doesnt have like a super big ass but she has a nice toned ass.

  • Rucdogg

    Is that rosa? Cuz she didnt look nearly that hot last time i saw her! Maryse=WOW

  • Bitex

    Hold up! Am I the only one seeing things? Isn’t that Rosa Mendes beside Maryse in the first picture? I never remember her being this HOT!

  • U ain’t Awesome

    She has no ass.

  • venom

    Why is a hot woman surrounded by fat guys?

  • Josh

    Check out the man tits on that guy
    P.s maryse…. All eyes on you

  • Josh

    That is interesting

  • bloodstone

    pic 1 both so damn hot

  • JIR

    DAMN!! hot ass womann HOT ASS

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