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Mascaras Confirmed for the WWE Hall of Fame, CMLL Reps at SmackDown

– WWE confirmed Mil Mascaras for the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame at tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Mexico City. Mascaras participated in what appeared to be an off-camera segment with Triple H, where the announcement was made.

– Super Luchas reports that representatives from Mexico’s CMLL promotion were in attendance for tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Mexico City.

It’s also being reported that WWE held a tryout this weekend with several talents from CMLL.

  • LOD

    they put a guy who has never done anything great in the wwf/e who really no one really craes about in the hof but they leave savage out?

  • Dave

    Mascaras wrestled in the 97 Royal Rumble. Not a particularly long outing and they had him eliminate himself doing a top rope spot to the outside because he hadn’t understood the rules. Strange how often they flip flop whether going over the top rope of your own accord gets you eliminated.

  • JIR

    I loved watching Lucha Libre growing up i tried watching it now and its a good spot fest show with some of the most weak ass characters I have ever seen

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @Chryogenos, yes he has. He apparently feuded with “Superstar” Billy Graham over the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

  • has mascaras ever done any type of appearance in the WWE until now??!?